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Boundary Conditions

There are several types of boundary conditions commonly encountered in the solution of Partial Differential Equations.

1. Dirichlet Boundary Conditions specify the value of the function on a surface $T=f({\bf r},t)$.

2. Neumann Boundary Conditions specify the normal derivative of the function on a surface,

{\partial T\over \partial n} = {\hat{\bf n}}\cdot \nabla T=f({\bf r},y).

3. Cauchy Boundary Conditions specify a weighted average of first and second kinds.

4. Robin Boundary Conditions. For an elliptic partial differential equation in a region $\Omega$, Robin boundary conditions specify the sum of $\alpha u$ and the normal derivative of $u=f$ at all points of the boundary of $\Omega$, with $\alpha$ and $f$ being prescribed.

See also Boundary Value Problem, Dirichlet Boundary Conditions, Initial Value Problem, Neumann Boundary Conditions, Partial Differential Equation, Robin Boundary Conditions


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