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Archimedean Spiral

A Spiral with Polar equation


where $r$ is the radial distance, $\theta$ is the polar angle, and $n$ is a constant which determines how tightly the spiral is ``wrapped.'' The Curvature of an Archimedean spiral is given by

\kappa={n\theta^{1-1/n}(1+n+n^2\theta^2)\over a(1+n^2\theta^2)^{3/2}}.

Various special cases are given in the following table.

Name $n$
Lituus $-2$
Hyperbolic Spiral $-1$
Archimedes' Spiral 1
Fermat's Spiral 2

See also Archimedes' Spiral, Daisy, Fermat's Spiral, Hyperbolic Spiral, Lituus, Spiral


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