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A Set of two numbers or objects linked in some way is said to be a pair. The pair $a$ and $b$ is usually denoted ($a$, $b$). In certain circumstances, pairs are also called Brothers or Twins.

See also Amicable Pair, Augmented Amicable Pair, Brown Numbers, Friendly Pair, Hexad, Homogeneous Numbers, Impulse Pair, Irregular Pair, Lax Pair, Long Exact Sequence of a Pair Axiom, Monad, Ordered Pair, Perko Pair, Quadruplet, Quasiamicable Pair, Quintuplet, Reduced Amicable Pair, Smith Brothers, Triad, Triplet, Twin Peaks, Twin Primes, Twins, Unitary Amicable Pair, Wilf-Zeilberger Pair

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