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Schönflies Symbol

One of the set of symbols $C_i$, $C_s$, $C_1$, $C_2$, $C_3$, $C_4$, $C_5$, $C_6$, $C_7$, $C_8$, $C_{2h}$, $C_{3h}$, $C_{4h}$, $C_{5h}$, $C_{6h}$, $C_{2v}$, $C_{3v}$, $C_{4v}$, $C_{5v}$, $C_{6v}$, $C_{\infty v}$, $D_2$, $D_3$, $D_4$, $D_5$, $D_6$, $D_{2h}$, $D_{3h}$, $D_{4h}$, $D_{5h}$, $D_{6h}$, $D_{8h}$, $D_{\infty h}$, $D_{2d}$, $D_{3d}$, $D_{4d}$, $D_{5d}$, $D_{6d}$, $I$, $I_h$, $O$, $O_h$, $S_4$, $S_6$, $S_8$, $T$, $T_d$, and $T_h$ used to identify crystallographic symmetry Groups.

Cotton (1990), gives a table showing the translations between Schönflies symbols and Hermann-Mauguin Symbols. Some of the Schönflies symbols denote different sets of symmetry operations but correspond to the same abstract Group and so have the same Character Table.

See also Character Table, Hermann-Mauguin Symbol, Point Groups, Space Groups, Symmetry Operation


Cotton, F. A. Chemical Applications of Group Theory, 3rd ed. New York: Wiley, p. 379, 1990.

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