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A Polyhedron with two congruent Polygonal faces and all remaining faces Parallelograms. The 4-prism is simply the Cube. The simple prisms and antiprisms include: decagonal antiprism, decagonal prism, hexagonal antiprism, hexagonal prism, octagonal antiprism, octagonal prism, pentagonal antiprism, pentagonal prism, square antiprism, and triangular prism. The Dual Polyhedron of a simple (Archimedean) prism is a Bipyramid.

The triangular prism, square prism (cube), and hexagonal prism are all Space-Filling Polyhedra.

See also Antiprism, Augmented Hexagonal Prism, Augmented Pentagonal Prism, Augmented Triangular Prism, Biaugmented Pentagonal Prism, Biaugmented Triangular Prism, Cube, Metabiaugmented Hexagonal Prism, Parabiaugmented Hexagonal Prism, Prismatoid, Prismoid, Trapezohedron, Triaugmented Hexagonal Prism, Triaugmented Triangular Prism


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