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Graph Theory

The mathematical study of the properties of the formal mathematical structures called Graphs.

See also Adjacency Matrix, Adjacency Relation, Articulation Vertex, Blue-Empty Coloring, Bridge (Graph), Chromatic Number, Chromatic Polynomial, Circuit Rank, Crossing Number (Graph), Cycle (Graph), Cyclomatic Number, Degree, Diameter (Graph), Dijkstra's Algorithm, Eccentricity, Edge-Coloring, Edge Connectivity, Eulerian Circuit, Eulerian Trail, Factor (Graph), Floyd's Algorithm, Girth, Graph Two-Coloring, Group Theory, Hamiltonian Circuit, Hasse Diagram, Hub, Indegree, Integral Drawing, Isthmus, Join (Graph), Local Degree, Monochromatic Forced Triangle, Outdegree, Party Problem, Pólya Enumeration Theorem, Pólya Polynomial, Radius (Graph), Ramsey Number, Re-Entrant Circuit, Separating Edge, Tait Coloring, Tait Cycle, Traveling Salesman Problem, Tree, Tutte's Theorem, Unicursal Circuit, Valency, Vertex Coloring, Walk


Graph Theory

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