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Toroidal Polyhedron

A toroidal polyhedron is a Polyhedron with Genus $g\geq 1$ (i.e., having one or more Holes). Examples of toroidal polyhedra include the Császár Polyhedron and Szilassi Polyhedron, both of which have Genus 1 (i.e., the Topology of a Torus).

The only known Toroidal Polyhedron with no Diagonals is the Császár Polyhedron. If another exists, it must have 12 or more Vertices and Genus $g\geq 6$. The smallest known single-hole toroidal Polyhedron made up of only Equilateral Triangles is composed of 48 of them.

See also Császár Polyhedron, Szilassi Polyhedron


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