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2012 January
Volume #68, No. 1                  
2012 February
Volume #68, No. 2
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
2 News and Notes
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
4 -Odds on Vegas: Still One Month Away, 2012 GIS Already Surpassing 2011 in Attendees, Vendors
6 -Lyon Hit by Truck
6 -Friends of Golfdom
6 -Sharp Park Golf Course Stays Alive
8 Reading Greens: A Secret Mission from Golfdom
10 From the Back Tees: The Digital Dilemma
13 Turf M.D.: Plant vs. Plant: The Invisible War
14 The Guy's Got Guts (and Goats!): Paul Chojnacky Keeps Pasatiempo Golf Club a Step Ahead
20 We're Talking Practice?!?: As Golfer's Time and Money Dry Up, Practice is Becoming a Popular Game Changer
25 Design on a Dime: A Central Pennsylvania Golf Course Manager Throws Out the Book on Successful Golf Course Operations and Writes His Own
28 The Golfdom Conversation: David Withers: New Jacobsen President Promises to Build Relationships with Customers and Distributors
30 Clark Talks Turf: A Warm, Dry Winter Brings Challenges
40 The 19th Hole with... David Hay, CGCS: Indian Wells CC, Indian Wells, Calif.
Turfgrass Trends
33 Organic and Biologically Amended Fertilizers: Part 2: Seasonal Effects on Turf Quality and Leaf Chlorophyll Content
36 Alternative Products for Silvery-Thread Moss Control in Creeping Bentgrass
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -PGA, Mangum Recant Brush Damage Statements: Court Documents State that Atlanta Athletic Club Still Using GreensPerfection Brushes and didn't Intend to Implicate Them
8 -BTME Exceeds Expectations: British Turf Show Kicks Off 2012 Trade Shows with a 40% Spike in Attendance
8 -U.S. Group Cracking Down on Counterfeits
10 -No Shame in Turf
12 Reading Greens: Bad GIS Choices
14 Taking a Mulligan: Gotta Love a Do-Over
16 From the Back Tees: In a Perfect World
18 Turf M.D.: Spring Cleaning
20 GIS 2012 Special
20 -Go Small or Go Home: Regional Shows are Keeping Supers Closer to Home. The Internet is Offering More Education Than Ever. Does the GIS Need to Go Small in Order to get Big?
25 -Supers Speak Out: The GIS Survey: Golfdom Readers Share Their Opinions on the State of the Golf Industry Show, from How Important It is to Their Careers to the One Thing Most Likely to Keep Them from Attending
30 -The Golfdom Conversation: David Feherty: Golf's Hottest Funnyman Talks About Speaking at the Golf Industry Show, Golfer Expectations and the One Time a Mower Got Away from Him
34 -An Insider's Guide to Sin City: Superintendents in the Know Tell How to Make the Most of Las Vegas
39 -New and Improved: It doesn't Matter if You're Going to the Golf Industry Show or Not, These New and Improved Products are Worth Checking Out
44 Price War: Symposium on Affordable Golf Puts Costs in Spotlight
48 Guarding Greens: A Superintendent Goes Underground to Justify Purchasing Fans
50 Girl Power!: Women Superintendents Know They Must Bring Their "A" Game if They Want Respect
54 Clark Talks Turf: It's Time for a Checkup
63 Ad Index
64 The 19th Hole with...: Chris Johnson: Superintendent, May River Golf Club, Bluffton, S.C.
Turfgrass Trends
57 A New Bacterial Disease Problem on Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens
61 Removing Dew to get More from Your Fungicide Program
2012 March
Volume #68, No. 3
2012 April
Volume #68, No. 4
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0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
4 -e-par gets Americanized: Australian Environmental System gets Launched in the U.S.
6 -Florida Golf gets Some Love
6 -[People] in the News: Golfdom Names Throssell Research Editor
8 Reading Greens: A Story with No Legs (or Arms)
10 From the Back Tees: Is Florida Golf Day Just the Start?
12 Turf M.D.: What is in a Name?
14 Prepare for Tier 4: Manufacturers Work to Meet Tier 4 Emission Standards; Superintendents to Pay More for Mowers
20 The Greenest Show on Turf: The WM Phoenix Open was Already Known as the Largest-Attended Golf Event in the World. Now It Vies to be Known as the Greenest, too
28 New England Turf Show Report: Good News on Bacterial Wilt, Bad News on Nematodes
33 No Place Like Sedona: Indiana Transplant Pat Grimes Finds Peace and Prosperity Among the Red Sandstone Outcroppings of Oakcreek Country Club
36 Clark Talks Turf: Be Aware of Spring Diseases: Regular Scouting This Spring can Help You Keep an Upper Hand on Spring Diseases of Cool-Season Grasses
44 Ad Index
46 The Company Line
48 The 19th Hole with...: Paul Grogan, CGCS: TPC Deere Run, Silvis, Ill.
Turfgrass Trends
37 Do Organic Nitrogen Sources Leach Less Nitrate from Turf?
41 Dissolved Salts in Root Zones Containing Inorganic Amendments
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
4 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
4 -Hanna Garners Green Section Award: The University of Georgia, Tifton Scientist is Recognized for His Turfgrass Contributions
6 -Golembiewski to Bayer: Former Oregon State University Turf Director Chooses to Move Family Back Home
6 -GCSAA Fights DOL Rule: Urges Superintendents to Oppose Possible Changes to the H-2B Program
9 Reading Greens: A Good Start for Tiger and Golf
10 From the Back Tees: Duffy's Excellent Trip to the Strip
12 Turf M.D.: A Concern for Global Golf
13 Plant Health: The Root of the Matter: Part One of a Three-Part Series
14 -Sponsor's Word: The Root of Plant Health
16 -Healthy Plants, Healthy Minds: When Plants get Stressed, Healthier Roots Help Keep Superintendents at Ease
21 GIS 2012 Roundup
21 -What a Kick!: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas? Not at the 2012 Golf Industry Show. Here's Golfdom's Rundown of the Greatest Show on Turf
22 -Less is More: Frank Rossi Encourages Superintendents to Reduce Fertilizer and Pesticide Use
23 -A Personal GIS Milestone: After 30 Years of Research and Two Years of Writing, I had the Honor of Signing My Own Turf Book
24 -Turfgrass Talk Show Spotlights Wetting Agents: Who Needs Leno, Letterman or Conan When You have Nikolai?
24 -Seed with Speed: Turfco Unveils New 40-inch Seeder Designed for Golf Course Greens and Spot Seeding on the Links
25 -A Blast from '67: My Favorite GIS Moment
28 Clark Talks Turf: Dollar Spot Control in Cool Season Grass Fairways
34 Ad Index
36 The Company Line
40 The 19th Hole with...: John Ballard, CGCS, Audubon CC, Louisville, Ky.
Turfgrass Trends
31 Timing Bermudagrass Applications: Bermudagrass Control in Zoysiagrass Fairways
2012 May
Volume #68, No. 5
2012 June
Volume #68, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -On Its Way Back: Economic Signs Finally Point to a Long-Awaited Turnaround for the Golf Industry
9 -Phipps Joins GCSAA Staff
9 -A Deer in the Headlights
9 -Syngenta's Bell Retires
11 -Jacobsen Opens New Midwest Dealers
11 -Becker Underwood Adds Staff
12 Reading Greens: Three Cheers for GCSAA
14 From the Back Tees: Closing the Gap
16 Turf M.D.: Embracing Ecological Changes
17 Plant Health: The Root of the Matter: Part Two of a Three-Part Series
18 -Sponsor's Word: Bigger Roots Combat Turf's Challenges
20 -Plant Health Success Stories: Two Supers Discover Better Plant Health Right When They Need It
25 On Fire: Enemy at the Gates: Fire Ant Control Products Stock Supers' Arsenals
30 Hendo's Hot List
35 To Each His Own: Sectioned Off: Section Maintenance Gives Staff Ownership and Supers a Well-Groomed Course
37 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
38 CGC-yeS!: GCSAA Changes Requirements of Certification, Renewing Interest in the Program
40 Clark Talks Turf: Daconil Action Fungicide - A New Approach to Disease Control
44 Ad Index
46 The Company Line
48 The 19th Hole with...: Cecil Smith: Superintendent, Eagle's Landing CC, Stockbridge, Ga.
Putting Greens Special
S1 Cover
S1 Table of Contents
S2 A New Program: Scale It Back!
S3 No. 1 Priority: Superintendents with Smaller Budgets Focus on Greens, the Single Most Important Aspect of a Course
S9 The Secret Recipe of the Putting Green
S10 It Takes Green to Keep Them Green: From the Preferred Height of Cut to the Biggest Obstacle Facing Greens in the Near Future, Here's What Golfdom's Readers had to Say About Maintaining Putting Greens
Turfgrass Trends
41 Glyphosate-Tolerant Perennial Ryegrass
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 The Hits Keep Coming
6 News with Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Golfdom Summit Back for Another Round: Superintendents Encouraged to Register at www.
7 -Golfdom Wins Big at TOCA: The Magazine Earns Top Honors for New Media, Plus 6 Other Awards
7 -Joel's Journeys: [Steve Mona Says]
8 Letter from the Publisher: [Golfdom's Changes and the Bright Future Ahead]
10 Reading Greens: My Friends at FarmLinks
12 At the Turn: From Reinvention to Reintroduction
13 Plant Health: The Root of the Matter: Part Three of a Three-Part Series
14 -Sponsor's Word: A Case for the Holiday Sprays
16 -Plant Progress: From Fungicides to Water Management Tools, Plant Health has Never Been Better
21 Luck Favors the Prepared: When the Senior Players Championship Came Calling, Fox Chapel GC was Ready
24 Celebrating 10 Years of FarmLinks: An Oral History of Golf's First and Only Research and Demonstration Course
32 Like Father, Like Sons: The Late George Littrell gets a Father's Day Tribute from One of His Three Superintendent Sons
37 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
37 Applied Knowledge: Tips for Smarter, Safer Chemical Applications
38 Clark Talks Turf: Is 2012 a Good Year for Nematodes?
39 The Company Line
39 Ad Index
40 The 19th Hole with...: Jeff Danaher, Superintendent, Aurora Hills GC, Aurora, Colo.
2012 July
Volume #68, No. 7
2012 August
Volume #68, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -BASF Summit Offers Future of Plant Health: Plant Health Label Will Soon Expand Beyond Fungicides
8 -We Want to Take You to the Movies: Rain Bird and Golfdom Partner to Take Two to Los Angeles for IUOW Film Screenings
8 -Phantom Cow Calls Golf Course Home
10 Reading Greens: This Old Superintendent
12 At the Turn: Don't Let Them Wear You Down
13 From the Back Tees: Job Insecurity for Superintendents
14 Turf M.D.: Poa Punchlines
15 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
16 The 5.9%: As the Author, a Former Superintendent, can Attest, being a Superintendent at Age 60 is a Tricky Proposition: So Where do Old Superintendents Go?
22 Shelter from the Storm: Having a Formal Response Plan in Place Will Ensure the Safety of Your Staff and Golfers When Storms Threaten
26 Coming Back from Katrina: New Orleans' Metairie Country Club was Battered by Hurricane Katrina. But a New Makeover Aims to Return It to Its Proud Seth Raynor Roots
30 Clark Talks Turf: Healthy, Fast Creeping Bentgrass Greens in the Transition Zone
38 Ad Index
40 The 19th Hole with...: Rick Wittenburg: General Manager, Cardinal Golf Course, Effingham, Ill.
Turfgrass Trends
31 Bridging the Gap: Daconil Action: Bringing a Fungicide and Plant Activator Together: How Much Control does the New Fungicide Bring?
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Golfdom's Family Grows
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Dry as a Bone: As the Drought of 2012 Drags on, Superintendents are Feeling the Heat, in More Ways Than One
7 -Fire Destroys Maintenance Building, Kills Two Dogs
8 -[Soon to be a 5.9%]
8 -[Staying Proactive]
8 -[I'm the 5.9%]
8 -Joel's Journeys: Fertilizers, Chemicals and the Economy
8 -Deere Loses a Leader
9 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
10 Reading Greens: An "Intelligent" Use of Water?
12 At the Turn: It's Professional Courtesy, and the Right Thing to do
14 Turf M.D.: Prepping for the Professionals
16 Healing Power: Brutal Heat and an Awful Drought. Just Another Season as a Superintendent, Right?
20 Talking Turf Tech: Part One in a 3-Part Series: Smart Spray: New Innovation in Sprayer Technology has Superintendents Saving on Chemicals, Labor and Time
24 The Tale of Gary Grow-in and the Grigg Bros.: How Two Oregon Farm Boys Unintentionally Started a Successful International Fertilizer Business
28 Thinking Outside the Tee Box: To Ensure the Future of Golf, Industry Professionals are Taking Creative Measures to Grow the Game
32 Clark Talks Turf: Act Now for Better Fairways
36 Ad Index
38 The Company Line
40 The 19th Hole with...: Chris Erickson: Superintendent, The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, Calif.
Turfgrass Trends
33 Animal Instincts: Ground Squirrel Control on Golf Courses
2012 September
Volume #68, No. 9
2012 October
Volume #68, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Syngenta Takes (No.) 2: Execs and Media Hit Pinehurst for a Maintenance Lesson - And Some Fun
7 -Like a President Passing
9 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
10 Reading Greens: The Clone Saga
12 From the Back Tees: Cheers to Rounds 4 Research
14 At the Turn: China: Curiosity and Opportunity
16 Talking Turf Tech: Part 2 in a 3-Part Series: In Control: Thanks to New Tech, Supers are Getting a Leg Up on Water Management
22 Fertilizing by the Light of the Moon: Fertigation is a Valuable Irrigation Tool for Superintendents, but It's Not for Every Course
26 Near Miss: That Minor Accident could have been a Serious Accident. What are Superintendents and Manufacturers doing to Help Keep Workers Safe?
30 Your Ad Here: Could American Golf Courses Take a Tip from This Nepalese Golf Course - And Allow Billboards to Break Up the Beauty?
32 Turf M.D.: Sand Topdressing and Fairways
38 Ad Index
40 The 19th Hole with... Damon Di Giorgio: Superintendent, Fieldstone Golf Club, Greenville, Del.
Turfgrass Trends
33 Snowed in: Preparing for Snow Mold Applications
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Feeding Frenzy: At John Deere Feedback, Superintendents get Their Say on Deere Equipment - And More
7 -BASF to Acquire Becker Underwood for $1 Billion
7 -That's so Vintage
9 Around the Web: All Just a Click Away
10 Reading Greens: Forest from the Trees
12 At the Turn: If You're at All Like Me
14 From the Back Tees: Career Detours and Roadblocks
16 Turf M.D.: A Course Built on Sacred Ground
18 Golfdom Gallery: We Came, We Saw, We Took Pictures
20 Tournament Triumphs: Hosting a Tournament can be an Adventure. To Succeed, It Takes a Lot of Planning, and Even the Right Attitude
27 Talking Turf Tech: Part 3 in a 3-Part Series: Pinpoint Accuracy: GPS Technology Helps Superintendents Manage Golf Courses More Efficiently, Economically and Ecologically
29 -Apped Up: With Today's Apps, Superintendents have Control in the Palm of Their Hand
30 Make an Offer They can't Refuse: The Keys to Asking for a New Equipment Budget
32 Clark Talks Turf: Organic Matter Management
36 Ad Index
38 The Company Line
40 The 19th Hole with... Andrew Wilson: Director of Golf, Bethpage (N.Y.) State Park
Turfgrass Trends
33 Tenacity: A New Weapon in the Poa annua Battle
2012 November
Volume #68, No. 11
2012 December
Volume #68, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Herb Graffis: Business Person of the Year: So You're Saying There's a Chance?
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
6 -Superstorm Sandy Wreaks Havoc
8 -As Seen in The Golfdom Daily: What Zombie Movies Teach Us About Environmental Stewardship
10 Reading Greens: Let's Not Agree to Disagree
12 At the Turn: Q: Was Brown Ever the New Green?
14 From the Back Tees: Fall Season Greetings
16 Turf M.D.: The Evolution of Poa annua
20 You've Got Questions: We've Got Answers: Our Staff Takes on the Industry's Most Enticing Questions
26 What's Old is New Again: Chris Deariso Implements an Aggressive Program to Combat a Difficult Thatch Problem
29 Golf Guilt-Free: Author of "The Married Man's Guide to Golf" Offers Help to get the Married Guys Back Out on the Links
30 The Fourth Wall: Armand LeSage Trades in Years as a Golf Course Superintendent for a Passion on the Stage
32 Clark Talks Turf: Rhizoctonia Leaf & Sheath Spot: A Problem on Bermudagrass Greens
37 Ad Index
38 The Company Line
40 The 19th Hole with...: Junior Storie: Superintendent, Centennial Valley CC, Conway, Ark.
Turfgrass Trends
33 Nitrogen Uptake: Low-Temperature Nitrogen Uptake
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
7 -Longtime LESCO Employee Passes
7 -Joel's Journeys: Water Summit Whets Appetite for Solutions
8 -As Seen in the The Golfdom Daily: Recalling Reed Funk, and Hurricane Sandy
8 -Seth's Travelogue: NW Golf & Environment Meeting
10 Golfdom Gallery: We Came, We Saw, We Took Pictures
12 Reading Greens: 2012 State of Golfdom Address
14 Taking a Mulligan: Marble Falls Calls
16 At the Turn: Talk About Pressure
17 Turf M.D.: Watch for Wear Injury
18 All in the Family: The Kizer Touch: A Day with a Third-Generation Texas Super and His Father Highlights a Rich Family History and Three Very Different Paths
23 Golfdom Year in Review: 2012: It wasn't the End of the World
29 Old, Old School Turfgrass Management: Topdressing with Compost can Improve Fairways
32 Golfdom Summit: Version 1.2 in '12: With a Year of Experience Under Our Belts, Golfdom's Own Event, Bringing Superintendents Together with Vendors, gets Just a Little Bit Better
38 Ad Index
39 The Company Line
40 The 19th Hole with...: Brian Koffler: Superintendent, Waverly CC, Portland, Ore.
Turfgrass Trends
35 Shade Tolerance: All Zoysias are Not Created Equal