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Unit Fraction

A unit fraction is a Fraction with Numerator 1, also known as an Egyptian Fraction. Any Rational Number has infinitely many representations as a sum of unit fractions, although for a given fixed number of terms, there are only finitely many. Each Fraction $x/y$ with $y$ Odd has a unit fraction representation in which each Denominator is Odd (Breusch 1954; Guy 1994, p. 160). Every $x/y$ has a $t$-term representation where $t={\mathcal
O}(\sqrt{\log y}\,)$ (Vose 1985).

There are a number of Algorithms (including the Binary Remainder Method, Continued Fraction Unit Fraction Algorithm, Generalized Remainder Method, Greedy Algorithm, Reverse Greedy Algorithm, Small Multiple Method, and Splitting Algorithm) for decomposing an arbitrary Fraction into unit fractions.

See also Calcus, Half, Quarter, Scruple, Uncia


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