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Lucas Pseudoprime

When $P$ and $Q$ are Integers such that $D=P^2-4Q\not=0$, define the Lucas Sequence $\{U_k\}$ by

U_k ={a^k-b^k\over a-b}

for $k\geq 0$, with $a$ and $b$ the two Roots of $x^2-Px+Q=0$. Then define a Lucas pseudoprime as an Odd Composite number $n$ such that $n\notdiv Q$, the Jacobi Symbol $(D/n)=-1$, and $n\vert U_{n+1}$.

There are no Even Lucas pseudoprimes (Bruckman 1994). The first few Lucas pseudoprimes are 705, 2465, 2737, 3745, ... (Sloane's A005845).

See also Extra Strong Lucas Pseudoprime, Lucas Sequence, Pseudoprime, Strong Lucas Pseudoprime


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