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2005 January
Volume #61, No. 1                  
2005 February
Volume #61, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
4 We've Got Mail
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 Pin High: Welcome to the Show - And '1984'
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -NGCOA Joins the Club: Trade Association Supports Efforts to Limit Technology
21 -What's in Store (and What's Not in Store) 10 Years Down the Road?
21 -A Carolina Milestone: Association Posts Record Revenues at Annual Show. Is It a Sign of Good Things to Come?
22 Shades of Green: A Poetic Tribute to the Profession
24 Put into Words: What does Show Merger Spell for Superintendents and Owners?
30 They're Down with It: Owners Ecstatic About Joining Superintendents for the Big Show
32 What to do in O-Town: (Now that the Hurricanes are Gone)
36 Tragedy is Waiting to Happen: When It Comes to Protecting Employees, the Right Time to Implement a Safety Program is Now. Tomorrow could be too Late
47 Golfdom Business Record
47 -The Fun and Value Factors: These Simple Components are Integral to Growing the Game and should Not be Underestimated, as Three Successful Operations Prove
50 -Profile: Bill Fountain: The Co-Owner of Majestic at Lake Walden is Never Short on Promotional Ideas to Drive Business
52 -Money Shot: Wanted: Golf Fanatic with a Fabulous Phone Voice
60 Designs on Golf: Owners Speak Up. Who's Next?
78 No Objection to Injection: The Technology has Changed and More Superintendents are Sold on the Benefits of Fertigation
84 Tips: Crown Hydration may be a Royal Pain but Superintendents have Learned how to Deal with It
86 Get Your Nutrition - For Turf, that is: Check Out this Round-Up of Fertilizer and Nutrient Products that Will Surely Cater to Your Turf Needs
92 Leaders
94 Ad Index
95 Classifieds
96 Out of Bounds: Snacks: Chips Ahoy, Football Fans! When It Comes to a Square Meal on Super Bowl Sunday, These Treats can't be Licked
Turfgrass Trends
61 Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Ball Marks - They're Everywhere One Looks, Controversy Swirls Around Their Repair, and Golfers don't Always Chip in to Alleviate a Growing Problem
70 Bentgrass Cultivars Face Dose of Putting Green Reality
73 Weed-Free - Big Wish for Little Ponds: Winter is the Time to Prevent an Aquatic Hijacking This Spring
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Green Chairman is the Real Deal
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Penncross Celebrates a Big B-Day
14 -GIS Project 'Bridges' Trade Associations: Superintendents, Builders, Architects Unite to Build Putting Green Inside Orlando Convention Center
16 -Jack-ed Up: It doesn't get Any More Exciting Than Caddying for the Golden Bear
22 -Lawn Tractor Goes Long Way in Cutting Medical Expenses
26 Shades of Green: Please Pass the Bug Spray
28 Weathered the Storms: Led by Its Unflappable Superintendent, Steve Money, The Country Club of Orlando Rode Out a String of Hurricanes - And Became a Better Golf Course in the Process
42 Standing the Test of Time: Six Veteran Superintendents - Each One Distinguished - Reflect on Their Experiences
44 -Tom Walker: Superintendent of the Inverness Club
46 -Ron Kirkman: Superintendent of the Needham Golf Club
48 -Clem Wolfrom: Superintendent of the Detroit Golf Club
52 -John Hadwick: Superintendent of the Jackrabbit Run Golf Club
55 -Ed Fischer: Superintendent of the Old Elm Club
56 -Roger Kisch: Superintendent of the Southview Country Club
58 Pest Control Turns at April Crossroads: Superintendents Will Find Out Soon Enough What to Expect from Weeds, Disease and Insects in 2005
65 Public Opinion: A Hunch and a Pest Outbreak
66 An Oasis in the Middle East: Troon Golf Delighted to be a Player in This 'Venturesome' Part of the World
74 Designs on Golf: Fearsome Phobias & Green Chairmen
96 Playing the Right Amount of Golf: The Course of Tomorrow should be Designed to Help Time-Conscious Golfers
98 Fenway's Facelift: Golf Course Builder Rolls Out New Green Carpet for World Series Champs
100 Revolution-ary Chemistry?: Aquatrols New Surfactant is More Than Just a Surfactant
101 The Company Line
102 Ad Index
103 Classifieds
104 Out of Bounds: Bowling: A Spin Down a Well-Oiled Memory Lane Finds the 'People's Game' has Gone from Nostalgia to Neon
Turfgrass Trends
75 Resistant Cultivars are Bermuda's Best Battle vs. Spring Dead Spot
84 A Paclobutrazol Treatment can Leave a Tree More Stress Tolerant
87 Is It Going to be a White Bedding?: Ammonium or Urea-Based Nitrogen Fertilizer Increases the Odds of Producing L-Glutamine, Which Encourages the Production of 'Snow White' Fungal Isolates Such as Helminthosporium
89 Researchers Turn to Turfgrass Instead of Chemicals to Deter Pests
2005 March
Volume #61, No. 3
2005 April
Volume #61, No. 4
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2 Table of Contents
8 We've Got Mail
10 Pin High: Here's to a Good and Hearty Laugh
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe 
14 -Relaxed Atmosphere: BIGGA Show More of a Social Event Than a Trade Show
16 -Yale Returns to Yesterday: Golf Course Regaining Its Classic Look, Thanks to New Superintendent and New Operation Procedures
18 -Who's 'Minding' Your Golf Swing?: This Cool New Digital Gadget could Help You get in 'The Zone'
20 Shades of Green: Attention Where Attention is Needed
22 Designs on Golf: Blind Shots and Blind Thinking
26 Sweet Home Chicago: Superintendent Jon Jennings Thanks the Golf Course Gods for Guiding Him to This Golden Oldie of a Club
36 Golfdom's Annual Guide on Green Maintenance: Precision Management
38 -Reckless Op?: The Push to Increase Green Speed hasn't Slowed Down, Which could Mean There's an Accident Waiting to Happen
46 -Prevent Defense: The Best Way to Control Dollar Spot on Greens is to Not Let It Surface in the First Place, Technical Experts Say
50 -Poa Shakedown: Clemson Professor Offers 10 Tips on How to Disarm Annual Bluegrass
54 -Accessory City: More Superintendents Seek Sleek Add-Ons for Greens Mowers to Improve Cutting and Overall Performance
60 -Real-Life Solutions: A Healthy Injection for the Greens - And the Economic Good of the Course: Machine Uses High-Speed, Water-Based System that's Changing the Way Superintendents Handle Routine Aeration
82 Black Mesa Magic: Developers, Architect and Indian Tribe Work Together to Produce an Award-Winning Golf Experience in New Mexico for a Mere $3.5 Million
90 Ad Index
91 Classifieds
91 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
92 Out of Bounds: Reel Fun: The Academy may Not have a Funny Bone in Its Body, but These Comedies are Nothing (and Everything) to Laugh at
Turfgrass Trends
65 In Search of Transition Dates: Color and Quality of Annual, Perennial Ryegrasses Compared in Texas Overseeding Trial
68 Sulfonylureas Target ALS Enzyme to Control Grasses, Broadleaf Weeds
73 Fertilizers: Stunt the Leaf, Save the Nutrients: Plant Growth Regulators may Improve Efficiency of Bermudagrass Greens
78 From Something Old, Something New: Coated-Sand Topdressing Improves Core Hole Recovery
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 We've Got Mail
10 Pin High: Reilly Needs to Write This, Not Me
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -What's Up These Days?: Rounds are, According to Two Trade Associations. And Even Though It's Only a Slight Increase, It's Good News
15 -Switcheroo: BASF's Miller Says Superintendents should Change Out Nozzles for Particular Pesticides
16 -Digging for Clams...Err...Golf Balls
18 -Movie Site Turns California Golf Course 'Sideways'
20 Shades of Green: Responsibility Lacking, Not H20
24 Water Watch
24 -Nothing on the Course is More Valuable - And Regulated - Than Water, and Superintendents don't Want It Trickling Through Their Fingers: Precious to the Last Drop
30 -Learning How to Deal with Effluent and Poor-Quality Water is Taking on an Increased Priority in the Golf Industry - And for Good Reason: In Deep Wastewater?
39 Golfdom Business Record
39 -On the Money: Financing and Refinancing are Hot Topics, but It's Tough getting a Loan These Days
44 -Profile: James "Bob" Husband: CEO of Heritage Golf Group Says It's 'Incredibly Important to Give People What They Want'
46 -Beyond the Green: With Spring, Thoughts Turn to Membership Drive Program
48 -Talking Maintenance: Owners, Superintendents can Never Communicate too Much
50 On the Run, Er, Walk: Golfdom Staff Members Logged a Lot of Miles in Their Loafers to Bring You This Comprehensive Golf Industry Show Report
60 Ol' Reliable: To Sustain Healthy Root Growth in Greens, Superintendents are Best Off Sticking to the Essentials of Turfgrass Management, USGA Agronomists Say
64 Real-Life Solutions: On 'Guard': Three-Dimensional Liner Protects Against Bunker Washout and Erosion
70 Designs on Golf: Feel Free to Stop Progress, Hootie
90 The Company Line
96 Ad Index
99 Classifieds
99 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
100 Out of Bounds: Bread Makers: Praise be Food Technology, Even if It Means Momma Coming After You with a Rolling Pin in Hand
Turfgrass Trends
73 Irrigation: The Big Dig: Nanotechnology gets to Root of Soil Moisture
78 Irrigation: Forget Milk. Got Water?: Evapotranspiration Estimation, in Situ Sensing Headline Technological Advances
82 Fertilization: Mixing It Up: When It Comes to Tank Mixing Sulfonylureas, What You shouldn't do is Clear
86 Drought Tolerance of Six Bermudagrass Cultivars
2005 May
Volume #61, No. 5
2005 June
Volume #61, No. 6
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail: Rebel Yale
8 Pin High: Got to Give Them What They Want
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Out of Retirement: Manny Mihailides couldn't be Happier Selling an Irrigation Product that His Son Invented
16 -Snow Fun: Superintendent Spends Winter Tending to Golf Course Snowmobile Business
18 -History in the Making: Dorothy Darrow has Served as Clubhouse Manager at Chicago Golf Club for 45 Years
18 -Golfdom to Join Questex Media Group
20 -Next in Line: Two-Day Course Offers Training, Inspiration for Future Superintendents
24 Shades of Green: Remiss Media Muddy the Waters
26 Mamas' Boys: Six Industry Men Pay Tribute to the Mothers Who Helped Shape Their Lives
27 -Matt Shaffer: Mom Provided Me a Life Form
28 -Tim O'Neill: She Was There as I Climbed GCSAA Ladder
30 -Jim Nicol: I Always had a Special Bond with My Mom
32 -Tom Marzolf: She Encouraged Us with Her Positiveness
34 -Bill Leeke: Mom Taught Me the A-B-Cs of Business
36 -Michael & Vinny Iacono: Whatever It Took for Her Sons ... She did It
42 There Goes the Neighborhood... On Its Way Up, Thanks to a New Nine-Hole First Tee Golf Course in Cleveland
50 Ringing Up Fairy Ring: Unless You've Got a Taste for Mushrooms, This Turf Disease can be a Nuisance ... And Then Some
54 Reverse Osmosis hasn't Taken the Golf Industry by Storm, but that doesn't Mean Some Golf Courses haven't had Success with the Irrigation Technology: Worth Its Salt?
58 'Heated' Conversation: Superintendents Discuss Strategies to Battle Summer Stress
60 What a Great Concept!: GCSAA could Learn Something from the Functional and Fun Idea Fair Staged Annually by the National Golf Course Owners Association
64 Public Opinion: Ode to Springtime: Get Back to Basics
66 Designs on Golf: Golf shouldn't be 'Survivor' Episode
86 Leaders
88 The Company Line
89 Ad Index
91 Classifieds
92 Out of Bounds: Whitewater Rafting: That's Me at the Top Right of the Photo - Cold, Wet, Terrified ...And having the Time of My Life
Turfgrass Trends
69 Insect Control: Grasping the Girdler and Other New Bugs
76 Overseeding: A Transition Success Story at Desert Mountain
81 Disease Management: Dealing with Bacterial Wilt on Poa
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: We, the Media, are Not Out to get You
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -It'll Cost You to Keep It Green
13 -BASF Execs Go Front and Center to Discuss Future of Chemicals
14 -Golf Courses can Help Preserve Gopher Tortoise
15 -The Thin Side of Elvis: Everything About the King is Colorful - Except His Lawn
16 -A 'Vitally Important' Book: Shackelford's 'The Future of Golf' Re-Released in Hard Cover
18 -One Seed's Staying Power: Penncross Creeping Bent Celebrates 50 Years
20 Shades of Green: Memo to Masses: Change or Die
22 With All the Limelight on His Legendary Big Brother, Unassuming Jerry Palmer gets the Job Done at Latrobe Country Club: At Home in Latrobe
32 The Apprentices: For Three Turf Students, an Internship at the Site of This Year's U. S. Open...Well...It Just doesn't get Much Better Than that
40 OSHA is Watching You: Golf Courses Inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could Face Multiple Citations, Time-Consuming Probes and Fines
48 Designs on Golf: Dipping into USGA's 14-Point Spin Cycle
66 Got Gusto?: Tom Alex does, and He's Brought Plenty of It to His Job as Superintendent of Orlando's Grand Cypress Resort
74 Get a Grip: When It Comes to Handheld Equipment, Safety is an Absolute. Less Clear is Whether to Fix the Ol' Blower or Purchase a New One
80 On the Trail of Gray Leaf Spot: Rutgers Breeds Naturally Resistant Varieties to Combat Turf Disease
84 The Company Line
86 Ad Index
87 Classifieds
88 Out of Bounds: Drive-Ins: It doesn't get Any Better on a Hot Summer Night Than Sharing a Double Feature with the True Stars
Turfgrass Trends
49 Fertilization: Nitrogen Uptake and Leaching on Greens: What are the Implications for Superintendents?
57 Technology: Unity for the Sake of Uniformity: New Database Allows Superintendents to Measure, Compare Patchiness of Turfgrass
62 Greens Management: To Air is Human When It Comes to Anaerobic Greens
2005 July
Volume #61, No. 7
2005 August
Volume #61, No. 8
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
10 Pin High: Giving Them Golf - And So Much More
14 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Water in So Cal's Spotlight: Classic Film Substantiates Association's Efforts in Stressing Vital Water Issues Throughout the West
18 -Oh Stormy: Expect a Busy Hurricane Season, Forecasters Say
19 -Syngenta, LESCO Part Ways: Companies Cite Philosophical Differences
20 -Talkin' Bugs
24 Shades of Green: Time for Gen X-ers to Take Charge
26 Special Report: Gas-P!
26 -Power Played: Superintendents Seek to Save Money in Other Areas of Their Maintenance Budget to Offset Increased Fuel Costs
33 -Status Quo: As Shocking as Sky-High Gas Prices may be, It's Environmental Issues that are Driving Equipment Makers to Revise Their Strategies
40 Managing People
40 -Sometimes a Great Notion: Have You Given Any Thought to Implementing an Employee Think Tank that could Improve Your Operation's Productivity and Make Your Employees Happier?
48 - Pledge of Allegiance: As Superintendents, We Expect Loyalty from Those Under Us. But We Must Not Expect It Blindly
50 Designs on Golf: Yet Another Golfdom Exclusive
52 Petal to the Metal: Taking Care of Ornamentals isn't the Only Thing being Asked of Full-Time Horticulturists These Days
57 Golfdom Business Record
57 -The Priority of Personnel: Why It Matters: As Long as There are Real People doing the Dirty Work, It's Never Just About Turf Maintenance
60 -Beyond the Green: How to Create the Right Web Site to Market Your Club
62 -More than Business Partners: Ohio Golf Course Owners Arnold and Todd Ingraham are Father and Son First and Foremost
64 Gettin' the Dirt: Renowned Professor Beard Offers Tips for Proper Soil Testing
66 Real-Life Solutions: Protect the Lumber: Construction Stresses can Impact Trees. Here's How to Protect Them to Ensure Their Survival
84 Public Opinion: Golfers Render a Sign of the Times
86 Leaders
87 Superintendent's Son Will Receive Scholarship: Winning Essayist Tackles Hydrophobic Subject
88 The Company Line
90 Ad Index
91 Classifieds
92 Out of Bounds: Tour de France: Sports doesn't get Any Better Than 2,241 Miles Over the Alps and Down the Champs Elysees [Champs-Élysées]
Turfgrass Trends
67 A Precision-Sensing Fertilizer Sprayer
70 Irrigation: Just a Grain of Salt: As Salinity Increases, Turfgrass Management Will Need to Increase, too
76 Growth Regulators: Will Any PGRs be Safe for Ultradwarf Bermudagrass?
81 Growth Regulators: Routine Nitrogen Fertility, PGRs Influence Ball Roll on Bermuda
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
0 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Family Comes First for Family Biz CEO
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -To Go Where No Superintendent has Gone Before?: GPS has been Slow getting to the Golf Maintenance Industry, but Experts Vow that It is Coming
14 -Golf Courses can Help Butterflies Take Flight
15 -Turf-Seed Rolls Out Green Carpet in Rolesville: Minus Its Sidelined Founder, Bill Rose, the Turfgrass Company Flaunts Its Work During Annual Field Day
26 Shades of Green: Tournament Tales from Lake Omigosh
28 Designs on Golf: Let's get Back to the Forward Tees
30 Let's Play 12...: Architects and Developers get Serious About Breaking from Tradition to Attract More Golfers and Pump Life into the Stagnant Golf Industry
38 Back in Business at Baltusrol: After Exiting Oakmont and Nearly Leaving the Greenskeeping Field, Mark Kuhns Finds New Life at the Site of This Month's PGA Championship
46 Oakmont's Overhaul: Members Seek to Restore Classical Course to Its Glory Days... And Bring It Up to Date
54 Mr. Sand Man: Nobody Crafts a Bunker Better Than Jeff Bradley, the Shaper of the Coore-Crenshaw Design Team
76 Under Fire: Superintendents Burn Turf to Preserve Native Vegetation and Encourage Wildlife
80 Hold Water: Some Superintendents are Irrigating Less During Overseeding - And getting Good Results
86 Building a Better Green: USGA's Changes to 'Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction' Make Agronomic, Economic Sense
92 Golfdom Mart
93 Ad Index
94 The Company Line
95 Classifieds
95 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
96 Out of Bounds: Buying a House: It's One of Life's Great Possessions, So Says the Writing on the Avocado-Colored Wallpaper
Turfgrass Trends
59 Mole Crickets Succumb to Parasitic Nematodes
66 Cutless, Primo MAXX Regulate Tifway Bermudagrass Growth
71 Urging Geese to Go - Now!
2005 September
Volume #61, No. 9
2005 October
Volume #61, No. 10
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: A Little Costanza Goes a Long Way
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Tiger's Snub of St. Andrews Greenskeeper and His Crew is Inexcusable: What, No Roar?
14 -The Plodding Tortoise: Regarding Research, It's Not as Important to be the First as It is to be Right
15 -Contouring Fairways and Figures: Superintendent Mixes Golf Course Maintenance and Athletic Training
16 Shades of Green: We have Chances to Tell Our Story
26 Designs on Golf: Let's Find Out What Went Wrong
28 Golfdom Budget Guide
28 -Budget Blight: Although Soaring Gas Prices Will Certainly Affect the Bottom Line in 2006, It's Pythium Right Now that's Sapping the Coffers Throughout Much of the Country
36 -On the Range: How Much a Golf Course should Spend to Provide a Worthy Practice Range Depends on Myriad Factors, Including Geography, Labor Rates and Climate
40 -Budget Busters: Superintendent Offers "Top 10 Opportunities You can Create for Yourself While Working Within a Tighter Budget"
44 It's the Stuff that Dreams are Made of: Superintendents Gear Up for a Chance to Play Crenshaw, Leonard - And Win $100,000 - In BASF's People vs. The Pros
50 Company Women: It's Still a Man's World, but Several Females have Made Their Professional Marks on the Corporate Side
74 Brothers in Arms: Michael and Vinnie Iacono aren't Just Siblings - They're Bonded in the Wonderful World of Golf Course Maintenance
80 Home Turf Advantage: Sod Growers Offer Advice on How to Manage Major Projects
86 Preserving Ponds: Strategies Abound for Keeping Water Free of Algae and Weeds
92 Real-Life Solutions
92 -The Chase is Over: Moles Succumb to New Worm-Mimicking Bait - Meaning Mole Hills Like These could be a Thing of the Past
96 -Co-Operative Action: By Tank Mixing a Variety of Broad-Spectrum Fungicides with Different Modes of Actions, a Superintendent can Control Several Turf Diseases Simultaneously
103 2005 Budget Guide: Hot Products
139 Golfdom Mart
141 Ad Index
142 The Company Line
143 Classifieds
144 Out of Bounds: Razors: Gentlemen, Start Your Battery-Operated Engines, as We Look at the Ongoing Race Between Gillette and Schick
Turfgrass Trends
57 Rootzone Amendments in Sand-Based Poa Sod Evaluated, Compared
65 Does Night Lighting Harm Trees
70 Turfgrass History: 75 Years of Green Grass at Penn State
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: A Classic Case of Customer Service
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs: 2,4-D Verdict: No Risk When Used Appropriately
14 -Groups Wanted to Stay in New Orleans: But GCSAA, NGCOA had No Choice but to Move Show
16 -Do Golf Courses Provide Valuable Wildlife Habitat
21 -Full of Firsts: Grant, Rehr and Giordano Make History at St. Andrews
24 Shades of Green: Must have? Or Nice to have?
26 Designs on Golf: Keep It Real: Embrace Nature
28 Civic Superman: With a One-Way Ticket out of the Only Town in Which He'd Worked, Mark Woodward could have Left His Heart in Mesa. Instead, He Left Behind a Legacy in Municipal Employment (and a Slightly Less-Glamorous Body Part)
34 Keen on Green
34 -Nature of the Business: Challenges Abound for Two Superintendents Whose Golf Courses are Located on Environmentally Sensitive Federal Parkland
40 -Natural Wonder: The Picturesque Sand Ridge Golf Club was Built and is Maintained to Function in Harmony with the Environment
50 -Utility Vehicles Slowly Take Eco-Friendly Route: Gas-Powered Engines Still Reign, but Manufacturers are Moving Toward Electricity for a Variety of Reasons
54 -Gaining Appeal: More Superintendents are Using Biostimulants and Trusting in Them, Companies Say
78 Real-Life Solutions: Less is More: Improved Fungicide Features New Formulation that Enhances Effectiveness of Active Ingredient Against Turf Disease
80 Leaders
81 Golfdom Mart
82 Ad Index
83 Classifieds
84 Out of Bounds: Hybrid Cars: At 60 Miles per Gallon, We can't Help but Brake for These Gas-Saving Alternatives
Turfgrass Trends
61 Turfgrass Breeding: Innovative Cultivars Arrive Slowly but Surely
66 Effects of Core Aeration on USGA Putting Greens
72 SU Herbicides Control Weeds, Poa in Advance of Overseeding Program
2005 November
Volume #61, No. 11
2005 December
Volume #61, No. 12
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Time to Dispel an Ugly Stereotype
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Gettin' the Lowdown on Rounds, Revenue: NGCOA, Golf Datatech Introduce Financial Benchmarks Program for Owners, Operators
13 -Super Shot Leads to Superintendent's Cup: Martinez Wins BASF Tournament at People vs. The Pros
15 -Standard Golf: Onward in Iowa
20 Shades of Green: Golf Means Never having to Say You're Sorry
22 Designs on Golf: On the Mark with Course Markings
24 Muchas Gracias: Pittsburgh Superintendent Ken Flisek Praises the Hard-Working Mexicans on His Maintenance Crew Who Helped Save His Job
36 Does the Truck Stop Here?: Superintendents Ponder the Previously Unthinkable - Dumping Their Gas-Guzzling 4x4's in Exchange for More Miles per Gallon
41 Golfdom Business Record
41 -House Work: It could be Costly and Inconvenient, but a Clubhouse Renovation could be Fine for a Course's Image and Its Bottom Line
44 -Beyond the Green: Don't Fret the Newsletter. Here's How to Make It Right
46 -Talking Maintenance: This Letter could Help Your Course 'on Any Given Day'
64 Proper Drainage is Vital to Maintaining Healthy and Functional Greens, Tees and Fairways. Here's How to do It Right: Let It Drain
68 Real-Life Solutions: Bunker Liner Keeps Sand in, Contaminants Out
70 Ad Index
71 Classifieds
72 Out of Bounds: Calvin and Hobbes: What Better Holiday Gift Than the Collective Magic of a Boy and His Tiger?
Turfgrass Trends
49 Smart Fertilizer Provides K When and Where Needed
54 Penn State Marks 10 Years of Breeding Poa annua
60 New Cultivars: Varieties Bred for a Purpose
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: A 'Ray of Hope' in New Orleans
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Handheld Controllers Revisited: Is PDA Technology on the Way Out? Are Cell Phones on the Way in?
15 -Longer Than: Precision Labs Says SYNC Enhances Performance and Lengthens Disease Control of Systemic and Contact Fungicides
16 -Asst. Superintendents Discover What It Takes to Cut Mustard
18 -What They don't Teach You in School: Superintendent Offers Tips on Interacting with Golfers
20 -Caddyshaft?: Industry Needs to Save Caddies from Becoming an Endangered Species
22 Shades of Green: Reviving the People's Power
24 Designs on Golf: If I were Buying for the Bigwigs ...
26 Golfdom Report 2005
26 -Respectable Showing: The Golf Industry Continues to Inch Its Way Out of the Economic Doldrums
34 -Annual Review: The Good (More Dialog), the Bad (Increased Costs), and the Ugly (Slow Play) of 2005 - And Plenty More
40 -Up and Down: A Look Back at the Year in Statistics and Sayings, Including Results of Our Recent Superintendent Survey and the Best Quotables of the Year from Some of the Industry's Most Interesting Characters
44 -What can Brown do for You?: For Starters, It can Save a Few Bucks ... As Well as the Environment
49 Revealing the Spin on Topdressing
67 Corporate Capabilities
92 Leaders
94 Ad Index
95 Classifieds
96 Out of Bounds: Home Theatres: Who Needs the Cinema When Tom Cruise can Fly an F-14 Straight Through Your Living Room?
Turfgrass Trends
51 Pest Control: Some Nematodes at Root of All Evil
56 Greens Management: If It's Winter, It Must be Time to Put on a Coat (of Green Paint)
60 Soil Composition: Aluminum Tolerances of 10 Warm-Season Turfgrasses