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Lemoine Line

The Lemoine line, also called the Lemoine Axis, is the perspectivity axis of a Triangle and its Tangential Triangle, and also the Trilinear Polar of the Centroid of the triangle vertices. It is also the Polar of $K$ with regard to its Circumcircle, and is Perpendicular to the Brocard Axis.

The centers of the Apollonius Circles $L_1$, $L_2$, and $L_3$ are Collinear on the Lemoine Line. This line is Perpendicular to the Brocard Axis $OK$ and is the Radical Axis of the Circumcircle and the Brocard Circle. It has equation

{\alpha\over a}+{\beta\over b}+{\gamma\over c}

in terms of Trilinear Coordinates (Oldknow 1996).

See also Apollonius Circles, Brocard Axis, Centroid (Triangle), Circumcircle, Collinear, Lemoine Circle, Lemoine Point, Polar, Radical Axis, Tangential Triangle, Trilinear Polar


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© 1996-9 Eric W. Weisstein