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Coxeter's Loxodromic Sequence of Tangent Circles

An infinite sequence of Circles such that every four consecutive Circles are mutually tangent, and the Circles' Radii ..., $R_{-n}$, ..., $R_{-1}$, $R_0$, $R_1$, $R_2$, $R_3$, $R_4$, ..., $R_n$, $R_n+1$, ..., are in Geometric Progression with ratio

k\equiv {R_{n+1}\over R_n} = \phi+\sqrt{\phi}\,,

where $\phi$ is the Golden Ratio (Gardner 1979ab). Coxeter (1968) generalized the sequence to Spheres.

See also Arbelos, Golden Ratio, Hexlet, Pappus Chain, Steiner Chain


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