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2009 January
Volume #65, No. 1                  
2009 February
Volume #65, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Let's Give Obama a Fair Chance
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Future Leaders Gather at Disney to Learn
12 -Expanding Their Horizons: State Grant Will Enable Andersons to Pursue New Technology for Turfgrass and Agriculture
14 -One 'Big Audacious Goal': RISE Aims to Promote Its Members' Products as Safe, Green and Sustainable
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 1, Plantation Golf Course, Maui, Hawaii
18 From the Back Tees: Birdies and Bogies on a Tour of 2008
20 Turf M.D.: A Resolution to Find Some Answers
22 The Obama Order: Led by a Liberal President, the Democrats Now Rule the Roost in Washington. How Will the Party's Dominance Affect the Golf Course Maintenance Industry?
34 Golf Industry Show Preview
34 -How's the Job?: Mark Woodward Talks About His First Six Months as CEO of the GCSAA and His Plans for the Association
38 -If I Ran the Golf Industry Show: ...I'd get Bill Murray (Carl Spackler) to Speak and I'd Host a Laser-Tag Game on Saturday Morning - Among Other Things
44 -Where You Staying?: You Might Try an 'Alternative' Hotel to Save Some Money. But Hopefully You've Picked a Hotel Where the Bed Bugs don't Bite
48 -Show Case: Here are Some of the Things Companies Will do and Display at the Big Show
51 "Water Wise": A Three-Part Series: Part 3
52 -Conserving for the Future of Golf
53 -More Than a Philosophy or Slogan
54 -The World of Water to Come: What Will Golf Course Irrigation Look Like in 2025?
58 -Lead or be Left Behind: In the Next 15 Years, Our Industry Will Face Enormous Pressure to Regulate the Amount of Water Used on Golf Courses. How Will You React?
72 Top Assistants: Tyson Rutter does What It Takes to get the Job Done
75 Classifieds
75 Ad Index
76 Shack Attack: Newfound Minimalists: Before, They Never Sought Ways to Design Around the Native Fauna. Now, They're Preaching the Gospel of Moving Less Dirt
Turfgrass Trends
63 Tall Fescue Rooting in Response to Irrigation Management
66 Does Research Offer Answer to Problem of Summer Decline?
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2 Table of Contents
8 Pin High: Our 2009 Mantra: Save the Jobs
10 From the Back Tees: The Economy and the Environment
12 Turf M.D.: The Budget and the Fertilizer
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 15, Highlands Falls Country Club, Highlands, N.C.
16 Golfdom Report 2009
16 -Rays of Hope in a Stormy Economy: Despite Difficult Financial Times, Superintendents are Optimistic About the Future, According to Reader Survey
17 --A Cautious Man: Who would Know Best About the State of the Golf Industry? The National Golf Foundation's Joe Beditz, of Course. I Sought Him to Obtain Answers About the Game's Future in This Tough Economy
22 -All Quiet on the Construction Front: Architects, Builders Rely on Restoration Work to get Them Through the Recession. They Also Rely on Hope that Things Will get Better
30 Growing the Game [Part 1]: From the Mouths of Babes: The First Tee's Finest Convey the Importance of Youth Access to Golf
44 Top Assistants: Josh Kelley Loves the Challenges that a New Day Brings
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55 Classifieds
56 Shack Attack: H-O-R-S-I-N-G Around: The Golf Industry should Look for Everything It can do to Bring Out the Sport's Recreational Pleasures
Turfgrass Trends
47 Problems Surface with Effluent Use on Turf in the Southeast
50 Understanding Microbes Helps Explain Nutrient Cycling
2009 March
Volume #65, No. 3
2009 April
Volume #65, No. 4
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4 Table of Contents
10 Pin High: Joe Golfer doesn't Feel Your Pain
12 From the Back Tees: McDuffy Just Keeps on Keeping on
14 Turf M.D.: The Best Bets to Control Dollar Spot
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 4, Fountaingrove Golf & Athletic Club, Santa Rosa, CA
18 Part One of a Three-Part Series: Mining for Molecules: Chemical Companies Say They are as Committed as Ever to the Golf Industry, Despite a Down Economy and Potential New Environmental Regulations
26 While Many Superintendents didn't Travel to The Big Easy Because "of My Course's Financial Cutbacks," It was on with the Show in N'Awlins
28 -Looking for Answers...In the Moment: Seminar Speaker Will Never Forget This Education Session
34 Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Odds were Against Italy's Beatrice Franceschi to Break into the U.S. Golf Architecture Business. But with a Little Help from Nicklaus Design, She is Well on Her Way
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55 Classifieds
56 Shack Attack: How to Kick Them Out: Here's an Idea to Deliver Some Much-Needed Cash to a Club's Coffers - And Dump Some Disliked Members in the Process
Turfgrass Trends
43 Study Examines Iron Deficiency Stress in Kentucky Bluegrass: Information Proves Valuable for Geneticists Seeking Development of New Cultivars
48 Soil Geospatial Database Enhances Soil Mapping
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2009 May
Volume #65, No. 5
2009 June
Volume #65, No. 6
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2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: 'Brown' is Not the New 'Green'
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Playability Over Perfection: Woodward: Golfers can Enjoy the Game Without Flawless Conditions
13 -Doggone Funny: Gary Player Proves Hilarious in Short Promotional Film. But About that Dog...
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Marshfield Country Club, Marshfield, MA
18 From the Back Tees: Water, Water Woes Everywhere
20 Turf M.D.: Pythium Biology Explains Plenty
22 Growing the Game [Part 2]: Extreme Customer Service: Golf Courses can Boost Business - And Grow the Game - By Serving Their Clientele to the Max
30 Mining for Molecules: Part Three: Why Cut Back on Pesticides?: If Products are Less Toxic with Lower Use Rates and Superintendents Use Them Responsibility [Responsibly], Then What's All the Fuss About?
38 I Wish I had a Mower that could...: Superintendent Offers Top-Five List of What He Hopes Future Mowers can do (Not that He isn't Impressed with What They can Already do)
50 Here's More of the Up-to-Date Technology that Companies Showcased at the Golf Industry Show in February: Last Month, We Reported on the Many New Product Introductions and Updates. Here's Part 2 of that Report
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56 Shack Attack: It's Super-intendent!: Let's Create a Superhero Based on Doug Higgins and Bruce Nelson, the Two Superintendents Who Recently Saved Lives
Turfgrass Trends
41 The Making of Machrihanish Dunes: Architect, Head Greenkeeper Jump Environmental Hurdles to Help Create a Natural Gem in Scotland
46 Reducing Greenhouse Emissions: Know Your Carbon Footprint: "Going Green" is Not Only Good from an Ecological Standpoint, It's Good for Business
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2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: A Humble Man Will Hang It Up
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Rounds on the Rise?: There are Signs of Economic Recovery, Which Bodes Well for the Golf Industry
8 -Whitepaper Details Growing Problem
13 -Deep Thoughts: Superintendent Shares Views on Golf and the Economy
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 9, The Ranch Golf Club, Southwick, MA
16 From the Back Tees: In the Name of This Great Game
18 Gray Matters: Lessons Learned Along the Way
20 Turf M.D.: Watch Out for the Turf-Hurting Bugs
22 2009 U.S. Open Preview
22 -Dynamic Duo: Dave Catalano and Craig Currier are Making History at Bethpage State Park
28 -Davis Shoots the U.S. Open Breeze: USGA's Director of Rules and Competitions Waxes on Setup, the Rough, etc.
34 Balancing the Budget: Yeah, Gas Prices are Down, but Not Enough to Make a Huge Impact. But There are Some Things You can do to Save Some Bucks
38 At the Controls: Customer Friendliness and Ease of Use Drive Latest Irrigation Technology
40 Old Reliable: PBI/Gordon Celebrates 40 Years of the Broadleaf Herbicide Trimec
55 The Company Line
55 Ad Index
56 Shack Attack: Old Fred & Young Jeff: Home Course Takes on a New Meaning for the Klauk Family During the Players Championship
Turfgrass Trends
45 Water-Saving Turf: It's Important to Select Varieties to Reduce Irrigation Inputs
47 Improving Foliar Fertilization of Turf: Basic Research on Plant Cuticles Suggests Ways to do It Better
2009 July
Volume #65, No. 7
2009 August
Volume #65, No. 8
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: A New Home, and a New Favorite Actor
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Jack's Got Latshaw's Back: Nicklaus Lauds Muirfield Superintendent During Press Conference
12 -Deep Thoughts : Superintendent Shares Views on Golf and the Environment. Are We Ready to Change?
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 12, Kalamazoo Country Club, Kalamazoo, Mich.
16 From the Back Tees: Boys' and Girls' Nights Out
18 Turf M.D.: Of Temperature and Turfgrass
20 Seeds Planted for Improved Market: Times have been Tough, but Seed Companies Expect a Turnaround
25 Point Counterpoint: Superintendents Square Off Over GCSAA's Certification Program
26 -Point: Certification Program Turns Members into Groups of 'haves' and 'have Nots'
27 -Counterpoint: You Will Only Benefit Yourself by Becoming a Certified Superintendent
32 Bethpage Black's Craig Currier Refuses to Let Biblical-Like Rains Dampen His Spirit at This Year's U.S. Open: Waterproof
37 Looking for Work: Unemployed Superintendents Face Difficult Challenges in a Bad Job Market
42 Happy Graduation ... Sort of: 'Future Turf Managers' Gear Up to Begin Careers in the Recession of a Lifetime
54 The Company Line
55 Ad Index
56 Shack Attack: New York, New York: Golf can Learn from This Gritty, Loud, Funny, Overwhelming and Energizing City that Hosted the 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage Black
Turfgrass Trends
47 Golf Ball-Mark Recovery Affected by Surface Firmness and Repair Tool
50 Achieving Solid Soil Structure is Keystone to Healthy Soils
Disease ID Guide
D1 Cover
D3 Welcome
D4 Introduction
D5 [Turf Diseases]
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: One of the Best U.S. Open Stories
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 A Privilege and an Honor: Lebanonturf's Mike Sisti Moved by Participating in Renewal & Remembrance Event at Arlington National
10 -Genuine Jim: Nicol Hosts a Second PGA Championship, but, No, He's Not More Relaxed About It
14 -Looking 'Fine' and Dandy: Fine Fescues Making Their Mark, According to Seed Researchers
18 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 2, Sunbrook Golf Club - The Point Nine, St. George, Utah
20 From the Back Tees: Another Fine Lesson from Lake Omigosh
22 Turf M.D.: I Wouldn't Want to be in Their Shoes
24 Growing the Game [Part 3]: The Big 3 on Golf's Big Dilemma: Player, Palmer, and Nicklaus Talk About What can be Done to Grow the Game
32 Time Heals: Four Years After the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina, a New Orleans Golf Course and Its Superintendent are Feeling Rejuvenated
42 Irrigation Upgrade: New Technology Makes Golf Course Watering a Lot Less Complex
47 Top Assistants: Joe Trombino III doesn't Stop Until Achieving Perfection
57 The Company Line
59 Ad Index
60 Shack Attack: A Young Person's Game?: There's Plenty Wrong When It Comes to Growing the Game Among Our Nation's Youth. And, Boy, does It Show
Turfgrass Trends
49 The Great Rake Debate: Should Rakes be Placed in or Outside Bunkers? Or Partially Out? A Golf Course Architect Studies the Options
53 Crowding Out Poa: Interseeding These Two Bentgrass Varieties Proves an Effective Tool in the Battle Against Annual Bluegrass
2009 September
Volume #65, No. 9
2009 October
Volume #65, No. 10
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: We Need More Joes Like Joe McCleary
8 From the Back Tees: Will You be on the Bus or Under It?
10 Turf M.D.: Transforming the Golf Industry
12 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Traverse City Golf & Country Club, Traverse City, MI
14 Good for the Environment, and Good for the Golfers
19 Environmental Endeavors
33 Keep an Open Mind: Sure, the Crazy Environmentalists can Drive Us Wacky. But does that Mean We should Just Write Them Off?
40 Product Progression: New Insecticides Target Pests More Specifically, Reducing the Quantity of Product Needed to Perform
56 Shark Attack: A Pointed Threat: If Sharp Park Closes on an Absurd Claim that Species can't Co-Exist with Golfers, All Bets are Off When It Comes to Future Warnings Against Golf Courses
Turfgrass Trends
49 Drubbing Grubs, Naturally: Tiphia Parasitic Wasps Take on Japanese and Oriental Beetle Grubs
54 Know Your Enemy: While Newer Insecticides are More Environmentally Friendly, They Must be Used Properly to Achieve Maximum Control
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
6 -Readers Make Own Points About "Point/Counterpoint"
6 -What would the Big Three Say to Rowdy Golfers?
8 Pin High: Lessons Learned, the Hard Way
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -The BugDoc gets Antsy: Nobody can Tell a Story About Insect Control Like Ohio State's Shetlar
14 -Tune Your Turf with iTunes: University of Georgia Researchers Create iPhone Application for Turfgrass Management
17 -Deep Thoughts: A Time for Superintendents and Others to be Resourceful, Visionary and Creative
20 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 17, The Links at Groveport, Groveport, Ohio
22 From the Back Tees: Your getting Older When...
24 Turf M.D.: Fact is Phosphorus gets a Bad Rap
26 Gray Matters: No One Will Win Sharp Park Dispute
29 Waterwise: A Three-Part Series: Part One: Irrigation Abroad
30 -In Life and Golf, Nothing is More Important Than Water
31 -Taking a Global Approach
32 -Irrigation in the Land Down Under: Superintendents Throughout Australia Face an Array of Challenges in Their Efforts to Manage and Conserve Water Use
36 -At the Very Minimum: Scotland's Machrihanish Dunes Features a State-of-the-Art Irrigation System, Even Though It Rarely gets Turned on
42 Three Seasoned Golf Course Superintendents Share Their Secrets to Inspiring Employees in a Challenging Economy: Motive to Motivate
47 Turfgrass Fertility Report: [Part One] of a Three Part Series: Fertility & Functionality: Superintendents Constantly Seek the Right Fertilization Programs to Keep on the Cutting Edge
48 -Understanding the Many Forms of Nitrogen
49 -One Size does Not Fit All in the Plant Nutrition Field
50 -Philosophy and Fertilization: Superintendents Put a Lot of Thinking into Their Fertility Programs
54 -The Combo-Meal Approach: Most Superintendents Use a Mixture of Granular and Liquid Fertilizers. But a Lot of Thought Goes into How to Use What and When
59 Golf Courses Gone Wild: It doesn't Take Much to Implement a Successful Wildlife Program at Your Facility. Just Follow These Steps
62 Murphy's Laws of Golf Course Maintenance: Why is It This Sinister Someone Always Shows Up at the Most Inopportune Times?
64 Out with the Old, in with the New: A Culmination of Others' Ideas Helps Form Town and Country Club's New Environmentally Friendly Turfgrass Management Center
77 The Company Line
79 Ad Index
79 Listen Up!: Check Out These Golfdom Products Only at
80 Shack Attack: In Deep Water: Golf's Future is in Big Trouble if Folks Like This Big-City Golf Manager Refuse to Understand that Courses Must Become More Efficient Irrigators
Turfgrass Trends
67 Exploring the Ecology Behind Springtime Turfgrass Transition: Impact of Annual and Perennial Ryegrass Examined in Process
70 Timing is Everything with Spring Transition: Here are Some Tips from Research and Practical Findings to Aid Superintendents with Overseeding
2009 November
Volume #65, No. 11
2009 December
Volume #65, No. 12
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Pin High: Thinking Positive About the Economy
9 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
9 -Movies with a Message: Finalists in Rain Bird's Film Competition Take a Splendid Approach to Explore Water Conservation
10 -Well-Taught: Assistant Superintendents Learn from the Best at Green Start Academy
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, The Rim Golf Club, Payson, AZ
16 From the Back Tees: These Turkeys have Ruined My Appetite
18 Turf M.D.: Winter Brings Fusarium Patch
22 For Sale: The Old Tom Morris Award: The Incredible Story of How the Late Byron Nelson's Industry Honor Ended Up on eBay, but Later was Returned to Nelson's Wife
25 Turfgrass Fertility Report: [Part Two] of a Three Part Series: The Root of the Matter: To get the Most Out of a Fertility Program, Superintendents Consider Several Facotrs. Even So, It All Comes Down to Nutrients
26 -In These Times, Research is More Important Than Ever
27 -Finding the Right Products in a Tough Economy
28 -The Right Stuff: Soil Conditions, Turf Type and Location are a Few Factors that Determine a Proper-Functioning Fertility Program
32 -It's Tempting to Reduce Nitrogen Levels on Greens to Keep Them Smooth and Fast - But Not at the Sake of Jeopardizing Their Health for Four Days of Glory: Tournament Prep & Fertility
38 Thinking-Man's Superintendent: Jeff Carlson is Always Looking for Alternative Ways to Maintain Turfgrass. He Must
45 Water Wise: A Three Part Series: Part Two: The Course and Conservation
46 -Using Water Intelligently on the Course
47 -The Future - Ours to Influence
48 -Architects have Answers: Environmentally Minded Golf Course Designers Know How to Conserve Water
52 -Act Now: 10 Easy Things You can do to Conserve Water on Your Golf Course - Immediately
58 Growing the Game [Part 4]: A Two-Pronged Growth Approach: The First Tee Aims to Grow the Game and Grow the Character of Its Participants
70 The Company Line
71 Ad Index
72 Shack Attack: It's All About the Value: Business Today is About Keeping Customers Loyal and Throwing Them a Little Something, You Know, for the Effort
Turfgrass Trends
63 The Origin of Turfgrass: How Grasses Came to Life - And Still Live
66 Putting Greens: Velvet Bentgrass and Sustainable Golf?: Variety may be Environmentally Friendly Without Diminishing Quality of the Golf Experience
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail: Point/Counterpoint Part 2: In Support of Certification
8 Pin High: As the Golf Industry Show World Turns
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Currier Leaving Bethpage: Popular Superintendent Takes Job at Private Club on Long Island
12 -Mixed Bag: GCSAA's Lyman Says NGF Numbers Tell a Sordid Tale of the Golf Market
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 12, West Seattle Golf Course, Seattle, WA
16 From the Back Tees: Time to get in a Politician's Ear
18 Turf M.D.: Cutting Height and Cultural Intensity
20 Thanks, Larry ... For 10 Years of Service & Counting...
22 Year in Review
22 -People of the Year: This Year's Honorees have No Shortage of Integrity and Character
28 -2009: Shack's Look Back: Golf Course Maintenance - Front and Center: It's Hard to Imagine a Year When the World hasn't Heard More About Superintendents, the Efficiency of Modern Irrigation and the Potential for a Green Revolution
31 Waterwise: A Three Part Series: Part Three: Is There Enough to Go Around?
32 -Think Globally, Act Locally
33 -Giving Credit Where It's Due to Intelligent Users
34 -Water, Water... Everywhere?: No Matter in What Region They're Located, Most All Golf Courses Face Some Kind of Irrigation Issues
34 --In the West, a Need to Keep an Eye on Every Drop Used
35 --Forecast in the South Calls for More Effluent Water Use
36 --In the East, Water is Plentiful but Superintendents Expect More Regulations
36 --Despite Water Availability in the North, There are Hurdles
38 -Survey Says More Superintendents Aim to Irrigate More Efficiently: Poll on Water Use Also Reveals that One-Third of Golfers don't Care About Water Conservation on Golf Courses
43 Turfgrass Fertility Report: [Part Three] of a Three Part Series: Several Industry Researchers and Superintendents Talk About Tomorrow's Fertility Programs and Solutions: The View from the Top
44 -The Future of Fertility Rests on Our Advocation
45 -Biofertilizers could Help Reshape the Industry
46 -Tomorrow's Fertilizer: Cost, Improved Accuracy and Environmental Concerns Shape the Future of Fertility
50 -As the World Turns, So should Your Fertility Program: Turf Professor Vows that Late Fall is the Most Important Time for a Fertilizer Application to Bentgrass
64 The 'Wow' Factor: After Seeing Seashore Paspalum, the Brass at Pine Lakes Country Club Not Only Believed in It, They Wanted It at Their Course
67 Do-It-Yourself Research: Simple, Effective Tips to Improve Your Golf Course
70 The Company Line
71 Ad Index
72 Shack Attack: Holiday Update 2009: Ted Sr. Brought His Green Chairman Expertise to the Club, and has Managed to Extend the Course to More Than 7,800 Yards
Turfgrass Trends
55 Rock and Rolling: This Well-Studied Practice can Help Reduce Dollar Spot on Greens, Among Other Things
58 Unyielding to Herbicides: Are Weeds the Next Group to Demonstrate Resistance?