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For an $n\times n$ matrix, let $S$ denote any permutation $e_1$, $e_2$, ..., $e_n$ of the set of numbers 1, 2, ..., $n$, and let $\chi^{(\lambda)}(S)$ be the character of the symmetric group corresponding to the partition $(\lambda)$. Then the immanant $\vert a_{mn}\vert^{(\lambda)}$ is defined as

\vert a_{mn}\vert^{(\lambda)}=\sum \chi^{(\lambda)}(S)P_S

where the summation is over the $n!$ permutations of the Symmetric Group and

P_s=a_{1e_1}a_{2e_2}\cdots a_{ne_n}.

See also Determinant, Permanent


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