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Affine Plane

A 2-D Affine Geometry constructed over a Finite Field. For a Field $F$ of size $n$, the affine plane consists of the set of points which are ordered pairs of elements in $F$ and a set of lines which are themselves a set of points. Adding a Point at Infinity and Line at Infinity allows a Projective Plane to be constructed from an affine plane. An affine plane of order $n$ is a Block Design of the form ($n^2$, $n$, 1). An affine plane of order $n$ exists Iff a Projective Plane of order $n$ exists.

See also Affine Complex Plane, Affine Connection, Affine Equation, Affine Geometry, Affine Group, Affine Hull, Affine Space, Affine Transformation, Affinity, Projective Plane


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