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Bohr-Favard Inequalities

If $f$ has no spectrum in $[-\lambda, \lambda]$, then

\vert\vert f\vert\vert _\infty \leq {\pi\over 2\lambda} \vert\vert f'\vert\vert _\infty

(Bohr 1935). A related inequality states that if $A_k$ is the class of functions such that

f(x)=f(x+2\pi), f(x), f'(x), \ldots, f^{(k-1)}(x)

are absolutely continuous and $\int_0^{2\pi} f(x)\,dx=0$, then

\vert\vert f\vert\vert _\infty \leq{4\over\pi}\sum_{\nu=0}^\...
...}\over (2\nu+1)^{k+1}} \vert\vert f^{(k)}(x)\vert\vert _\infty

(Northcott 1939). Further, for each value of $k$, there is always a function $f(x)$ belonging to $A_k$ and not identically zero, for which the above inequality becomes an equality (Favard 1936). These inequalities are discussed in Mitrinovic et al. (1991).


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