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2011 January
Volume #67, No. 1                  
2011 February
Volume #67, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
6 Letter from the Publisher: With Change Comes Opportunity
8 Reading Greens: Let's Make Some New Highlights
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Gordon Witteveen, 1934-2010
12 -Assistant Rescues Woman Wrecked in Course Pond
14 -GCSAA Ends LPGA Staff Agronomist Position
16 From the Back Tees: Playing Through 2010
17 Turf M.D.: The Levels of Dormancy
18 Golf Industry Show Preview
18 -Dr. Throssell's Top 10 Must do's at GIS: If You Want to get the Most Out of Your GIS Experience, These 10 Events are a Must
26 -Orlando on the Cheap: Is the Company No Longer Paying for Your Annual Trek to the GIS? Let These Three Experts Help You Out
32 -Cool New Tools: Here's Just a Sample of Some of the New Products Superintendents can Find on the GIS Trade Show Floor
36 -A View of the Top: Former GCSAA Presidents Reflect on Their Past Posts and the Benefits of Serving the Association
42 Justin Timberlake's Vision of Golf: Timberlake Creates an Environmental Beauty that also Strives to Grow the Game at Mirimichi GC
49 Is 40 the New 30?: Probably Not, but if You Pay Attention to Your Health, It's Not that Bad
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64 Shack Attack: Teethrax Outbreak!: The Scientists Says This Invisible Fungus Only Overtakes Teeing Grounds on Golf Courses Over 6,500 Yards
Turfgrass Trends
55 Controlling Poa trivialis in Creeping Bentgrass Fairways: The Right Combination of a Herbicide with Overseeding and Hot Weather Brings the Best Results
61 Improving Weaknesses of Preemergence Herbicides
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2 Table of Contents
6 Reading Greens: Rhett Evans... He's No Turkey
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Esoda Joins Georgia HOF
10 -Superintendents on Ice: Charity Event Raises $100,000 for M.S. Research
10 -Research Shows Taller Poa Won't Slow Your Roll
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 12, River Bend Golf & Country Club, Great Falls, VA
14 From the Back Tees: 19th Hole Networking
16 Turf M.D.: A Concern for the DMIs
18 The Bet's on Rhett: After a Six-Month Stint as Interim CEO, GCSAA Names Rhett Evans as the Man to Lead the Association into the Future
26 Planning & Protecting Your Aeration Plan: The Aeration is the Easy Part. Getting Golfers and the Pro Shop to Buy into Your Plan? That's Where the Real Work Begins
36 The Environment or the Employer?: Superintendents and Chemical Companies are Working to Make Sure Both are Happy by being Smart About Fungicides
41 Clark Talks Turf: Tips for the Best Performing Winter Overseeded Turfgrass
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48 Shack Attack: The Blog Grows Up: The Blog has Become the Ideal Communications Tool for a Golf Course Superintendent
Turfgrass Trends
43 Nutrient Interactions in Turf Management II: A Closer Look at the Cell Walls Surrounding the Protoplasts of Plant Cells
2011 March
Volume #67, No. 3
2011 April
Volume #67, No. 4
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0 Cover
4 Table of Contents
8 Reading Greens: Questions and Answers
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Cal-Riverside Halts Diagnostics Lab
11 -FarmLinks Maintenance Facility Destroyed
11 -Two Golfdom Winners
12 From the Back Tees: We're Making Golf History Right Now
14 Turf M.D.: A Day to Remember
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 4, Trump National Golf Club, Washington, D.C.
18 Was 2010 the New Normal?: Why 2010 was Such a Brutal Summer, and What Weather Experts Predict for This Season. Plus: What Superintendents are doing to Prepare for the Possibility of Another Rough Summer
26 Big Shoes to Fill: After His Predecessor Worked Almost 50 Years as the Superintendent, a Longtime Assistant gets His Shot
32 Golf Industry Show // Recap
32 -Less is More: The Common Thought at the 2011 GIS: The Show was Smaller, but Better
34 -Strengthening Our Links: Rankin's GIS Keynote Identifies Two Growth Opportunities for Golf
37 Hungry for Hybrids: In Just the Last Three Years, the Demand for Hybrid Greens Mowing Technology has Shot Off the Charts in the Industry
41 Clark Talks Turf: Repairing Winter Damage on Annual Bluegrass Greens
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48 Shack Attack: Help Us Out, USGA: There should be Some Reward for Those Who are Cutting Back Water Usage and Weaving More Sustainable Practices
Turfgrass Trends
43 The Changing Landscape of Nematode Management: If Nematode Problems are Becoming More Prevalent, Why is the Problem Increasing and How do We Deal with It?
46 Going Wild on the Golf Course
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2 Table of Contents
6 Reading Greens: Grip It and Rip It, Mr. Woodward
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Japanese Golf in Dire Straits
10 -Georgia Golf Descends on Capital
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, The Azaleas Course at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, Choctaw, MS
16 From the Back Tees: Crank Up the Rhetoric
18 Turf M.D.: Something New, Something Old
20 The Reinvention of Mark Woodward: In This Industry Exclusive, Mark Woodward, Former CEO of the GCSAA, Talks for the First Time About His Resignation from the Association, His New Position with Landscapes Unlimited and His 13 Painful Days in the Hospital
27 Part One of a Three-Part Report: The 2011 Plant Health Series
28 -Real World Science Focused for Superintendents
30 -The New Plant Health Label
35 Recalling a Most Masterful Win: What were You doing 25 Years Ago When Nicklaus had His Most Memorable Win?
40 The Company Line
43 Clark Talks Turf: Tomaso-Peterson Helps in the Fight Against Spring Dead Spot
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48 Shack Attack: Augusta Syndrome is on the Downswing: The Course was Just a Little Softer, the Greens Not Quite as Fast and Most of All, It was a Test that Encouraged Risk-Taking
Turfgrass Trends
45 How to Minimize Spray Drift: Choosing an Appropriate Nozzle is Key to Limiting Drift and Controlling Droplet Size
2011 May
Volume #67, No. 5
2011 June
Volume #67, No. 6
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Reading Greens: Ready for Luck to Turn Around
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Superintendents Serve Their Profession at National Golf Day 2011
10 -Recounting the Tuscaloosa Tornadoes
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, Lafayette Hill, PA
16 From the Back Tees: On Strange Terms
S1 Golfdom's Annual Putting Greens Special
S2 -The Joys of Raising Greens
S3 -Green Day: Greens can be Both Easy and Hard, Complicated and Simple. But One Thing is for Sure: They're Still the Most Important Part of a Golf Course
S9 -The Legend of Old No. 5
S10 -Reading Greens with Rees Jones: "The Open Doctor" Talks About What Makes a Golf Green Great, How Bermudagrass Will Rule the South, and When It's a Good Time to Ignore the Greens Committee
18 Turf M.D.: A Summer Forecast for Turf
19 Part Two of a Three-Part Report: The 2011 Plant Health Series
20 -Sustainably Adding Value
22 -Beyond Pest Control: Increased Chlorophyll Content, Greater Leaf Density, Better Rooting: Turf Scientists Discuss What They are Seeing in Some Chemical Applications
27 Home Course Advantage: The Team at Congressional CC Treats the Course Like Home Because It is, and the Crew Like Family Because They are
33 Path to Prettier Ponds: From Plain Ol' Fish to Ultrasonic Waves, There's a Solution to the Puzzle of Maintaining Ponds
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47 Clark Talks Turf: Goosegrass Management on Putting Greens in the South
48 Shack Attack: Changing Lifestyles Hurting Country Clubs: The American Middle Class is Dying, and as Many Country Clubs Will Tell You, the Upper Middle Class is Fast Becoming a Relic too
Turfgrass Trends
41 Better Reporting Now for NTEP Data: AMMI Model: A Radical Change in NTEP Process
44 Legume Inclusion: Rethink Weed Definitions for Greener Turf
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2 Table of Contents
6 Reading Greens: I'm Pro-Passion, Anti-Apathy
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Golfdom Archive to be Available Online
8 -Opportunities Abound for Supers, Assistants
12 From the Back Tees: The More You Know the More You Grow
14 Turf M.D.: Activating the Plant's Defenses
15 Part Three of a Three-Part Report: The 2011 Plant Health Series
16 -Practical Science for Stress
18 -A Super's Touch: As Plant Health Gains Traction in the Industry, Superintendents Gain Knowledge on the Subject
23 Don't be a Target: Superintendents Need to do More to Make Outsiders Understand the Environmental Benefits of the Golf Course
28 Dr. Beard's Crystal Ball: Dr. James Beard Looks to Professional Turf's Future, and Back at Its Humble Beginnings
33 Clark Talks Turf: Stressed Annual Bluegrass or Creeping Bentgrass Greens? Anthracnose is Likely to Follow
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40 Shack Attack: Taking a Step Back: If Everyday Golfers Start Teeing It Forward and having the Same Waits as the PGA Tour Pro, What Fun Will that be?
Turfgrass Trends
35 How Wetting Agents Work on Wet Ground: A Wisconsin Study Reveals More on How Wetting Agents Respond in Wet Weather
38 Monitoring Techniques for the Annual Bluegrass Weevil
2011 July
Volume #67, No. 7
2011 August
Volume #67, No. 8
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 Reading Greens: A 4th of July Without a Bang
6 From the Back Tees: It's All About Relationships
8 Turf M.D.: Making the Most Out of the Golf Course
10 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 15, The Golf Club at Fleming Island, Orange Park, Florida
12 Bite Back at Bunkers!: New and Improved Bunker Products Attempt to Take the Pain Out of Bunker Maintenance
19 Mangum's Man-Laws
24 Champion Bermuda, Relocated Bunkers Await PGA
26 Clark Talks Turf: Seaplant Extract and Humates for Summer Stress
31 Ad Index
32 Shack Attack: Eight Reasons Scoring Went Low at the U.S. Open: It's Not About Making Lousy Golfers Feel Good About Themselves. It's About Identifying a Worthy Champion
Turfgrass Trends
29 Reducing N Inputs with a Soil Test: Soil Testing can Help in Adjusting Fertilizer Rates
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Greens Damage Drama at PGA Championship: Wednesday Night Damage Steals Headlines at Otherwise Pristine Atlanta Athletic Club
8 -DuPont Addresses Imprelis Issues with New Web Site
12 Reading Greens: A History Lesson from Turfco
14 From the Back Tees: A Tree, a Boulder and Some Sod Walk into a Bar
16 Turf M.D.: What is Water Worth?
18 The Climate Change Conundrum: Armed with Ample Weather Knowledge and Experience, Superintendents Share Their Insights on the Controversial Topic of Climate Change
26 The Spring Creek Ranch Encounter: A Partnership Between a Superintendent, a GM and a Supplier Helps a Golf Course Try to Stand Out Above the Rest
32 Happy Five-Oh, Turfco: The Company that Brought the First Topdresser to the Industry Celebrates Its Golden Anniversary as a Family and a Team
36 When Sausage Biscuits are...Worth More than Money: What is It that Really Inspires Employees? You Might be Surprised that oftentimes, Recognition is Worth Its Weight in Gold
40 Clark Talks Turf: Localized Dry Spots - A Sure Sign of Summer
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48 Shack Attack: War on Green Speeds: The Pressure to Ramp Up Putting Speeds has been a Response to the Increasing Ease of the Sport
Turfgrass Trends
43 N Rate and Primo Maxx Effects on Shade Tolerance
46 St. Augustinegrass: Shade Tolerant, but How Much?
2011 September
Volume #67, No. 9
2011 October
Volume #67, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Hurricane Irene Slams Golf Courses: New England Golf Courses get Hit Hard
10 Hole of the Month: (South Course) Hole No. 5, Colonial Country Club, Cordova, TN
12 Reading Greens: An Award for Good Business
14 From the Back Tees: Meetings of the Minds
16 Turf School Study
16 -Turf M.D.: The Challenges of Land Grant Schools
18 -Under Pressure: With Dwindling Support from the Outside, State Turf Schools are Forced to Rethink How They Operate
24 -College Memories: Golfdom Readers Reflect on a Few of the Great Turf Programs in the Nation
32 -Clark Talks Turf: A Dim Future for University Turfgrass Research
40 -Shack Attack: Dean for a Day: For All of the Claims that Golfers are the Most Humble of Professional Athletes, This Course will Quickly Set You Straight
28 Something New at Newport: After 34 Years, Bob Reynolds Leaves This Classic Rhode Island Course to His Former Assistant
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Turfgrass Trends
35 Organic and Biologically Amended Fertilizers: Part 1: Can Using These Materials Reduce Snow Mold Damage on Golf Turf?
38 Converting Existing Putting Greens Through Interseeding
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 Reading Greens: The Story of Us
10 From the Back Tees: Witness for the Defense
12 Turf M.D.: Accumulating Stress Periods
14 Turf on Trial: Tired of Losing in the Court of Public Opinion? In Golfdom's Court, Golf Actually gets a Fair Trial
26 Clark Talks Turf: Follow the Water to Protect the Environment
33 Ad Index
36 Shack Attack: It's Time for the Leaders to Lead: Golf's Leaders Saying It's Not Their Duty to Defend the Game Only Confirms that They're Good at Abdicating Responsibility
Turfgrass Trends
29 Dollar Spot 101: An Overview of the Common and Costly Turfgrass Disease
32 Short-Term C-Fluxes in Biosolid-Amended Soils During Turfgrass Establishment
2011 November
Volume #67, No. 11
2011 December
Volume #67, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
4 -Good Start at Green Start: Assistant Superintendents Learn from the Best in the Business at the Sixth Annual Green Start Academy
8 Reading Greens: A Medal for Boyd
10 From the Back Tees: The New Normal
13 Turf M.D.: Trust the Process of Good Science
14 Just Add Germs: How Microbes could Dramatically Change the Way You Fertilize Your Golf Course
22 Cherokee Nation: Native American History is Deeply Rooted on the Grounds of Sequoyah National Golf Club - And in Its Superintendent
24 PCNB for You and Me?: Inexpensive Snow Mold Control Product Returns, but Will Superintendents Really be Able to get a Hold of It This Winter?
26 The Cool-est Accessories
29 -Robo-Mower: A Superintendent gets the Full Demonstration on the RG3 Robotic Greens Mower and Reports Back to Golfdom
30 Clark Talks Turf: It's Time for Snow Mold Control
38 Ad Index
40 Shack Attack: The Winds of Change: The Rulemakers have Actually Made the Putting Surface Just a Little Less Sacrosanct and Precious in the Eyes of the Oh-So Precious Rules
Turfgrass Trends
33 What Makes Some Bentgrass Species More Wear Tolerant?
36 Third in a Series: Macronutrient Interactions on Turf Absorption and Distribution
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
4 -Balboa Park Golf Course gets Major Overhaul
6 -School is in with Syngenta
8 Reading Greens: My Top 5 Summit Moments
10 From the Back Tees: Lessons Learned from 2011
12 Turf M.D.: Dr. Turgeon's Drive
14 Golfdom Summit a Smash: Combining All-Expenses-Paid Attendees, Exclusive Golf and One-on-One Meetings with Vendors for an Innovative New Meeting Concept
18 2011 in the Rearview: Taking a Look Back at the Year that Brought Us Hurricane Irene, the iStimp, a Record-Setting U.S. Open and the Beginnings of a Course Fit for the Olympics
22 Lease-or-Buy????????????????????: A Financial Expert with John Deere Takes a Step-by-Step Look at Acquiring Equipment
24 Audubon International Marks a Milestone: The Organization Dedicated to Preserving Wildlife and Nature on Golf Courses Celebrates 20 Years
28 Clark Talks Turf: Painting Dormant Bermudagrass Greens
34 Ad Index
36 Shack Attack: The Bunkers Down Under: When Asked How They get Away with So Rarely Raking Sand or Leaving Faces Bare, They Merely Shrugged
Turfgrass Trends
29 The Promise of Composting: Part 2 in a Series: Alternative Approaches to Manage Dollar Spot
32 Entomopathogenic Nematodes Control Annual Bluegrass Weevil