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Continued Fraction Constant

A continued fraction with partial quotients which increase in Arithmetic Progression is

\begin{displaymath}[A+D, A+2D, A+3D, \ldots]={I_{A/D}\left({2\over D}\right)\over I_{1+A/D}\left({2\over D}\right),}

where $I_n(x)$ is a Modified Bessel Function of the First Kind (Beeler et al. 1972, Item 99). A special case is

C=0+{1\over\strut\displaystyle 1+{1\over\strut\displaystyle ...
...strut\displaystyle 4+{1\over\strut\displaystyle 5+\ldots}}}}},

which has the value

C={I_1(2)\over I_0(2)}=0.697774658\ldots

(Lehmer 1973, Rabinowitz 1990).

See also e, Golden Mean, Modified Bessel Function of the First Kind, Pi, Rabbit Constant, Thue-Morse Constant


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