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Linear Algebra

The study of linear sets of equations and their transformation properties. Linear algebra allows the analysis of Rotations in space, Least Squares Fitting, solution of coupled differential equations, determination of a circle passing through three given points, as well as many other other problems in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

The Matrix and Determinant are extremely useful tools of linear algebra. One central problem of linear algebra is the solution of the matrix equation

{\hbox{\sf A}}{\bf x}={\bf b}

for x. While this can, in theory, be solved using a Matrix Inverse

{\bf x}={\hbox{\sf A}}^{-1}{\bf b},

other techniques such as Gaussian Elimination are numerically more robust.

See also Control Theory, Cramer's Rule, Determinant, Gaussian Elimination, Linear Transformation, Matrix, Vector


Linear Algebra

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