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Soldner's Constant

Consider the following formulation of the Prime Number Theorem,

\pi(x)=\sum{\mu(m)\over m} \int_c^x {dt\over \ln t},

where $\mu(m)$ is the Möbius Function and $c$ (sometimes also denoted $\mu$) is Soldner's constant. Ramanujan found $c=1.45136380\ldots$ (Hardy 1969, Le Lionnais 1983, Berndt 1994). Soldner (cited in Nielsen 1965) derived the correct value of $c$ as 1.4513692346..., where $c$ is the root of

L(x)=\lim_{\epsilon\to 0}\int_0^{1-\epsilon} {dt\over \ln t}+\int_{1+\epsilon}^\infty {dt\over\ln t}

(Le Lionnais 1983).


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