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Kirkman Triple System

A Kirkman triple system of order $v=6n+3$ is a Steiner Triple System with parallelism (Ball and Coxeter 1987), i.e., one with the following additional stipulation: the set of $b=(2n+1)(3n+1)$ triples is partitioned into $3n+1$ components such that each component is a $(2n+1)$-subset of triples and each of the $v$ elements appears exactly once in each component. The Steiner Triple Systems of order 3 and 9 are Kirkman triple systems with $n=0$ and 1. Solution to Kirkman's Schoolgirl Problem requires construction of a Kirkman triple system of order $n=2$.

Ray-Chaudhuri and Wilson (1971) showed that there exists at least one Kirkman triple system for every Nonnegative order $n$. Earlier editions of Ball and Coxeter (1987) gave constructions of Kirkman triple systems with $9\leq v\leq 99$. For $n=1$, there is a single unique (up to an isomorphism) solution, while there are 7 different systems for $n=2$ (Mulder 1917, Cole 1922, Ball and Coxeter 1987).

See also Steiner Triple System


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