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Racah W-Coefficient

Related to the Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients by

(J_1J_2[J']J_3\vert J_1,J_2J_3[J''])=\sqrt{(2J'+1)(2J''+1)}\, W(J_1J_2JJ_3;J'J'')


(J_1J_2[J']J_3\vert J_1J_3[J'']J_2)=\sqrt{(2J'+1)(2J''+1)}\, W(J_1'J_3J_2J'';JJ_1).

See also Clebsch-Gordan Coefficient, Racah V-Coefficient, Wigner 3j-Symbol, Wigner 6j-Symbol, Wigner 9j-Symbol


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