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2006 January
Volume #62, No. 1                
2006 February
Volume #62, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Mona has the Get-Up-and-Go
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Amping Up: Performance Enhancements Boost Sales of Electric-Powered Cars
13 -GCSAA Full Steam Ahead in Promoting PDI
14 -Here's How to Turn Golfers into Bird Watchers
18 -More the Merrier: Carolinas Show Grows Some More in 2005
20 Shades of Green: Resist Politics and Show Me the Data
22 Designs on Golf: These Seminars are Really Funny
24 Head Honchos on the State of the Show
24 -Hughes: 'We're Trying to Bring More Value'
25 -Mona: 'Most People Felt Like the Trade Show Improved Significantly Last Year'
30 GIS Vendors: So Far, So Good: Outside of a Few Worries, the Golf Industry Show Thus Far has Almost Everyone on the Trade Show Floor Smiling
38 What Type of Coke Goes Best with Argentinosaurus?: Atlanta Offers GIS Attendees Plenty of Variety (Except When It Comes to Soft Drinks)
58 The Sequel: Butting Heads Over Bio: It's Time to Revisit the Biological and Organic Fertilizer Category to See What's Happened Since 1999
64 Turf M.D.: The Biocontrol Roller Coaster Ride
69 Golfdom Business Record
69 -Going to a Logo: Want to Make a Name for Yourself? Stamp It on Your Club's Shirts, Caps and Everything Else Inside the Golf Shop
70 -Beyond the Green: Resolve to Show Members that They're Important
78 -Profile: James Singerling: Executive Vice President and CEO of CMAA Understands the Superintendent's World
81 Golfdom Mart
82 Ad Index
83 Classifieds
84 Out of Bounds: Public Speaking: Dazzling Your Audience (or at Least Surviving the Moment) Depends on Pace, Practice and Simplicity
Turfgrass Trends
45 Winter Survival: Effects of Fall-Applied N and K on Cold Hardiness of Perennial Ryegrass
53 Excess Phosphorus from Golf Courses can Taint Surface Water
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Time to Address Timeworn Topic
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Hughes Not Thrilled About Gulf Bill: NGCOA Leader Says Law, Which Excludes Golf Courses and Clubs from Tax Benefits, is Outrageous
16 -Dream Job: Sean McCormick Says He [He's] Fortunate to have Landed at Old Sandwich Golf Club
18 -Full Forse: Architect Gains Reputation for Restoring USGA Courses
22 Hole of the Month: Hole # 7, Candlewood Country Club, Whittier, California
24 Shades of Green: Just Ask the Superintendent
26 Designs on Golf: Life in Fast Lane Not What It Seems
28 Growing the Game [Part 1]: Disability Aside: Amputees, Paraplegics and Others with Physical Impairments Want to Play Golf, and They Say that Golf Courses Will Only Benefit by Making Them Feel More Welcome
38 Wave of New Pesticides Ready for Market: Superintendents, in Search of More Efficiency, Ponder Post-Patent Offerings
46 Turf M.D.: Putting the 'S' in Disease Control
48 PETA Leader Speaks Out: A Player Herself, Wildlife Biologist Stephanie Boyles Lauds the Golf Industry to a Degree While Noting that Superintendents could do a Better Job, Especially When It Comes to Removing Canada Geese
54 Down on the FarmLinks: Pursell on a 'Passionate Pursuit of Perfection' to Make PTI's 'Experience' Even Better
68 Public Opinion: Golf and Its Great Expectations
70 What's New?: You'll See for Yourself When You Take the Exhibit Floor at the Golf Industry Show
76 When to Water: Superintendents Must be Cautious with Their Irrigation Practices to Avoid Turf Disease Breakouts
80 Leaders
82 Golfdom Mart
84 Ad Index
86 Classifieds
88 Out of Bounds: Ironing: Wrinkles Taking the Steam Out of Your Attire? Try a Full-Court Press to Smooth Out the Rough Edges
Turfgrass Trends
57 Environmental Issues: Glyphosate Runoff on Fairways Falls Below EPA Limits
60 Turf Disease: Protecting Turfgrass from Typhula Blight
2006 March
Volume #62, No. 3
2006 April
Volume #62, No. 4
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Here's to a Fine and Humble Show
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -The High Hurdles: Superintendents Sound Off About the Demands They're Facing in Their Jobs
16 -It's Mine!: It's Ok. You can Refer to the Course Where You Work as Yours
17 -Six Quick Questions with Sean Hoolehan: New GCSAA Prez is a White Sox Fan and a Patient Man
18 -Madden Chose Love: And Colorado Superintendent has No Regrets
20 Hole of the Month: Hole # 9, Fazio Foothills Golf Course, Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, Texas
22 Shades of Green: U and I Need to Work Together
24 Designs on Golf: Re-Establishing the Virtues of Skill
28 Are You Happy with Your Pay?: Fifteen Years Ago Salaries didn't Measure Up. Today They aren't Quite the Bane of Superintendents
38 Water Works: To Understand the in and Outs of Your Irrigation System is to be an Expert in Water Management
42 Don't Pinch Your Pennies: When It Comes to Irrigation Maintenance, You can't Afford to Skimp on Parts
48 Turf M.D.: Getting the Best Out of Pest Applications
65 Research Alive for Spring Dead Spot: Oklahoma State Researchers Make Breakthrough on How to Treat Troubling Turf Disease
68 Golfdom Mart
70 Ad Index
71 Classifieds
72 Out of Bounds: Thrillers: Don't Look Under that Bed! You Might Just Find One of Hollywood's Most Suspenseful Flicks
Turfgrass Trends
51 Weed Control: Goosegrass Shows No Tolerance to Compaction
59 Soil Management: Alternative Tine Entry Angles Make Subtle Impact on Soil
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2 Table of Contents
8 We've Got Mail
10 Pin High: I Felt Good About New Orleans, Until...
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Michigan Hit Hard by Golf Course Closings: Ceasing Operation
16 -'I Absolutely Fell in Love with the Business'
20 -New Bayer Boss Takes Humble Approach: Cleveland: I don't Know Everything
22 Hole of the Month: 16th Hole, The Snead, Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulfur Springs, W.Va.
24 Shades of Green: Activists Convicted by the Defense
25 Designs on Golf: Welcome to the Pizza Hut Masters
26 Green Maintenance Guide
26 -The Facts on Frost: Golfers get Hot Under the Collar When the Ice-Cold Crystals Prevent Them from Playing. What's a Superintendent to do?
34 -It's a European Thing: Golf Course Managers Across the Big Pond Eradicate Poa annua by Starving It of Fertilizer and Water. Could This Turf Management Technique Work in America?
38 -On the Verge of Deregulation?
41 -The Green Mile: Mower Manufacturers Go the Extra Distance to Enhance Product Lines
44 -Turf M.D.: Attack Poa on All Fronts. Then What?
46 -On the Verticutting Edge: More Superintendents Add Vertical Mowing to Their Maintenance Programs to Improve Golf Course Conditions
72 Golf Industry Show Report
72 -Good Showing: Despite being Moved from City to City to City, the Golf Industry Show Proved Triumphant in Atlanta
78 -New Business: Product Launches Abound at Golf Industry Show
81 Golfdom Business Record
81 -It's All About Knowing Thyself: The Best-Performing Golf Facilities Know What It is that Makes Them Different
86 -Beyond the Green: Want to Know What Your Members Are Thinking?
88 -Talking Maintenance: Compelling Communication Depends on Consistency
90 Leaders
92 Golfdom Mart
94 Ad Index
95 Classifieds
96 Out of Bounds: Horse Racing: There's No Surer Bet Than the Thrilling Two Minutes Provided by the Ponies at the Kentucky Derby
Turfgrass Trends
57 Disease Control
57 -CaSi doesn't Strengthen Creeping Bent, Tall Fescue Against Foliar Disease
67 -Patterns of Disease: Understanding the Nature of Dollar Spot and Its Management Implications
64 Green Management: New Control Option Available for Moss on Bentgrass Greens
2006 May
Volume #62, No. 5
2006 June
Volume #62, No. 6
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Time to Water Down This Label
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -So You Want to Host a Major Tournament?: As a Volunteer, Here's What I've Found You can Come to Expect
13 -Jacobsen's Wilkinson Knows How to Handle Customers
14 -NGCOA Reacts to Eminent Domain Issue Affecting New York Club
16 -The Sounds of Augusta: To See the Course is One Thing. To Hear It is Another
20 Hole of the Month: Hole # 5, StoneRidge Golf Club, Stillwater, Minn.
22 Shades of Green: Confessions from the 19th Hole
24 Designs on Golf: Minimalism is Maximalism
26 Picking Up the Pieces: New Orleans Superintendent Peter Carew Maintains Optimism for His Life, His City and His Livelihood in Wake of Hurricane Katrina
27 -Helping Hands: They Came, They Worked and They Left Four New Orleans Golf Courses in Much Better Condition Than They had Found Them
38 Growing the Game [Part2]: The Drive for Diversity: Plenty of Minorities are Interested in Golf, but They'll Need a Few More Bucks (and Buddies) to Play with if They're Going to Boost the Industry
46 Turf M.D.: Time Ripe for Pythium Blight
51 Multi-Fauceted: When It Comes to Syringing Greens, Different Interpretations Rein
56 Real-Life Solutions: Call in the Cavalry: Superintendent Turns to USGA's Turf Advisory Service for Help on Golf Maintenance Front
76 The Company Line
78 Golfdom Mart
80 Ad Index
81 Classifieds
82 Out of Bounds: Summer Reading: Here's a Novel Idea: Beat the Dog Days by Cracking Open a Good Book
Turfgrass Trends
63 Remote Sensing Technology Detects Turfgrass Stress
68 How to Grow Turf in Shade
71 Combination Material Teams Up on Turf Diseases
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Walking with Illegal Immigrants
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Region Crawling with Six-Legged Creatures: Insects the Talk at Coastal Research Seminar
12 -Testing, Testing, Testing: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Club Car Puts Its Vehicles Through the Rigors of the Real World
12 -Tales from Augusta: What Some Golf Fans Will do to Secure a Memory of the Masters
16 Hole of the Month: Hole # 9, North Oaks Golf Course, North Oaks, Minnesota
18 Shades of Green: Fighting Politics and Perceptions
20 Designs on Golf: USGA: Don't Try This at Home
24 Wise Beyond His Years: Eric Greytok, at Age 33, Prepares to Host His Second U.S. Open, This Time at Storied - And Sometimes Unforgiving - Winged Foot Golf Club
32 Water Tight: Colorado Golf Courses Face Complex Rules and Regulations Dating Back Many Years When It Comes to Irrigation Privileges
38 Turf M.D.: A Controversy that is Unsustainable
40 Safe Keeping: Florida Superintendent Chuck Calhoun has Implemented a Strict Program to Keep His Employees Out of the Danger Zone
55 Golfdom Mart
56 Ad Index
57 Classifieds
58 Out of Bounds: BLTs: Simple Yet Succulent, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches (Minus the Mayo) Epitomize Summertime
Turfgrass Trends
43 Environmental Protection: Mowing Practices Reduce Runoff from Turf
48 Pest Control: Cultivars, Cutting Heights Affect Black Cutworm Feeding
2006 July
Volume #62, No. 7
2006 August
Volume #62, No. 8
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Are You Letting Up on the Gas?
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Time on EPA's Side?: Director of Pesticide Programs Says Agency has Sped Up Registration Process
12 -It wasn't About Shutting Up Bill Rose, Scotts' Schwartz Says
14 -Hold the Rain: Despite No Fairway Irrigation, Newport's Reynolds was Hoping for Dry Weather During the U.S. Women's Open
14 -Introducing: The Golf and Environment Initiative: Audubon Begins Program Based on Commitment
16 Hole of the Month: Hole # 17, White Manor Country Club, Malvern, PA
18 Shades of Green: Build It & They Will Come (or Will They?)
20 Designs on Golf: A Dangerous Bunker Mentality
24 Over There
24 -Part 1: Finding Good Fortune: The Golf Rush Brought American Superintendents to China Several Years Ago. They don't Plan on Leaving
32 -Part 2: Over the Pond: European Course Managers Face Many of the Same Challenges as American Superintendents. But They Share Some Differences as Well
40 Gotham City Golf: In the Shadow of Lady Liberty, Unpretentious Construction Manager Joe Voss Helps Build One of the Most Expensive and Exclusive Courses from the Contaminated Ground Up
42 Get in the Know: Your Knowledge of Hand-Held Equipment could Help Your Maintenance Operation on Several Fronts
43 Golfdom Business Record
43 -Discouraging Discounting: There are Other Ways to Battle Overbuilt Golf Markets Rather Than Just Cutting Prices, Experts Say
44 -Beyond the Green: We Must Embrace Change Before It's too Late
46 -Profile: Stathe Paganis: Superb Customer Service Vital to Growing the Business
48 Turf M.D.: Fall Fertilization is Fundamental
65 Golfdom Mart
66 Ad Index
67 Classifieds
68 Out of Bounds: Internet Radio: The Beat Goes on - Only These Days It's Tchaikovsky Streaming from Tobacco Road
Turfgrass Trends
53 What Makes Kentucky Bluegrass Wear-Tolerant?
60 Try These Tips on Pesticide Efficacy, Formulations, Equipment
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
8 Pin High: Glad to be Back to His Stressful Job
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Less is More: Oakwood Goes from 18 Holes to Nine Holes; Members 'Thrilled'
16 -Lively: PGA Championship is Culmination
16 -BASF's Briggs: Play may be Flat, but Not Chemical Market
18 -LESCO Admits Mistake; Bringing Back Sales Force
20 Hole of the Month: Hole # 8, Pinehurst No. 8, Pinehurst, N.C.
22 Shades of Green: Superintendents are Only Human
24 Designs on Golf: Sadly, Slow Play has Come to This
26 Fair Play: Despite being in the Minority, Female Superintendents don't See Sexism as an Industry Issue
34 Growing the Game [Part 3]: Golf Courses Must Focus on Several Variables - From Improved Customer Service to Proper Course Setup - To Attract More Female Players: Welcome, Women
42 To Blog... Or Not to Blog: Web Logging has Its Benefits. And Drawbacks, too
46 Turf M.D.: Overseeding: Fall's Well, Ends Well
60 Retief Says He'll Don His Game Face for People vs. the Pros: Goosen Won't Loosen Up
61 Golfdom Mart
62 Ad Index
63 Classifieds
64 Out of Bounds: American Trio: Let's Hope There's No End in Sight to the Talents of Dylan, Haggard and Waits
Turfgrass Trends
49 Remote Sensing: System Pinpoints Stressed Turfgrass
56 PRG's Effect on Root Growth
2006 September
Volume #62, No. 9
2006 October
Volume #62, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Don't Discount the Human Touch
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Turf's Up: Grass Fans Flock to Oregon for Seed Company Tours
14 -'On Our Way Back': Owners and Operators Upbeat About Industry's Recovery, NGCOA Meeting Reveals
16 -Who Needs a Health Club?: Holm gets His Exercise on the Golf Course
18 -A Variety on the Rise: Superintendents, Researchers Weigh Merits of Paspalum
20 -Who Will Win?: Political Analyst Charlie Cook Offers Up His View of Election
22 Hole of the Month: Hole 16, Ballantyne Resort, Charlotte, N.C.
24 Shades of Green: Trying to Make Sense of Nonsense
26 Designs on Golf: Keep a Scorecard Simple, Stupid
28 Golfdom Budget Guide
28 - It doesn't Take Charles Schwab to Conclude that Increasing Employees' Pay can Help Solve Your Labor Woes: Time to Ante Up
36 -'Working' Plan: Superintendent Offers Ideas on How to get Tasks Done - And Save Money in the Labor Budget at the Same Time
46 -PGR$ Prized at All Costs: It doesn't Hurt that the Turf-Regulating Chemicals can Help Reduce Mowing-Related Expenses, but that's Not What has Superintendents Raving
54 Turf M.D.: PGR Use Growing Like...Crazy
70 Public Opinion: Better Safe Than Sorry Applies Here
72 Counter Measures: Accessory Manufacturers Respond to Flat Market with 'Innovative,' 'Quality' Products
78 Boy Scouts' Eagle Award Proves Solid Training for Future Superintendents: Flying High
83 Real-Life Solutions: No Pie in the Sky Here: GPS Technology Proves Valuable for Golf Course Builders and Architects
85 2006 Golfdom Budget Guide: Hot Products
114 The Company Line
116 Leaders
119 Golfdom Mart
120 Ad Index
121 Classifieds
121 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
122 Out of Bounds: Easel: If You Really Want to Cut Just Once on This Project, Measure Twice and Remember the Kerf
Turfgrass Trends
57 White Grubs Still Pose Challenge to Turfgrass Research
Between 58 & 59 Turfgrass Trends Live!: October 16-17, 2006
62 Salt Tolerance in Seashore Paspalum: Not All Varieties are Created Equal, Research Shows
68 Transition-Aid Herbicides: Jumpstarting Bermuda: SUs Provides Superintendents Options to Achieve Spring Transition
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Making the Best of a Second Chance
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Stewards of the Earth: Toro's First Symposium Rallies the Troops for Responsible Irrigation
12 -His Superintendent's Cup Runneth Over: Greenville Country Club's Steve Jones Wins Match and Money at BASF People vs. the Pros
16 -Take a Walk on the Wild Side
18 Hole of the Month: Hole # 16, Eagle Eye Golf Club East Lansing, Mich.
20 Shades of Green: Take Responsibility for Your Profession
22 Designs on Golf: The USGA Keeps Its 'Distance'
24 Speaking Naturally: CourseCo's Ray Davies Walks the Talk When It Comes to Golf's Role in the Environment
38 Burgeoning Biofungicides: Some Products could Prove to be Valuable Preventives
44 Turf M.D.: Brave New World Economy
57 Golfdom Mart
58 Ad Index
59 Classifieds
59 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
60 Out of Bounds: Caramel Apples: Confections can Celebrate the Season and Prove Great Joy can Come in Little Packages
Turfgrass Trends
47 Weed Control: Roundup Ready Creeping Bent has Application Trial: Research Explores Nondestructive Transitional Methods
54 Scientists Unveil Bermudagrass Genetic Map: Growing Legal and Fiscal Pressures could Require Genetic Testing of Sod for Golf Course Construction and Maintenance Projects
2006 November
Volume #62, No. 11
2006 December
Volume #62, No. 12
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Guy a Good Fit for This Augusta
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Long Road to Retirement: The Luxuries We Enjoy Now Might be on Loan from Our Latter Years
11 -Think Water: Rain Bird Touts Intelligent Irrigation at Arizona Event
15 -Freezing Points: Supers Share Tips to Prevent, Control Winter Desiccation
16 -Outer Limits: Experimental Facility Looks Its Best Despite Concerted Attempts to Destroy Its Turf
18 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 15, Black Diamond Ranch, The Quarry Course, Lecanto, Fla.
20 Shades of Green: A Legacy of Respect, Esteem
22 Designs on Golf: News from Beloved Bushwood CC
24 Growing the Game [Part 4]: Let the Kids Play: Golf's Future Lies with the Nation's Youth. What are You doing to Attract Younger Players?
34 Clumsy Contours: Surface Drainage Might be a Lost Art, but It's Certainly Not Forgotten
38 Turf M.D.: Another Brick in the Winter Fortress
51 The Mowdown on New Technology: Mower Manufacturers Seek Fuel-Efficient Alternatives
53 Golfdom Mart
54 The Company Line
54 Ad Index
55 Classifieds
56 Out of Bounds: Netflix: A Movie Revolution that Shakes the Foundation of Conventional Brick-and-Mortar Business
Turfgrass Trends
41 Four Tips to Interseed Bentgrass into Poa annua: Generous, Midsummer Plantings can Bolster Germination
44 Herbicide Trials Show Mostly Short-Term Injury to Bermudagrass Seedlings
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1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: 'When You Comin' Home, Dad?'
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Corporate Dealmakers These Days Requires a Dictionary and a Fair Amount of Intuition
11 -Jake's Stake: Superintendents Will See Jacobsen Become 'More Engaged in the Business of Golf'
14 -Blown Away: Mountain Winds Blast Sand Around Three Crowns
16 Hole of the Month: Hole # 18, The Club at Olde Stone Bowling Green, Kentucky
18 Shades of Green: Finally, Some TV Worth Watching
20 Designs on Golf: A Little Bit of Holiday Fantasy
22 06: The Year in Review
22 -Not Just Everyday People: Integrity Rules, as These Golf Industry Folks Attest
30 -"Worth Repeating": We Love Listening to What Others have to Say. Here are Some of the More Notable Things We Heard from Industry People and Others in the Past Year
34 -On Second Thought: Our Intrepid Architecture Writer Looks Back on the Highlights and Lowlights of 2006
38 Turf M.D.: Staying Ahead of a Moving Target
49 Grains of Truth: Knowing Your Members, Club Schedule is Crucial for Your Topdressing Program
54 Ad Index
55 Classifieds
56 Out of Bounds: Video Games: Doing Your Homework on This Purchase Might be the Most Fun You Have All Holiday Season
Turfgrass Trends
39 Pest Control: Predicting Nematode Populations can Pre-Empt Disease
44 Drainage: Part 1 of 2: Computer Simulation Tracks Water Flow in Greens