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2010 January
Volume #66, No. 1                  
2010 February
Volume #66, No. 2
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: This and That About the Show
6 Off the Fringe: News with a Hook
6 -Keeping Track of the Budget - Your Budget: Financial Advisor and Former Superintendent Urges His Former Peers to Pay Attention to Their Finances
7 -I'll Take a...Mulligan: Superintendent Writes Book About the Story of His Adopted Black Lab
8 -Discovering a 'Green' Mine: Bayer Environmental Science's Plant Health Symposium Focuses on Key Role of Turfgrass, Trees, and Plants in Sustainability
10 -Industry Loses an Icon: Bill Powell Endured Racism in Building Canton, Ohio, Golf Course
12 From the Back Tees: Never a Better Time to Stand United
14 Turf M.D.: Copin' with Cold, as in Ice Injury
16 Gray Matters: Stories Like This Make Me Sick
18 If You're the GCSAA's Mark Woodward, There's Only One Way to get Through These Dreary Times. You Just Gotta Tough It Out
24 Oh, the Distractions!: The Worst Thing About Going to a City Like San Diego for a Convention is There's so Much to do. But is that Really so Bad?
30 Great Expectations: My Crystal Ball may be a Little Hazy, but I Believe San Diego could Hold a Bright Future for the Golf Industry Show in Its Sandy, Beach-Filled Hands
38 Holding Their Turf: Golf Course Distributors, Suppliers have no Choice but to be Steadfast in Dealing with Economic Woes
44 Riding the Electric Current into the Future: The Environment and Alternative Power Sources Drive Fairway Mower Changes
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60 Show Stoppers: When in San Diego for the Golf Industry Show, Find the Time to Visit These Famous Local Places. You Gotta Try the Fish Tacos!
Turfgrass Trends
53 Effluent Increases Problems with Bentgrass in the Transition Zone: However, Superintendents can Take Several Approaches to Handling These Potential Problems
56 The Rise of Warm-Season Grasses
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: Words that Mean so Much More
6 Off the Fringe: News with a Hook
6 -Golf Joins the Games: Turfgrass Expert Expects Olympics to Bolster Popularity of the Sport in Her Native Country
7 -'It's Not About Growing Grass': Veteran Dobie Reaffirms the Importance of Everything Not Associated with Tending Turf
7 -The Adventures of Superintendent Steve Cook
8 -Deep Thoughts: We Must Reduce Our Dependence on Water
10 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 7, The Old Course, Broken Sound Country Club, Boca Raton, FL
12 From the Back Tees: Are Good Ol' Days Gone Forever?
14 Turf M.D.: Strobilurins in the Spotlight
16 Rolling with the Economic Punches: Some Superintendents are Absorbing Hits Financially Because They're Taking Furloughs and Salary Cuts to Keep Their Golf Operations from Sinking Deeper into the Red
28 Tweet...Tweet: Using Twitter can Help Superintendents on Several Fronts, Most Importantly Increased Communication
34 Biding Their Time: Assistant Superintendents Wait for the Job Market to Improve to get Their Chances to Climb Career Ladder
38 How Topdressing Became an Art: Superintendents Used to Use Wheelbarrows and Shovels. How Times have Changed
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48 Shack Attack: Of Tiger's Tale: Golf will not Take a Huge Hit from Tiger Woods' Downfall. The Sport Might Even Benefit in Weird Ways
Turfgrass Trends
43 Fertility Optimization Vital to Help Turf Recover from Traffic
46 Safe Harbor: Golf Courses can Help Reduce Amphibian Population Declines
2010 March
Volume #66, No. 3
2010 April
Volume #66, No. 4
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: The State of the Golf Industry Show
6 From the Back Tees: 'Golf' is not a Four-Letter Word
8 Turf M.D.: The Concept of GDD and How It's Used
10 Da 'Big' Show: It May be Shrinking Because of the Economy, but the Golf Industry Show Still Packed a Punch
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 3, Lakemont Course, Stone Mountain Golf Club, Stone Mountain, GA
18 Pressing On: For Many Golfdom Readers, 2009 was the Toughest Year They've Ever Endured in the Business. But Those Same Readers Remain Hopeful for 2010 and Beyond
28 You Might Think I'm Crazy, but I Believe the Golf Industry is in for a Solid 2010
33 Plant Health Report: Part One of a Three-Part Special Series
34 -From Research to Reality
35 -A Thinking Man's Approach to Disease Management: Superintendents Share Their Philosophies on Using Everything in Their Arsenal - from Fungicides to Cultural Practices - to Control Dollar Spot and Other Pathogens for the Sake of Healthy Turf
44 Contemplating Organics: Superintendent is Open to Using More of Such Products - as Long as He doesn't have to Look Over His Shoulder
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54 Shack Attack: The Service Factor: Instead of Peelling Away at the Already-Irritating Golf Experience, Many in the Industry Just Want to Pile on More Annoyance
Turfgrass Trends
49 Spring-Applied Pre-Emergent Herbicides can Impact Nitrogen Uptake
51 NTEP Changing the Ground Rules with Its Trial Guidelines
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: The Potential to Impact Livelihoods
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Get Real ... As in Virtual: Golfdom Partners with IGCEMA to Stage Virtual Trade Show. Several Companies Also on Board
9 -Architects, Builders Hang on for Better Days: Hope Against Hope
10 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 11, Robert Trent Jones Jr. Course, Rock Barn Golf & Spa, Conover, NC
12 From the Back Tees: Is Sustainable Maintainable?
14 Turf M.D.: Take the Time to Mentor Someone
17 Golfdom's Annual Putting Surface Guide
18 -On a Roll: More Superintendents are Rolling Their Courses' Greens to Keep Them Fast and Healthy
24 -Banking on Early-Season Dollar Spot Control: Superintendents Find Success and Save Money by Spraying Earlier
27 -The Politics of Green Speed
29 Part Two of a Three-Part Special Series: Plant Health Report
30 -Rooted in Science
32 -Getting with the Fungicide Program: It's not Just About Spraying a Disease When It Rears Its Ugly Head. It's About Implementing a Schedule that's Part of the Plan to Achieve Plant Health
34 -Down with Disease: Superintendents Take Various Approaches to Managing Disease on Cool-Season Turf
40 Family 'Matters': The Kuehner Brothers Learned Early on the Most Important Aspect of Their Kin's Business
48 After the Deluge: The Shock and Awe of Large-Scale Flooding can be Blinding to Superintendents. But It can Also Open Their Eyes on How to Prepare for Future Rain Events
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64 Shack Attack: Mum is the Word: Naturally, Augusta National Denies that Any Changes were Made to the Course for the Recently Completed Masters
Turfgrass Trends
57 Study Tells if Paint, Polyethylene Covers can Enhance Greenup
60 Variety Classification: When is Fescue Not a Festuca?: Debate Ensues Over Changing Classification of Grass Variety
2010 May
Volume #66, No. 5
2010 June
Volume #66, No. 6
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: Welcome to Weed's World
6 From the Back Tees: Livin' in the Real Golf World
8 Turf M.D.: Using Every Means of Communication
10 Gray Matters: Get IPM and BMPs on Paper - For Free
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 8, Old Memorial Golf Club, Tampa, Fla.
15 Part Three of a Three-Part Special Series: Plant Health Report
16 -2010 and Forward
18 -Tending Tomorrow's Turfgrass: What Will Disease Management be Like in 2025? Insiders Offer Their Views
26 Staying Power: Thanks to Its Employees and Forward-Thinking Leaders, the Standard Golf Co. has Endured 100 Years
37 Whetting Their Appetite: Superintendents Increase Surfactant Use as Water Concerns Heighten and Products Improve
42 Moving to the Front of the Class - Again: Massachusetts Turfgrass Programs get High Marks for Their Improvement
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56 The Company Line
60 Shack Attack: Channeling George Carlin: I Know You can't Tell Your Golfers This, but You Just Might Find It Therapeutic to Help You Through Your Working Days
Turfgrass Trends
49 There's a New Native Low-Input Turfgrass Option in Town: Danthonia Promises Lower Inputs
51 Getting to the Roots of Nitrogen-Use Efficiency
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: They're Cheating Their Way Here
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Pea Soup: Meteorologist Will be Watching Skies for the Infamous Northern California Fog During the U.S. Open
8 -Hold Water: Statements Make You Think About the Present and Future of Golf Course Irrigation
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, Man O' War Course, Glen Riddle Golf Club, Ocean City, MD
14 From the Back Tees: Superintendent Sustainability
16 Turf M.D.: Volcanic Ash & Golf Maintenance
20 2010 U.S. Open Preview
20 -Sittin' Pretty: With a Tight and Tenacious Crew Behind Him, Pebble Beach Golf Links Superintendent Chris Dalhamer has Good Reason to be Confident About Hosting the 2010 U.S. Open
24 -What's New at Pebble Beach
36 Training can Prevent Tragedy: Tree Trimming is Hazardous Work, So Superintendents Insist on a Safety-First Policy
41 Bug Off: A Golf Course Superintendent's Guide on How to Diagnose Insect Outbreaks to Eradicate Them
53 Accessory City: Check Out What Companies are Offering to Help You Spruce Up and Manage the Golf Course
55 Ad Index
56 Shack Attack: Dumb and Dumber: PGA Tour Players Just don't get It When It Comes to Agronomics. What Happened at the Players Championship is Evidence of that
Turfgrass Trends
47 Aquatic Ecosystems: Researchers Study Impact of Golf Courses on Stream-Water Temperature
50 Turf Leaf Orientation Affects Water Use: Study on Zoysiagrass Shows Water-Use Rates Differ in Response to Cultivar and Fertility Programs
2010 July
Volume #66, No. 7
2010 August
Volume #66, No. 8
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: On Woodward's 'Resignation'
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -The Top Talk Shop: Distinguished University Researchers Gather for a Weed-Control Symposium to Discuss MSMA and Other Issues
10 -Water Friendly: Maryland Course Promotes Environmental Initiatives via Designation
12 -Family Legacy Lives on
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 7, Idle Hour Country Club, Lexington, KY
16 From the Back Tees: This Silver Fox Still has Some Game
18 Turf M.D.: Lessons Learned from Bacterial Wilt
20 Don't get Complacent!: Experienced Superintendents Offer Advice on How to Stay Fresh, Focused and Frank in an Ever-Changing and Demanding Profession
28 Runnin' Down a Dream: Bob Farren didn't get to One of the World's Great Golf Meccas by Luck
50 Bunkers and Buck$: Superintendents Aim to Reduce Maintenance Costs in Sand Hazards Without Causing a Fuss
54 Case Study: A Change of Diet: Superintendents Rethink the Traditional Way of Fertilizing Bermudagrass Greens During Grow-ins
62 Ad Index
64 Shack Attack: Wooden's Wisdom: He was a Sports Fan, a Regular Guy, but Mostly a Lucid, Shrewd and Humble Individual Right to the Very End
Turfgrass Trends
57 Fall Verdure Nitrate Test: Let the Grass Guide Fall Nitrogen Fertilization
60 A Primer on Soil Redox Potential: Superintendents Need to Know How to Avoid Redox Potential
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: The Golf Industry's Mixed Message
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -More Than a Buzzword: BASF Embraces Sustainability in Its Business Philosophy
8 -What They're Saying About You: Environmental Groups Like Beyond Pesticides Spread a Bad Message About Pesticides
10 -He's Got Game: But Gregg Breningmeyer Says He Needs to Play Good Golf to Conduct Good Business
16 From the Back Tees: Time to Stop the Stereotyping
18 Turf M.D.: There's a New Buzzword in Town
20 With an Aim to Please: Despite Tight Maintenance Budgets, Superintendents Continue to Provide Players the Best Conditions Possible
24 -Lease or Buy: The Choice is One Made with a Thorough Understanding of a Course's Financial Situation
28 The 'Green' Dilemma: Most Golfers aren't Ready for Brown Turf - No Matter How Much They Love the Environment. What Happened at the U.S. Open Proved that
52 The More Things Change...: Veteran Superintendent Reflects on What He Knew 22 Years Ago Compared with What He Knows Now
55 Case Study: Pow! to Poa: Superintendents Say Herbicide Eradicates Pesky Weed During Fairway Renovations
63 Ad Index
64 Shack Attack: The Soul of the Game: More Than Ever, the Sport Needs Reminders of What St. Andrews is About, and Just How Far We've Drifted from Its Spirit
Turfgrass Trends
59 Maintaining Healthy Turf: Differentiating Between Wear and Compaction: How Their Interaction Affects Turf Stress
62 Opportunity Knocks: Combination of Fertigation and Subsurface Drip Irrigation could Provide Quality Turfgrass While Reducing Possible Nitrate-Nitrogen Contamination and Water Use
2010 September
Volume #66, No. 9
2010 October
Volume #66, No. 10
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1 Table of Contents
4 Pin High: Things Change ... And Stay the Same
8 From the Back Tees: Are You Giving It Your Best Shot?
10 Turf M.D.: It'd be Nice to Take a Rest, but...
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 2, Lochinvar Golf Club, Houston, TX
14 Picture This: It's One Thing to Make Your Golf Course Environmentally Friendly. It's Another Thing to Spread the Word of What You're doing to Benefit Your Course and the Entire Industry
24 Superintendents Debate Hiring Philosophies
24 -Point: Hiring Current and Former Superintendents as Assistants Will Not be Considered for Myriad Reasons
25 -Counterpoint: Superintendents can Bring a Wealth of Knowledge, Experience in Their Roles as Assistants
30 Its Own Entity: Led in Part by Superintendent Dan Gho, Pacific Grove Golf Links Shakes Its 'Poor Man's Pebble' Label with Revitalization Effort
35 Talking Herbicides: Manufacturers Discuss Herbicide Technology Now and in the Future
40 Ad Index
44 Shack Attack: The Sand Trap: Naturally, What Happened at Whistling Straits has Set Off Alarm Bells Throughout Golf, as It should have
Turfgrass Trends
39 Golf Courses as Bird Habitats: Study Examines Home Ranges and Movements of Eastern Bluebird Fledglings
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0 Cover
7 Table of Contents
10 Pin High: Longtime Assistant doesn't Look Back
12 From the Back Tees: A Reality Check at Lake Omigosh GC
14 Turf M.D.: From What I See, We Need Change
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13: The Club at Eaglebrooke, Lakeland, FL
19 Water Wise [Part One]: Superintendents Reveal that They Feel Under Much Scrutiny for Their Water Use
20 -A Call to Action
21 -Viewing a Challenge as an Opportunity
22 -Supers Under Scrutiny: Superintendents are Concerned that People - Outside and Inside the Golf Industry - Think Their Courses Use too Much Water. What to do?
26 -Silence the Scrutiny: Superintendents have a Number of Simple yet Effective Solutions to Help Them Combat the Unrelenting Examination of Their Irrigation Practices
31 Talking Herbicides: Pt 2: Manufacturers Discuss Need for Reduced-Risk Herbicides
35 Case Study: New Mode Makes an Impression: Superintendents get Good Control with Fungicide
37 The Company Line
45 Ad Index
48 Shack Attack: Score One for Supers: Chambers Bay's David Wienecke Put His Foot Down and Let the World Know that He Knew His Course Better Than Anybody Else
Turfgrass Trends
41 The Quality of Light: There's More to Tree Shade Than Just Light Quantity
44 Part One of Two Parts: Nutrient Interactions in Turf Management
2010 November
Volume #66, No. 11
2010 December
Volume #66, No. 12
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0 Cover
8 Table of Contents
10 Pin High: This is How Ugly Rumors get Started
12 From the Back Tees: Not too Much to Ask for a Response
14 Giving Thanks: Despite being Stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, Marc Shotzberger is Grateful for Many Things, Including the Chance to be a Superintendent
23 Water Wise [Part Two]
24 -Moving Toward a Greener Future
25 -The Bad News that's Really Good News - There's No Silver Bullet
26 -The Best of Both Worlds: You can be Green, as in Environmentally Responsible, and Still have a Stately Looking Golf Course
30 -Getting Away from Lush and Green: Professional Golf Organizations Such as the USGA and the PGA Tour Aim to Educate Through a Firm and Fast Approach
35 PT 3: Talking Herbicides: Manufacturers Discuss What Herbicides Will be Used in 20 Years
40 Shack Attack: The 'New' Country Club: In This Parody of a Press Release, Our Back-Page Columnist Takes a Look at the Future of Golf. It's Not Pretty
Page Sections/Selected Titles
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6 Table of Contents
10 Pin High: 'Tis the Season to Help End Hunger
12 From the Back Tees: Driving Toward Sustainability
13 Hobbs in the Driver's Seat at RISE: New President Aims to have Good Relationships on Capitol Hill
14 Turf M.D.: Potassium and Old Man Winter
16 Year of the Weird: A Bizarre Confluence of Events Made Life Very Interesting for Those in the Golf Industry
23 Water Wise [Part Three]: Superintendents Need to Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Water Restrictions
24 -Alternative Water Will be the Way
25 -Ideas Inspired by Bob Moore
26 -Water Tight: Superintendents Need to Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Water Restrictions
30 -Survey Says: Superintendents are getting the Message About Irrigating Efficiently, but What About Golfers?
35 Big on Bio: Those Who have Used and Tested Bionutritional Products Tout Them as a Major Component to Maintain Healthy Turfgrass
40 Shack Attack: Golf's Hope for Change: The Day Seems to have Arrived Where Folks are Angry Enough to Speak Their Piece and Brainstorm for a New Future