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Gradient Four-Vector

The 4-dimensional version of the Gradient, encountered frequently in general relativity and special relativity, is

\nabla_\mu =\left[{\matrix{
{1\over c} {\partial\over\partia...
...tial\over\partial y}\cr
{\partial\over\partial z}\cr}}\right],

which can be written

(\nabla^\mu)^2\equiv \vbox{\hrule height.6pt\hbox{\vrule wid...
...t height6pt \kern6.4pt \vrule width.6pt}
\hrule height.6pt}^2,

where $\vbox{\hrule height.6pt\hbox{\vrule width.6pt height6pt \kern6.4pt \vrule width.6pt}
\hrule height.6pt}^2$ is the d'Alembertian Operator.

See also d'Alembertian Operator, Gradient, Tensor, Vector


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