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Linear Programming

The problem of maximizing a linear function over a convex polyhedron, also known as Operations Research, Optimization Theory, or Convex Optimization Theory. It can be solved using the Simplex Method (Wood and Dantzig 1949, Dantzig 1949) which runs along Edges of the visualization solid to find the best answer.

In 1979, L. G. Khachian found a ${\mathcal O}(x^5)$ Polynomial-time Algorithm. A much more efficient Polynomial-time Algorithm was found by Karmarkar (1984). This method goes through the middle of the solid and then transforms and warps, and offers many advantages over the simplex method.

See also Criss-Cross Method, Ellipsoidal Calculus, Kuhn-Tucker Theorem, Lagrange Multiplier, Vertex Enumeration


Linear Programming

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