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Conway Polyhedron Notation

A Notation for Polyhedra which begins by specifying a ``seed'' polyhedron using a capital letter. The Platonic Solids are denoted T (Tetrahedron), O (Octahedron), C (Cube), I (Icosahedron), and D (Dodecahedron), according to their first letter. Other polyhedra include the Prisms, P$n$, Antiprisms, A$n$, and Pyramids, Y$n$, where $n\geq 3$ specifies the number of sides of the polyhedron's base.

Operations to be performed on the polyhedron are then specified with lower-case letters preceding the capital letter.

See also Polyhedron, Schläfli Symbol, Wythoff Symbol


Hart, G. ``Conway Notation for Polyhedra.''

© 1996-9 Eric W. Weisstein