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Sárközy's Theorem

A partial solution to the Erdös Squarefree Conjecture which states that the Binomial Coefficient ${2n\choose n}$ is never Squarefree for all sufficiently large $n\geq n_0$. Sárközy (1985) showed that if $s(n)$ is the square part of the Binomial Coefficient ${2n\choose n}$, then

\ln s(n)\sim (\sqrt{2}-2)\zeta({\textstyle{1\over 2}})\sqrt{n},

where $\zeta(z)$ is the Riemann Zeta Function. An upper bound on $n_0$ of $2^{8,000}$ has been obtained.

See also Binomial Coefficient, Erdös Squarefree Conjecture


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