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A loose term for a true statement which may be a Postulate, Theorem, etc.

See also Area Principle, Argument Principle, Axiom, Cavalieri's Principle, Conjecture, Continuity Principle, Counting Generalized Principle, Dirichlet's Box Principle, Duality Principle, Duhamel's Convolution Principle, Euclid's Principle, Fubini Principle, Hasse Principle, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Indifference Principle, Induction Principle, Insufficient Reason Principle, Lemma, Local-Global Principle, Multiplication Principle, Permanence of Mathematical Relations Principle, Poncelet's Continuity Principle, Pontryagin Maximum Principle, Porism, Postulate, Schwarz Reflection Principle, Superposition Principle, Symmetry Principle, Theorem, Thomson's Principle, Triangle Transformation Principle, Well-Ordering Principle

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