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A set of $n$ variables which fix a geometric object. If the coordinates are distances measured along Perpendicular axes, they are known as Cartesian Coordinates. The study of Geometry using one or more coordinate systems is known as Analytic Geometry.

See also Areal Coordinates, Barycentric Coordinates, Bipolar Coordinates, Bipolar Cylindrical Coordinates, Bispherical Coordinates, Cartesian Coordinates, Chow Coordinates, Circular Cylindrical Coordinates, Confocal Ellipsoidal Coordinates, Confocal Paraboloidal Coordinates, Conical Coordinates, Curvilinear Coordinates, Cyclidic Coordinates, Cylindrical Coordinates, Ellipsoidal Coordinates, Elliptic Cylindrical Coordinates, Gaussian Coordinate System, Grassmann Coordinates, Harmonic Coordinates, Homogeneous Coordinates, Oblate Spheroidal Coordinates, Orthocentric Coordinates, Parabolic Coordinates, Parabolic Cylindrical Coordinates, Paraboloidal Coordinates, Pedal Coordinates, Polar Coordinates, Prolate Spheroidal Coordinates, Quadriplanar Coordinates, Rectangular Coordinates, Spherical Coordinates, Toroidal Coordinates, Trilinear Coordinates


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