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2008 January
Volume #64, No. 1                  
2008 February
Volume #64, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Just One Man's Opinions for 2008
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Thank You, Mr. P, for the Role Model You are
14 -Worlds Apart, but Close When It Comes to the Issue of Global Warming
18 -No More Runaway Golf Cars, Ever: E-Z-Go Unveils the RXV, Its First New Golf Car Since 1995
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, Torrey Pines, South Course, La Jolla, Calif.
22 Shades of Green: Dare to Dream and Execute, too
24 Designs on Golf: Happy New Year, and Good Luck
26 Turf M.D.: Making the Case for Turf Shows
28 Golf Industry Show Preview
28 -Is This Show Still for Me?: Golf Course Maintenance Exhibitors Battle the GIS Dilution Effect
42 -Mona's Memoir: Outgoing GCSAA CEO Takes a Candid Look Back at His 14-Year-Career
48 -Show Case: From New Products to Giveaways, Here are Some of the Things Companies Will do and Display at the Big Show
88 Extreme Makeover: The Practice Range at Traverse City Golf & Country Club was Made Near Perfect Thanks to an Extensive Renovation
92 Quality (of Cut) Control: Manufacturers Know Just What Superintendents Want in a Greens Mower
96 Behind the Scenes: Administrative Assistants Help Superintendents Stay the Course
101 Classifieds
102 Ad Index
104 Out of Bounds: Dips: No, We're Not Talking About Golfdom Editors
The Golfdom Report 2008
1A Cover
5A Holding Steady: Our Special Report and Survey Reveals Optimism About the Industry's State, Among Other Findings
6A The Bucket is Half Full: Insiders Confident About Industry's Economic State
11A Negative Net Course Openings is a Positive for the Industry, Experts Agree
15A Image is Everything: As One Superintendent Found Out, Keeping a Low Profile can Banish You to Utter Obscurity
19A Separate and Unequal: Superintendents at Private Clubs are Three Times More Likely to be Satisfied with Salaries Than Those at Public Courses
Turfgrass Trends
75 Optimum Root Growth Hinges on Nitrogen Partitioning and Metabolism
80 High-Tech Tools Mow Down Test Turfgrass in Greenhouses
84 Preserving Stream Corridors Mitigates Erosion, Pollution
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1 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
8 Pin High: A Lost Job, but a Gained Perspective
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs: Golf Course Supply Falls for Second Straight Year
12 -International Irrigation Show Asks Scary Question
14 -Active Ingredients and the Environment: Dow's Urbanowski Discusses Role Environment Plays in the Development of New Technology
18 -Soil Experts Reflect on Katrina Disaster
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 7, Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky
20 Shades of Green: Are Vendor-Backed Studies Spoiled?
22 Designs on Golf: Seminars Never Sounded So Real
24 Turf M.D.: The Nuances of Nitrogen Programs
26 Back to School: What would You Study if You could Return to College for a Month?
36 On the Oregon Trail: Golf and the Environment Meet Up in the Great Northwest
47 Growing the Game [Part 1]: Nothing Short of Progress: ClubCorp Champions a New Set of Forward Tees
68 'May You Live in Interesting Times'
72 Classifieds
73 Ad Index
74 Out of Bounds: LEGO Mania: The Sets have Changed, but the Ingenuity Remains the Same
Turfgrass Trends
55 Poa annua Suppression with Velocity Plus PGRs Requires Review of Weed Population
60 Buffalograss Moves from Rough Grass to Fairway Potential
2008 March
Volume #64, No. 3
2008 April
Volume #64, No. 4
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1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Taking Home Some Sound Advice
8 The Big Picture: The Things that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Business Briefs: AST Sues Toro for Infringement
10 -Marriott Must Provide Access to Disabled Golfers
12 -Farewell to the Fertilizer Business: Pursell Leaves Industry Segment, Which was Rich in His Family's Heritage
14 -Soil Toil and Water Washing: Rehabbing Nefarious Soil and Water
16 -Jumping into the Fray: Hustler Turf's Paul Mullet Discusses His Company's Entry into the Golf Market
18 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Ghost Creek Course, Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, North Plains, Ore.
20 Shades of Green: GIS Offers Matchless Networking Options
22 Designs on Golf: Shack Looks Back - And Forward
24 Turf M.D.: You've Come a Long Way, Insecticides
26 Making Our 10th Year: Golfdom Looks Back on a Decade of People, Places and Issues that have Helped Shape the Golf Industry
27 -It's About You
38 -The Darndest Things that People Say: 'Quotables' is a Popular Feature in Golfdom. Here are Our Favorites from Over the Years
40 Good Show-ing: You've Put a Lot of Miles on Your Feet, but Hey It's the Golf Industry Show! Here's a Recap of What Went on in Orlando
58 PGRs Prevail: About Three of Four Turfgrass Managers Rely on Growth Regulators for Better Conditions and Labor Savings
64 Letting Up on the Gas: Superintendents Search for Ways to Conserve Energy and Money in Their Maintenance Budgets
68 Top Assistants: Golfdom Goes One on One with Ed Smith, Assistant Superintendent of Canterbury Golf Club in Cleveland
86 Leaders
88 Classifieds 
89 Ad Index
90 Out of Bounds: Laminate Floors: Faux Wood Flooring at Half the Price
Turfgrass Trends
71 Controlling Your Poa: Integrating Cultural Practices, Products and Proper Timing are Necessary for Control
76 Part 1 of 2: Do Modern Insecticides Defeat IPM Concepts?: The Industry Must Continue to Pursue Environmentally Friendly Products for Broad-Spectrum Control
80 Bermuda Control Advances
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2 Table of Contents
8 We've Got Mail
8 Golfdom's Blog of the Month: Pollution is a Sin. But What Kind of Pollution?
10 Pin High: A Trip Down Memory Fairway
12 The Big Picture: The Things that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -What has the 110th Congress Done?: Not Much, Despite Industry Concern that It would
18 -Navigating Product Evolution and Confusion: BASF's Bucci Discusses What the Industry can do to Combat Pesticide Product
24 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 7, Marvel Golf Club, Benton, Ky.
26 Shades of Green: Environment Still No. 1 Concern for Golf
28 Designs on Golf: Time to get in the Right Groove
33 Turf M.D.: Spring (and Poa annua) is in the Air 
34 Golfdom's Annual Guide on Green Maintenance
34 -Right on Line: Sometimes Green Speed and Consistency are Easier to Feel Than Measure
42 -Give 'Em What They Want: Golfers Desire Perfect Greens. So What do Superintendents Need from a Fertilizer to Fulfill Their Desires?
50 -Makes Sens-ors: New Technology Gives Information to Help Superintendents Make Better Water-Management Decisions
62 -Real-Life Solutions: One-Two Punch: Fungicide Fights Disease and Energizes Greens
66 Marking Our 10th Year: This Industry has 'Issues'
94 Top Assistants: Golfdom Goes One on One with Chris McCutcheon, Assistant Superintendent of Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, Va.
96 Teach Your Interns Well: Two Superintendents Team Up for the Ultimate Program
100 Leaders
102 The Company Line
103 Classifieds
103 Ad Index
104 Out of Bonds: Opening Day: Nothing Imbues the Promise of a New Day Like the Beginning of a Season
Turfgrass Trends
79 Bluegrass Weevil Control: Preventive ABW Programs can Encourage Resistance: Better Understanding of Biology, Natural Suppression can Mitigate Blanket Pyrethroid Sprays
86 Modern Insecticides, Including Combo Products, Fit Nicely with IPM
89 Landscape Types Influence Severity of Nitrate Leaching
2008 May
Volume #64, No. 5
2008 June
Volume #64, No. 6
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0 Cover
6 Table of Contents
12 Pin High: The Politicians Just don't get It
14 The Big Picture: The Things that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -From One Dream Job to Another: Woodward Moves from Torrey Pines to CEO of GCSAA
16 -Marriott Mandates Audubon
18 -Nice Shot: Shetlar, Martin Score Big in Valent Basketball-Themed Turf Madness Conference
19 -BIG is Not Always Best: Slower-Paced New England Turf Show is Gigantic Proof of that
22 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 12, Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma
24 Shades of Green: Perception Becomes Regulatory Reality
26 Designs on Golf: A Bad Execution of Good Intentions
28 Turf M.D.: The Attributes of Amino Acids
32 The Spackler Syndrome: Just How Much has Bill Murray's "Caddyshack" Character Tarnished the Profession's Image?
44 Growing the Game [Part 2]: Strength in Numbers: Golf Clubs Partner to Boost Rounds, Grow Revenue and Secure Long-Term Solvency
54 Excuses, Excuses: This Superintendent has Heard It All When It Comes to Employees Calling Off Work
59 The Joy of St. Jude: Floratine Aims to Raise Millions for Memphis Children's Hospital
81 Lookin' Smooth: Golfers' Great Expectations Lead to a Nicer-Looking and Better-Maintained Rough
84 Woods' Work: Legendary Greenkeeper Brought Plenty of Knowledge and Dedication to the Golf Industry - And Still does
92 Top Assistants: Matt Breeden Recently Joined Evanston Golf Club
97 Budding Herbicides: Basic Manufacturers Continue to Pursue Broad-Spectrum Control with Lower Rates
101 Protecting the Pump Station: Inexpensive Maintenance can Increase Its Life and Bring Superintendents Peace of Mind
103 Leaders
104 The Company Line
105 Classifieds
105 Ad Index
106 Out of Bounds: Summer Movies: Enjoy a Blend of Blockbusters and Classic Characters
Turfgrass Trends
67 P. Volutum can be the Cause for Pythium Root Dysfunction
74 Wetting Agents Provide Ways to Manage Summer Stress of Bentgrass in the Transition Zone
77 Environmental Stewardship Produces Economic Advantages
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Golf Digest does Supers No Favors
8 The Big Picture: The Things that Shape Your Business
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe 
10 -What's that Racket?: Oh, It's Just Another Day at Toro - Where They're 'Thinking Way Out There'
10 -Home Depot Canada Phases Out Pesticides
12 -Clemans' Travels: Oregon GCSA Executive Director's Career Path has Taken Him All Over the Globe
14 -About Your Maintenance Budget: Is It Going Up with Golfers' Demands?
16 -Grub Busters: Silcox Discusses Modern Approach in Dealing with the Turf-Damaging Insect
20 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 11, Founders Course, Chenal Country Club, Little Rock, Ark.
22 Shades of Green: Tales of Tortoises, Death and Jackasses
24 Designs on Golf: This U.S. Open Will be Interesting
26 Turf M.D.: With Light as the Deciding Factor
28 U.S. Open Preview: Municipal Maestro: Mark Woodward Rescues Torrey Pines from Neglect to Showcase a Public Treasure in His Swan Song
32 -The Good Doctor
39 Weird Science?: Some Superintendents Swear by Marc Logan's Agronomic Method to Rid Greens and Fairways of Poa annua and Moss. Others are Just Plain Skeptical
53 The Endurance Factor: How Much Shelf Life do Those Old, Half-Used Turf Products have Left in Them? It Depends
60 Top Assistants: Chris Cantrell Knows the Definition of Hard Work
78 Au Courant Accessories: Manufacturers Offer Myriad Items
79 Classifieds
79 Ad Index
80 Out of Bounds: Graphic Novels: Even the Literary Snob in Me Grew to Enjoy and Admire These Unconventional Works of Art
Turfgrass Trends
63 Recycled Wastewater Instigates Different Responses in Turgrass, Trees and Soils
68 Fertigation Finds Favor Among More Superintendents
72 Large-Scale Production Promising for Louisiana Smooth Cordgrass: Highly Fertile Lines Might be Appropriate for a Broad Range of Brackish Environments
2008 July
Volume #64, No. 7
2008 August
Volume #64, No. 8
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0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Taking His Message to the Men's Room
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Looking Forward: 'When You Talk About Innovation, You Talk About the Future.' That's the Message Brought Home at the BASF Media Summit
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 6, South Course, Oakland Hills Country Club, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
17 Shades of Green: If the Silver Screen Turned Green ...
18 Designs on Golf: Get Smart - About the Environment
20 Turf M.D.: Summer Brings Fun, Sun and LDS
22 Bearing the Brunt of Commodity Prices: The Golf Course Industry Battles Vicious Price Hikes and Fierce Economic Pressures, but Relief could be in Sight
26 He Stands A-gas-t!: Fuel Prices have Superintendent's Head Spinning When It Comes to Keeping His Maintenance Budget. What to do?
34 A Down-Home Approach: Washakie Golf & RV Resort is the Quintessential Mom-and-Pop Operation
43 The Most Important Redefinition We've Ever Seen?: Golf Digest's New Conditioning Definition could Change Course Maintenance in a Big Way  
63 Classifieds
63 Ad Index
64 Out of Bounds: Gone Swimming: A Laughter Attack is the Only Thing to Fear in These Waters
Turfgrass Trends
49 Secrets to Controlling Hunting Billbug Reside in Warm-Season Turfgrasses
53 Gene Flow in Genetically Altered Crops Helps Progress Transgenic Turfgrass
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0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: From Fake Greens to Sergeant Hulka
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -After the Flood: While Most Iowa Courses are getting Back to Normal, the Economic Impact of June's Natural Disaster Remains to be Seen
12 -Less may be More in This Case: Grain Commodity Prices Push Growers to Dedicate Fewer Acres to Turfgrass Seed. But Those Acres should Yield Better Products
14 -Are You Stressed Yet?: Seminars Address Summer Stress of Turfgrass as Well as Superintendents
17 Shades of Green: A Long Cruise Along the Mother Road
18 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 2, Reynolds Landing, Greensboro, Ga.
20 Designs on Golf: Teeing Off on the Box Tee
22 Turf M.D.: The Evolution of Disease Forecasting
24 The Book on Steve Cook: Hosting the PGA Championship is a Career Highlight, but Oakland Hills' Golf Course Manager gets a Bigger Thrill Out of being a Model Mentor
30 Growing the Game [Part 3]: Generation Next: Are Country Clubs Still Relevant for the Hip 30-Something Crowd?
38 The Graduates: Attendees of Jacobsen's Future Turf Managers Seminar Look Ahead to the Start of Their Careers
44 The Science of Formulation Chemistry: The Real Technology that Often Determines the Effectiveness of a Product Occurs Several Years Prior to the First Date of Its Sale
48 Top Assistants: Clint Forstrom Finds Contentment in the Mountains of Colorado
63 Classifieds
63 Ad Index
64 Out of Bounds: Classic Cartoon: Depression-Era Hero of the Working Class Still Resonates Today
Turfgrass Trends
51 Biofuels Help Power Kentucky Operation: Superintendent Offers a Practical Guide to Converting Vegetable Oil to Biodiesel to Use as an Alternative Fuel
58 Improved Zoysia Cultivar could have Use in Transition Zone
2008 September
Volume #63 [64], No. 9
2008 October
Volume #63 [64], No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: At 77, He's Finally Calling It Quits
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -MSMA Lives ... For Now: Herbicide may Not be Banned by EPA After All, Researcher Says. Also, a New Herbicide for Poa Control?
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, Mira Vista Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas
16 Shades of Green: Public Opinion Still Drives Water Woes
18 Designs on Golf: Answer 'Yes' and You're in Trouble
20 Turf M.D.: Simple Approach is Not Always So Easy
24 Golfdom Budget Guide
24 -Budget Crunch: Maintenance Costs are Soaring, but Golfers' Expectations for Superb Conditions Remain the Same. What's a Superintendent to do?
31 -Hire Right: It Makes Good Business Sense to Hire People Who Fit into Your Team Concept. Here's How
36 -Labor Saviors: Superintendents Look to Technology to Hedge Their Largest Line-Item Expense
40 Give that Man a Cigar: Mark Wilson has a Lot to Celebrate - His 20th Anniversary at Valhalla Golf Club and His Facility Hosting the Ryder Cup
44 Top Assistants: David Delsandro is One Driven Dude
57 Golfdom Budget Guide: Hot Products
79 Ad Index
79 Classifieds
80 Out of Bounds: Make Your Own Stuff: Wal-Mart doesn't Sell Roscoe the Pizza Dude Clocks
Turfgrass Trends
47 Timely Fungicide Applications, Salinity Reduction Help Control Rapid Blight
50 Fryer Fat as Fuel: Straight Vegetable Oil can be a Viable Fuel with Equipment Modifications
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: If Democrats Rule, What's Coming?
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -What do They Think?: Superintendents do the Talking at John Deere Feedback
15 -Going for the Gusto: Illinois Superintendent Tests His Game Against Some of Golf's Greatest Players
19 -Money Topic: Dollar Spot Dominates Discussion at Ohio State/Ohio Turfgrass Field Day
20 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 8, Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach, Fla.
22 Shades of Green: Storm Stories: Forecasts of Fear
24 Designs on Golf: Make Sure to get the Whole Picture
26 Turf M.D.: 'Leveling' with You About Nitrogen Use
28 The Natural: With an Affinity for the Great Outdoors, Joe Hubbard was Born to be a Golf Course Superintendent
38 Voting with Your Pocketbook: Superintendents Overwhelmingly Say Economic Policy Drives Their Voting Preferences
42 Been Around: Times have Changed for These 'Old-Time' Golf Course Superintendents, but They have no Regrets About getting into the Business
48 Primo at 15: PGR has Developed into a Vital Apparatus in Superintendents' Turf Maintenance Toolbox
50 Top Assistants: Nate James is Not Afraid to Put in the Time
65 Ad Index
65 Classifieds
66 Out of Bounds: iPod Touch: Now You can Add More Cowbell to Your Favorite Songs
Turfgrass Trends
53 Simple IPM Techniques can Mitigate Grub Damage in the Desert
58 Continuing Education: European Turfgrass Society Holds First Conference
60 Mad Tiller Disease: Are Etiolated Tillers a Visual Nuisance or Something Else?
2008 November
Volume #63 [64], No. 11
2008 December
Volume #63 [64], No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Table of Contents
Pin High: A Wake-Up Call to be Held Accountable
News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
-Fertilizer Frustrations a Global Phenomenon: New Urea Center could Help Reduce Nitrogen Costs
-'Elite' Assistants Attend Green Start Academy
Hole of the Month: Hole No. 15, Pinehills Golf Club, Rees Jones Course, Plymouth, Mass.
Shades of Green: Some Golf Critics have Cause to Carp
Designs on Golf: What to do About the First Tee?
Turf M.D.: It's Fundamental, but It's Vital
"Water Wise": A Three-Part Series: Part 1
-You can Make a Difference
-It's Time to Raise Awareness
-Getting Out the Word: Led by Superintendents, the Golf Industry Must Change Its Image from Water Wasters to Responsible Irrigators
-In Their Own Words: Why Superintendents Use Water Wisely
Growing the Game [Part 4]: Time for Change: The Golf Industry Must Modify Its Ways to Remain Viable
Working as One: Management Team at Kirtland Country Club Unites to Sell Its Master Plan to Members
Out of Sight: Superintendents Rave About Underground Decoder Systems Used for Golf Course Irrigation
Top Assistants: Michigan Man Finds Professional, Recreational and Spiritual Solace in the Great Outdoors
Ad Index
Out of Bounds: Thanksgiving: Can You List All the Little Things that Contribute to Our Good Fortune?
Turfgrass Trends
Colonial Bentgrass can Lower Fairway Inputs
Cultural Management can Limit Damage from Disease
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Getting the Gift of Opportunity
10 Shades of Green: Get Ready for Some Big Changes
12 Designs on Golf: Santa Says Golf has a Merry Future
14 Turf M.D.: Power of Hydrogen is a Curious Thing
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, Tom Fazio Championship Course, The Club at Carlton Woods, Houston, Texas
18 '08 People of the Year: Without These Folks, the Golf Course Industry would be Minus a Lot of Integrity and Character
18 -The "Stand Up and Fight" Award: Mark Esoda
19 -The "Never Stop Learning" Award: Shawn Emerson
19 -The "Ecology of Scale" Award: Christopher S. Gray Sr.
19 -The "Survivor" Award: Paul Voykin
22 -The "Boss of the Year" Award: Mary Lou Ferrier
22 -The "All in the Family" Award: Frank Gore
22 -The "I Won't Back Down" Award: Mark Woodward
23 -The "It's Not About Me" Award: Steve Cook
23 -The "Be as You Are" Award: Bill Murray
24 What a Wild Year: It was Exciting, Transformational, Controversial, Wacky and - Like Everything Else - Affected by the Slow Economy
27 "Water Wise": A Three-Part Series: Part 2
28 -We're Committed to Helping
29 -Taking an Intelligent Approach
30 -Less is More: While Most Superintendents Consider Themselves Responsible Users of Water, They Realize They can do Even More to be Better Stewards
35 -Undoing Overseeding: As Several Courses Prove, Cutting Back on the Agronomic Technique Equates to Reducing Water Use. But at What Cost?
39 Balancing Act: Superintendents Maintain Equilibrium for Foliar Feeding Frequency
42 Top Assistants: Greg D'Antonio was Born to Run ... A Golf Course, that is
55 Classifieds
55 Ad Index
56 Out of Bounds: Christmas List: It's been a While Since I Left Cookies, but I've been Fairly Nice
Turfgrass Trends
45 Nitrogen Affects the Summer Density of Creeping Bentgrass
50 Pollutant-Reducing Plants: California Bulrush Improves Wetland Water Quality
Big Fun in the Big Easy
1 Cover
3 Introduction: Back to the Big Easy
3 Table of Contents
4 Let the Good Times Roll: Actually, You Probably Won't be Able to Stop Them from Rolling When You're in New Orleans for the Golf Industry Show. Here's Where to Go for Food, Fun and Festivity
10 Restaurants
14 Hotels & Attractions
16 Map of New Orleans
18 Transportation
20 [Products]
22 Ad Index