Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics CD-ROM

Eric W. Weisstein

CD-ROM edition 1.0, May 20, 1999

This is the first CD-ROM edition of the Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics CD-ROM by Eric W. Weisstein. It contains the entire contents of the hardcover edition of the CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics with corrections. Advantages of the CD-ROM over the book include portability, live hyperlinks and interactive 3-D graphics and animations.

If you enjoy the CD-ROM version of this encyclopedia, you may also be interested in the hardcover edition, published by CRC Press, and the web version of the encyclopedia. Unfortunately, this first CD-ROM edition does not contain a search utility, although keyword searching should be available in future editions. Check the CD-ROM edition's home page for the latest information.

This CD-ROM is written in ISO 9660 format using plain HTML with Java, and so is readable by all computers using a Java-capable web browser. However, it is best viewed using a computer with a fast CD-ROM drive and enough memory to allow embedded Java applets to run properly. In this CD-ROM, links to pages on the CD-ROM itself are shown in blue (or your browser's default color), while links to external pages requiring an Internet connection are shown in red.

Click on one of the letters below (or use the scrollable list of letters in the frame on the left-hand side of the browser window) to see the entries beginning with this letter.

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Here is additional information about the encyclopedia, including a link to the errata sheet for the hardcover edition.

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© 1999 Eric W. Weisstein and Chapman & Hall/CRCnetBASE
May 20, 1999