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Two quantities are said to be different (or ``unequal'') if they are not Equal.

The term ``different'' also has a technical usage related to Modules. Let a Module $M$ in an Integral Domain $D_1$ for $R(\sqrt{D}\,)$ be expressed using a two-element basis as

M=[\xi_1, \xi_2],

where $\xi_1$ and $\xi_2$ are in $D_1$. Then the different of the Module is defined as

\Delta=\Delta(M)=\left\vert\matrix{\xi_1 & \xi_2\cr \xi_1' & \xi_2'\cr}\right\vert = \xi_1\xi_2'-\xi_1'\xi_2.

The different $\Delta\not=0$ Iff $\xi_1$ and $\xi_2$ are linearly independent. The Discriminant is defined as the square of the different.

See also Discriminant (Module), Equal, Module


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