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Abhyankar's Conjecture

For a Finite Group $G$, let $p(G)$ be the Subgroup generated by all the Sylow p-Subgroup of $G$. If $X$ is a projective curve in characteristic $p>0$, and if $x_0$, ..., $x_t$ are points of $X$ (for $t>0$), then a Necessary and Sufficient condition that $G$ occur as the Galois Group of a finite covering $Y$ of $X$, branched only at the points $x_0$, ..., $x_t$, is that the Quotient Group $G/p(G)$ has $2g+t$ generators.

Raynaud (1994) solved the Abhyankar problem in the crucial case of the affine line (i.e., the projective line with a point deleted), and Harbater (1994) proved the full Abhyankar conjecture by building upon this special solution.

See also Finite Group, Galois Group, Quotient Group, Sylow p-Subgroup


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