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Costa Minimal Surface


A complete embedded Minimal Surface of finite topology. It has no Boundary and does not intersect itself. It can be represented parametrically by

x&=& {\textstyle{1\over 2}}\Re\left\{{-\zeta(u+iv)+\pi u +{\p...
...\pi} \ln\left\vert{\wp(u+iv)-e_1\over \wp(u+iv)+e_1}\right\vert,

where $\zeta(z)$ is the Weierstraß Zeta Function, $\wp(g_2,g_3;z)$ is the Weierstraß Elliptic Function, $c=189.07272$, $e_1=6.87519$, and the invariants are given by $g_2=c$ and $g_3=0$.


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