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Leech Lattice

A 24-D Euclidean lattice. An Automorphism of the Leech lattice modulo a center of two leads to the Conway Group ${\it Co}_1$. Stabilization of the 1- and 2-D sublattices leads to the Conway Groups ${\it Co}_2$ and ${\it Co}_3$, the Higman-Sims Group HS and the McLaughlin Group McL.

The Leech lattice appears to be the densest Hypersphere Packing in 24-D, and results in each Hypersphere touching 195,560 others.

See also Barnes-Wall Lattice, Conway Groups, Coxeter-Todd Lattice, Higman-Sims Group, Hypersphere, Hypersphere Packing, Kissing Number, McLaughlin Group


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