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2004 January
Volume #60, No. 1                  
2004 February
Volume #60, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
4 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
8 Flagstick: Golfdom: Five Years in the Realm
10 Pin High: This Game is Fast, Furious and Foolish
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
15 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
15 -Business Briefs
15 -Renovations Rebound: Interest Rates, Improved Economy Help Fuel Turnaround
16 -Deere Rolls Out One Source: Teams with Suppliers to Provide a 'Full-Service Platform'
20 -Embracing Poa: If You can't Beat It, You may as Well Take Care of It
22 -Golfdom and Floratine to Salute 'Mentors' Again in 2004
24 Hole of the Month: No. 7, Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club, Dade City, Fla.: A Hilly Course in a Flat Land
27 Shades of Green: Both Sides should Take Off Blinders
28 Do Fast Greens have You on the Run?: The Green-Speed Issue is Spinning Out of Control. Here's What You can do to get a Handle on It
38 GCSAA Preview: See You in San Diego: Often Overlooked in Lieu of Its Star-Studded SoCal Neighbor L.A., the City has a Historical Charm All Its Own - And a View of the Pacific Ocean to Die for. It's a Great Site for the GCSAA Show
44 Designs on Golf: The Much Bigger Golf Business
64 In Pursuit of Perfection: All Superintendents Dream of Finding an Ideal Nutrition Program for Their Turf, but Experts Say There's No Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Solution
70 Local Heroes
71 Life on Linksland: Nature Rules at Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes, Where Superintendents Face an Ongoing Battle with the Elements
76 Welcome to Boot Camp: Training Program Helps Northern California Assistants March Forward in Their Careers
86 Dave's World: The Good and Bad When It Comes to 'Old School'
88 Real-Life Solutions: Tending to Two-Cycle Engines: Make Sure to Use the Proper Oil, Among Other Things, for Less-Forgiving Units
92 The Company Line
94 Golfdom's Guide to Key Exhibitors
100 Ad Index
101 Classifieds
102 Out of Bounds: MLK Day: It's Time Americans Honor the Spirit of the Man Instead of Just Taking Another Three-Day Holiday
Turfgrass Trends
45 Environmental Safety: Nitrogen Fertilization: Does Application on the Golf Course Cause Water-Quality Problems?
54 Ice Control: Winter Injury Causes Problems on Annual Bluegrass Greens
57 Low Use Rates are the Future for Sulfonylurea Herbicides: Background and Basics
61 Standing Up to Summer Stress
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0 Table of Contents
4 Events
8 Flagstick: These aren't the Good Old Days
10 Pin High: Those were the Days, My Friend
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Who'll Stop the Rain?: Dear Mother Nature: Please Let Superintendents have Dry Weather
20 -Before You Cut Down that Tree...
22 -Go Ahead and Stress: It's Good for You - A Little, Anyway
24 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 10, Desert Highlands Golf Course, Scottsdale, Ariz.: For Your Viewing Pleasure
27 Shades of Green: Crazy Cell-Phone Use Must Cease
28 Special Report: Eco-Terrorism and Golf
28 -Eco-Terrorism and Golf: Is the Golf Industry Taking the Threat Seriously?
36 -The FBI and Eco-Terrorism
38 -A Close Encounter with Vandalism: Superintendent Recalls Distressing Night
42 Tomorrow's Mowers?: Unmanned Computer-Aided Machines Draw Rave Reviews from Superintendents
48 On the Level: Architects, Superintendents Strive to Make Golf Courses Appealing to All Ages and Abilities
62 Frigid Facts of Life: Come Spring, Superintendents may have to Deal with the Effects of Winterkill. What to do?
68 Designs on Golf: What to do with All These Panelists?
90 No News is Good News: Word on the Street is that There aren't New Chemistries Poised to Join the Pre-Emergent Herbicide Market - But that may Just Mean What's Out There is doing the Job
94 GCSAA Preview: What's New?: Here are Some of the Latest Products that You'll Find on the GCSAA Trade-Show Floor This Year
100 Real-Life Solutions: Sound Effects: System Uses Frequency Waves to Ionize Irrigation Water to Help Improve Turf
104 Ad Index
105 Classifieds
105 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
106 Out of Bounds: Candy Hearts: The Sweet Confections with the Sappy Sayings are Now a Part of the Valentine's Day Tradition
Turfgrass Trends
69 Plant Growth Regulators: Ultradwarf Bermudagrass: How Sensitive is It to PGRs?
78 How to Suppress Seedheads on Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens
82 Insect Control: Root-Feeding Insects have Unseen Effects on Turfgrass Quality
2004 March
Volume #60, No. 3
2004 April
Volume #60, No. 4
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0 Cover
4 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
12 Flagstick: Jots & Scribbles from San Diego
14 Pin High: Bronx Golf Course Deserves Good Fate
16 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
19 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
19 -Business Briefs
19 -Growing Up: NGCOA Turns 25, but "We're Still in Our Infancy," Executive Director Declares
20 -Going Gaga Over Golf: Lebanonturf Salesman Experiences China's Latest Craze
23 -Say What?: As a Manager of People, I've Found that What Someone is Thinking Directly Affects How Well He Hears
26 Hole of the Month: No. 16, TPC at Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.: Calm Before the Storm
29 Shades of Green: Road Kill on the Highway of Life
32 Steps to Smart Investing: If You're Worried Because You don't Know How to Plan for Your Financial Future, Never Fear. The Experts have Weighed in with Their Recommendations
47 Making Sense of Turfgrass Nutrition: A Guide to Feeding Golf Course Turf - From the Importance of Cultural Practices to What Factors Determine How Often to Fertilize
48 -Less is More: Superintendents Find that Applying Less Fertilizer More Often Makes the Best Sense for Their Turf-Nutrition Programs
54 -Professors on Plant Nutrition: Academics Discuss Everything from Testing to Frequency and Formulations
50 10 Great Reasons to Love Your Golf Course Superintendent
65 GCSAA Report: 'Running' the Show: We - The Editors of Golfdom - Hurried to as Many Seminars and Press Conferences as We could to Bring You This Comprehensive Report on the GCSAA Conference and Show
68 -Roll[er] with It
72 Spin Control: Proper Fungicide Rotation is Crucial to a Sufficient Disease-Management Program, Experts Say
76 We can Work It Out: Life is Short and There's No Time for Arguing About Aerification with the Pro. So Here are Several Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Him or Her
80 Designs on Golf: Get Thee to the Moon, Architects
100 Making the Move: It was a Good Choice to Move into the House on the Course. And I'm Glad I Gave It Some Thought
106 Real-Life Solutions: It Takes Two to Tank Mix: Here's the Latest Research and Some Information on Combinations that Work - And What to Look for When You're Considering a New One
112 Made to Order: Custom Solutions for Utility Vehicles Pick Up Speed Among Manufacturers
118 The Company Line
121 Local Heroes
122 Ad Index
124 Classifieds
124 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
126 Out of Bounds: Westerns: It's Not All About Killing and Whisky Drinking. The Best of the Genre had Larger Messages, too
Turfgrass Trends
81 How to Retain Nutrients on Calcerous Sand Greens
86 New Benefits of Endophyte-Infected Grasses Emerge
92 Sulfonylurea Herbicides: How do Different Turfgrasses Tolerate Them?
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Chapter Meeting has a Few Twists
10 Pin High: Paradise on an Old Paper Mill Site
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -NTEP gets a Lot to Chew on: 'Listening' Session Sparks Much Talk About Improving the Program
16 -Before You Grab a Cup
18 -Morrish Will Call It Quits: Architect, Tired of Technology Ruining the Game, has had Enough. That's Understandable
24 Hole of the Month: No. 7, The Course at Wente Vineyards, Livermore Valley, Calif.: California Dreamin'
26 Shades of Green: When You Wish Upon a Star
28 The Old Pro: They Say Grow-Ins are Only for Young Superintendents. But don't Give Roger Barton that Bull
32 All for One and One for All: Angels Crossing is No Miracle. It's Just a Fine Example of Teamwork
38 In the City: From Finding a Dead Body (and His Ghost?) to having to Deal with Homeless People Bathing in the Irrigation System, Superintendents at Urban Courses Face Some Unusual Challenges
40 The Urban Superintendent: 'You Won't Believe Some of the Things I've Found,' He Says
50 Designs on Golf: How to Delete the Hootie Worm
70 It's Academic: Dealing with Dreaded Dollar Spot: Where is the Industry Going in Fighting this Ever-Present Fungal Disease?
74 Feeling the Squeeze: Demands for Lower Rates and Shorter Residuals Make Bringing New Insecticides to Market Much More Difficult
82 A Product that Demonstrates 'Merit': Hallmark Insecticide is 10 Years Old and Going Strong
86 Real-Life Solutions: The Many Faces of Surfactants: Superintendents are Finding New and Creative Ways to Take Advantage of the Benefits Wetting Agents and Penetrants Offer
88 Public Opinion: When It's Time to get Out of the Box
90 The Company Line
92 Ad Index
94 Classifieds
94 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
96 Out of Bounds: Fantasy Baseball: Put Together Your Own Team of Baseball Superstars - And Maybe You can Compete with the Yankees
Turfgrass Trends
51 Sulfonylureas Hold Promise in Turfgrass Systems if Used Judiciously
58 Soil Profiles: How to Categorize Organic Materials in Turfgrass Root Zones
62 Curing Soil Compaction Means Knowing the Causes
66 Seed Establishment: Thin Foam Sheets can Speed Turf Germination
2004 May
Volume #60, No. 5
2004 June
Volume #60, No. 6
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail: Is Perception Reality?
8 Flagstick: Now Introducing: The Graffie Awards
10 Pin High: A Superintendent's Distinguished Mom
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
15 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
15 -Adams Will Miss the Great St. Andrews - And Vice Versa: Legendary Greenkeeper Takes Job with European PGA Tour
18 -In Spring, a Superintendent's Thought's Turn to... Tree Disease: Watch Out for Anthracnose and Dutch Elm Disease
22 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Boulder Creek Golf Club, Streetsboro, Ohio: Tough but Pretty
24 Shades of Green: The Latest News from Lake Omigosh
28 Superintendent Gone Architect: Kris Spence is Trying to Make a Name for Himself as a Golf Course Designer
35 Special Section: The Putting Surface: Grass Roots Campaign
36 -The Root of the Matter: You can't Stop Root Loss from Occurring, but You can Control It So Greens can Make It Through the Summer Unscathed
42 -Take Charge of Your Topdressing: Don't Just Use the Same Material Because 'You've Always Done It that Way.' Some Analysis and Understanding of Your Goals Will Help You Make the Best Choice
46 -The Value of Verticutting: Given the Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Greens, the Only Question to Ask if You're Not 'Pruning' Them is, 'Why Not?'
52 -Real-Life Solutions: Precision Greens Mowing: So Much for Scalping: Superintendent, Former Assistant Invent "Collar Pipe" to Correct Common Maintenance Headache
56 Designs on Golf: Slow Play Kills Revenues Quickly
76 Upgrades Enhance Operations: New Software and Controller Technology Helps Superintendents Manage Irrigation More Effectively
84 Leaders
86 A Second Life: New Owners are Trying to Put the Fun Back into a Phoenix Golf Course Beset by a Series of Setbacks When Known as the Thunderbirds Golf Club
92 The Company Line
94 Ad Index
95 Classifieds
95 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
96 Out of Bounds: Pinball: Despite the Difficulty of Finding Top Machines, the Game is Still a Popular Pasttime [Pastime] Among Americans
Turfgrass Trends
57 Disease Management: Research Defines Dead Spot More Clearly
67 Plant Growth Regulation: Primo Changes Plant Hormone Levels that Prompt Beneficial Side Effects for Healthy Turf
72 Superintendents should Consider Options When Treating Aquatic Weeds
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: A Hickory-Sticks History Lesson
10 Pin High: You'd Never Know He's a Big Shot
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
15 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
15 -A New Building for an Old Friend: Troll 'Flabbergasted' but Honored that UMass Will Name Research Facility After Him
18 -Superintendent Pleads Guilty: Massachusetts Superintendents Hope Incident doesn't Taint Profession
20 Hole of the Month: No. 16, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Southampton, N.Y.: 'A Great Place for a Golf Course'
23 Shades of Green: Owners Must Lead on Environment
24 Here's to Dad
24 -Six Industry Individuals Pay Tribute to the Fathers Who Helped Shape Their Lives
25 -Andrea Bakalyar: I Learned to Value Community and Service from My Dad
26 -George Hamilton: I Learned the Importance of Education from My Dad
28 -Steve Mona: If It weren't [for] My Dad, I wouldn't be in the Career I'm in Today
30 -Larry Powell: My Dad Taught Me About Principles and Perseverance
32 -Gregg Breningmeyer: Dad Taught Me to Maintain Integrity
34 -Mike Hughes: Dad Taught Me About Parental Support
38 Michaud has Made His Mark: Down-to-Earth Superintendent Thought He Reached His Career Pinnacle at Pebble Beach. But Then He Came to Shinnecock Hills, Site of This Month's U.S. Open
46 The Best of the Best?: Many Architecture Aficionados Insist that Shinnecock Hills could be the Most Complete Design in the World
52 Designs on Golf: The Odd Couple of Architecture?
70 Bridging the Biostimulant Gap: The Heated Debate Over Efficacy may Finally be Reaching the End
76 It's Academic: The Dog Days of Summer (Patch): Reducing Turfgrass Stress and Promoting Healthy Root Development are Keys to Controlling Difficult Disease
80 Evapotranspiration: Offers Superintendents More Irrigation Control
82 Living the 'Pure Life': Some American Superintendents have Discovered Costa Rica to be an Enchanting Place to Tend Turf and Pursue Other Interests
86 Ad Index
87 Classifieds
87 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
88 Out of Bounds: Softball: It's Time to Take a Healthier Approach to My Favorite Summer Pastime - Now that I'm Older
Turfgrass Trends
53 Turf Varieties: Seashore Paspalum Putting Greens Rate Well with Golfers
60 Getting the Most Out of the Newest Strobilurin Fungicide
63 Turfgrass Management: Syringing can Dramatically Affect Canopy Temperature
65 Micronutrient Studies: Less Familiar Nutrients Also Deserve Spotlight
2004 July
Volume #60, No. 7
2004 August
Volume #60, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Always Look Before You Leap
10 Pin High: The Eight Rules for being Cool
14 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs: Fake Course Shelved
16 -The Fictitious Life of a Superintendent: Scott Simpson Says His Book, Though, is a Reflection on Him and Others in the Industry
18 -The Weather Will get Wacky, but Not that Wacky
20 -So Much More Than a Maintenance Facility: Georgia Superintendent Knows How to Throw a Good Party
20 -What's Mona's Handicap?
20 -Bayer Backs Assistant Education: Company Plans More Events Around the Country
22 -Seed Market Defined by Strengthening Markets, Stable Prices, Expert Says
24 Hole of the Month: No. 5, TPC at Deere Run, Moline, Ill.: Handle with Care
26 Shades of Green: Name Game Heats Up Again
28 Managing People
28 -Conflict Resolution: Fighting and Frustration can Actually be Channeled into Positive Outcomes. It's Just a Matter of Learning the Proper Skills
34 -Paying His Respects: Canterbury Golf Club Superintendent Terry Bonar Believes the Best Way to Manage Employees is to Show Your Appreciation of Them
38 -Super Service: Judy Hutt, Owner of Shadow Valley Golf Course in Idaho, is Known for Her Terrific Treatment of Customers
44 -A 'Leading' Question: Recently, I Found Myself Wondering What My Crew Members Think of Me as a Leader, So I Decided to Ask Them
48 Designs on Golf: Pin Shinnecock's Shame on USGA
66 Fine-Cut Fairways: Golfers' Expectations for Improved Conditioning Between Tees and Greens are Forcing Superintendents and Mower Companies to Meet Them
70 Down and Dirty: The Triumph of a Self-Made Man
74 The Foliar Feeding Factor: It's Gaining Popularity, but More Education is Needed, Suppliers Say
80 Public Opinion: Hey, I'm Just Farming Through
82 Keep Your Bunkers Beautiful: Here are Some Products to Help You do Just that
84 Leaders
85 Ad Index
86 The Company Line
87 Classifieds
87 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
88 Out of Bounds: Badminton: This Sport of Kings is a Great Way to get a Low-Impact Aerobic Workout
Turfgrass Trends
49 Consider Nematode Thresholds Before Treatment
58 Nutrient Uses: Silicon Suppresses Leaf Spotting on Bermudagrass
62 Lower Mowing Heights don't Influence Player Speed
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: A Kids-Eye View of the Golf World
10 Pin High: Taking the Time for a Grow-In
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Seed Companies Open Doors to All in Oregon: Increased Salt and Heat Tolerance Dominate Discussions
21 -Jack and Tom - Or Oscar and Felix?: Nicklaus, Doak are an Odd Couple for New Design, as Press Conference Reveals
24 -Syngenta's Science Project: Vero Beach, Fla., Facility a Nerve Center for Company's R&D
26 Hole of the Month: No. 9, Tournament Players Club of Louisiana, Fairfield, La.: It's Make or Break Time
29 Shades of Green: Turfgrass is Not the Enemy Here
30 Youth Will Serve: Whistling Straits Put Its Faith in 27-Year-Old Superintendent David Swift, Who Accepted the Challenge with Confidence
44 Weird Science?: Not at All. BlueYellow is Just a New and Inventive Way to Grow Turf
48 Overseeding Overview: USGA Agronomists Offer Advice on What - And What Not - To do
52 Real-Life Solutions: Rock Stars can Sleep Late Thanks to 'Vrrummless' Electric Greens Mower: Jacobsen E-Walk Helps Superintendent Out of a "Quiet" Predicament
56 Designs on Golf: Get Ready for Rogaine Ridge GC
74 Improvement Detected in Moisture Sensors: Irrigation Companies are Still Skeptical About Short-Term Impact of the Technology but See Future Uses Growing
80 Aquatrols & Golfdom Present Contest Winner: Essayist Tackles Water Conservation
82 The Company Line
84 Ad Index
87 Classifieds
87 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
88 Out of Bounds: PEZ: An Austrian Introduced the World to the Candy and Containers - And Took It by Storm
Turfgrass Trends
57 What's the Forecast for Turfgrass Disease Modeling?
64 Bt Bacteria Might Form Basis for Future Biological Insecticide
67 Ultradwarf Bermudagrasses Exhibit Easy Mutation Tendencies: Part 1: Off-Type Mutations may Occur Naturally
69 Nutrient Studies: Scientists Start to Recognize Silicon's Beneficial Effects
2004 September
Volume #60, No. 9
2004 October
Volume #60, No. 10
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0 Cover
0 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: A Refined Plan for a Raw Deal
10 Pin High: Fast Greens and Felonious Assault
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
15 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
15 -Business Briefs
15 -This Old House: Quebec Club Stakes Its Claim to having Oldest Maintenance Facility in North America. Any Challengers?
18 -George Hamilton Died as He Lived - With Grace: Penn State Professor Succumbs to Cancer at 43
18 -Candid Camera and a Hole-in-One
20 -Kip can: Superintendent Wins Inaugural Superintendent's Cup at People vs. the Pros
22 Hole of the Month: No.18, East Course Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, N.Y.: Go East, Young Man
24 Shades of Green: A 'Pretty' Ugly Situation for Golf
26 Foreign Aid: They Came from Distant Lands to Volunteer on Shinnecock's Golf Course Maintenance Crew for the U.S. Open. They Left with Intimate Memories
34 Golfdom Budget Guide
34 -Tough Crowd
38 -Money 'Talks': It's Vital for Superintendents to Communicate Effectively When Negotiating Their Maintenance Budgets
46 -Gaining Grounds: Three Simple Precepts can Keep Superintendents on Track When Creating Maintenance Budgets for Areas Outside the Golf Course
58 -'Bread' and Water: An Irrigation Upgrade could Save Your Course Money in the Long Run
62 Designs on Golf: A Meeting of the Golf Course Minds
81 It's Academic: Soil Amendments Need Continued Study: Finding the Right Mix for Your Course Requires Understanding the Underlying Soil
82 Real-Life Solutions: Aloha Goosegrass: Hawaiian Superintendents Find Cure for Problem Weed
84 Drainage Done Right: New Technology Allows Superintendents to do System Renovations Without Disrupting Play
92 Topdressing: An Ol' Drainage Standby - And More
95 2004 Budget Guide: Hot Products
126 Ad Index
127 Classifieds
127 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
128 Out of Bounds: Poker: Here are You Some Ideas About How to get in the Country's Hottest New Game
Turfgrass Trends
63 Study Examines Snow Mold Solutions for Northwest
74 Ultradwarf Bermudagrasses Exhibit Easy Mutation Tendencies: Part 2: Do Certain Pre-Emergent Herbicides Exacerbate This Problem?
79 Insect Damage Allows Other Pests to Thrive
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0 Cover
0 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
8 Flagstick: Cheers & Jeers: Autumn Edition
10 Pin High: A Healthy Paul Jett Looks to Next June
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Get Ready to Pay More for Fertilizer: Increase in Natural Gas Prices could Cause Higher Cost
16 -Hot Stuff (and Cool, too): Geothermal Heat Exchange could Provide Financial and Environmental Benefits to Golf Courses. Just Ask Sutton Bay
20 Hole of the Month: 18th Hole, Berkeley Hall, Bluffton, S.C.: Hooked on Fazio Designs
22 Shades of Green: Mother Nature Still Rules in Golf
24 On the Environment
24 -Doing the Right Thing: Paul Emling has Transformed Arcadia Bluffs' Image with a Golf Course Maintenance Program Based on His Genuine Appreciation for the Environment
36 -Up with the EPA: How One Superintendent Embraced the Agency's Strict Standards to Strengthen His Course's Environmental Image
42 -Of Salmon and Superintendents: The Issue of Water and Water Rights in Western Washington is as Hot as Any Issue Out There, and It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon
46 -Joe Hills has Found that Fishing Line is a Great and Ecological Way to Rid a Golf Course of Geese: Strings Attached
53 -Biopesticides Bazaar: If You're Looking for Alternatives to Vary Your Pest Control Options, Here are Some Good Places to Start
54 Designs on Golf: Most Architects don't Bite, Really
74 Public Opinion: Raising the Bar? Just be Careful
77 In the Rough: Golfer's Expectations for Improved Turf have Extended to the Rough. Mower Manufacturers are Responding to Superintendents' Needs with Better Machines
82 Late is Good, in This Case: Fall Fertilization is Vital to Maintaining Healthy Turf Year-Round. Superintendents Offer Tips on How to do It Correctly
84 The Company Line
86 Leaders
89 Ad Index
91 Classifieds
91 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
92 Out of Bounds: R/C Airplanes: These are Flying Machines that Give Enthusiasts a Chance to be Pilots Without Leaving the Ground
Turfgrass Trends
55 Scientists Pursue Biological Control for Turfgrass Pests
64 Nutrient Studies: Sodium Plays Role in Certain Turfgrass Processes
68 Expert Offers Six Keys for Successful Pest Control
2004 November
Volume #60, No. 11
2004 December
Volume #60, No. 12
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0 Cover
4 Table of Contents
10 Flagstick: Giving Thanks for Favorite Things
12 Pin High: Some Ways We can Help the Poor
14 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Get in the Groove: Former Augusta Mechanic Advises Attendees of 'Golfdom' Event to get Organized
20 -Back to the Future: Reconciling the Classic Style of a Course with Modern Context of Golf Takes Education
22 Hole of the Month: No. 14, The Snead Course at the Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur Springs, W. V.: A Fine Tribute
24 Shades of Green: Trying to Reason with 'Cane Season
26 Heat Stress Winter Kill Demanding Owners Lazy Crew Members Long Hours Short Fuses: Keep Your Cool
32 Picture This: Don't Underestimate Those Cheap 'Throwaway' Cameras and Their Ability to Document Your Successes Clearly
34 -Images of Fall
44 Going High-Tech on Tees and Greens: By Blending High-Tech Capability and Detailed Low-Tech Artistry, Designers and Owners can Deliver More Interesting Courses
48 Designs on Golf: In Praise of Surface Drainage
66 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Transition Management but were Afraid to Ask: Bayer Environmental Science's Summit Draws Top Turf Experts
72 The Book on Bunkers: These Hazards Need to be Moved Up the Maintenance Priority List
78 Quick, Buy that Mower!: Thanks to Recent Tax Breaks, There's Never been a Better Time to Purchase New Equipment. Just don't Wait Till Jan.1
84 Preparing for the Big Chill: Superintendent Offers Tips to Control Winter Damage
86 Dave's World: Regarding Your Reputation ...
89 The Company Line
92 Ad Index
95 Classifieds
95 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
96 Out of Bounds: Third Parties: Fed Up with Republicans and Democrats? Check Out What's Behind Door No. 3
Turfgrass Trends
49 Turf Breeding: What Will Future Turfgrasses Bring?
56 Southern Turf Managers Face Pest Management Challenges: Nematodes, Mole Crickets Among Problems
60 What Pre-Emergent Herbicides are Safe for Ultradwarf Bermudagrass?
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
0 Table of Contents
6 Flagstick: Wee in Size, Otto was Big in Heart
8 Pin High: He's Just Looking for Steady Work
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Industry Loses a 'First Lady': Phyllis Latshaw Dies at 63
14 -N.M. Course 'Hails' Charitable Members: Volunteers get on Hands and Knees to Fix Storm-Induced Divots
14 -Make No Mistake - Dangerfield Got Respect
15 -Green is Good: Project Evergreen Seeks to Educate Consumers About Healthy Landscapes, Such as Golf Courses
16 -It's a Great Time to be an Independent Distributor
18 Hole of the Month: No. 16, Kauai Lagoons Golf Club, Kiele Course, Kauai, Hawaii: Is This Heaven? No, It's Hawaii
20 Shades of Green: Reach Out ... And Influence Somebody
22 Golfdom Report 2004
22 -The State of Your Industry: Inside the Golfdom Report
23 -Better Days, But …: There are Signs the Golf Industry is Pulling Itself Out of the Economic Doldrums. But the Financial Slump isn't Over Yet, Experts Say
34 -Time for an Annual Review: It Started Off Great, What with Phil Winning the Masters. But Things Started to get Ugly Around U.S. Open Time
40 -Up and Down: A Look Back at the Year in Statistics and Sayings, Including Results of Our Recent Superintendent Survey and the best Quotables of the Year from Some of the Industry's Most Interesting Characters
46 -Manners Matter: Proper Etiquette Among Players has Diminished on the Golf Course. What can Superintendents do to Help It Return?
52 Sowing the Seeds of R&D: Companies Continue to Search for Top Turfgrass Species
56 Designs on Golf: Too Much Tech, Not Enough Sense
58 Clear-Cut Conclusion: Sharp Reels are an Essential Component to Assuring Proper Turf Management
80 Public Opinion: Unlikely Source Gives Good Advice
82 In the Minority: What are Young Professionals doing to Land Their First Superintendent Jobs? Sometimes It's a Matter of Taking Advantage of a Not-So-Super Opportunity
84 It's Winter, and a Northern Superintendent's Thoughts Turn to Weed Control
87 Corporate Capabilities: Industry Suppliers at a Glance
111 The Company Line
112 Ad Index
113 Classifieds
113 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
114 Out of Bounds: MP3s: Do You Love Rock & Roll (or Any Other Type of Music)? Well, Put a Few Dimes into This Jukebox, Baby
Turfgrass Trends
63 Perennial Ryegrasses Fare Well in Overseeding of Bermudagrass Fairways: Poa trivialis Cultivars Slower to Establish and More Prone to Quickly Disappear Upon being Weakened
72 The Dry Look: Leaf Wetness Linked Directly to Several Turf Diseases
74 Inorganic Soil Amendments in New Sand-Based Rootzones can Reduce Nitrogen Loss