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Cassini Surface

\begin{figure}\begin{center}\BoxedEPSF{CassiniSurface.epsf scaled 500}\quad\BoxedEPSF{CassiniSurfacePOV.epsf scaled 500}\end{center}\end{figure}

The Quartic Surface obtained by replacing the constant $c$ in the equation of the Cassini Ovals

\end{displaymath} (1)

by $c=z^2$, obtaining
\end{displaymath} (2)

As can be seen by letting $y=0$ to obtain
\end{displaymath} (3)

\end{displaymath} (4)

the intersection of the surface with the $y=0$ Plane is a Circle of Radius $a$.


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© 1996-9 Eric W. Weisstein