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Quotient Group

For a Group $G$ and a Normal Subgroup $N$ of $G$, the quotient group of $N$ in $G$, written $G/N$ and read ``$G$ modulo $N$'', is the set of Cosets of $N$ in $G$. The elements of $G/N$ are written $Na$ and form a Group under the normal operation on the group $N$ on the coefficient $a$. Thus,


Since all elements of $G$ will appear in exactly one Coset of the Normal Subgroup $N$, it follows that

\vert G/N\vert=\vert G\vert/\vert N\vert,

where $\vert G\vert$ is the order of the group $G$.

The slash Notation conflicts with that for a Field Extension, but the meaning can be determined based on context.

See also Abhyankar's Conjecture, Coset, Field Extension, Outer Automorphism Group, Normal Subgroup, Subgroup


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