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An identity is a mathematical relationship equating one quantity to another (which may initially appear to be different).

See also Abel's Identity, Andrews-Schur Identity, BAC-CAB Identity, Beauzamy and Dégot's Identity, Beltrami Identity, Bianchi Identities, Bochner Identity, Brahmagupta Identity, Cassini's Identity, Cauchy-Lagrange Identity, Christoffel-Darboux Identity, Chu-Vandermonde Identity, de Moivre's Identity, Dougall-Ramanujan Identity, Euler Four-Square Identity, Euler Identity, Euler Polynomial Identity, Ferrari's Identity, Fibonacci Identity, Frobenius Triangle Identities, Green's Identities, Hypergeometric Identity, Imaginary Identity, Jackson's Identity, Jacobi Identities, Jacobi's Determinant Identity, Lagrange's Identity, Le Cam's Identity, Leibniz Identity, Liouville Polynomial Identity, Matrix Polynomial Identity, Morgado Identity, Newton's Identities, Quintuple Product Identity, Ramanujan 6-10-8 Identity, Ramanujan Cos/Cosh Identity, Ramanujan's Identity, Ramanujan's Sum Identity, Reznik's Identity, Rogers-Ramanujan Identities, Schaar's Identity, Strehl Identity, Sylvester's Determinant Identity, Trinomial Identity, Visible Point Vector Identity, Watson Quintuple Product Identity, Worpitzky's Identity

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