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Cunningham Chain

A Sequence of Primes $q_1 < q_2 < \ldots < q_k$ is a Cunningham chain of the first kind (second kind) of length $k$ if $q_{i+1}=2q_i+1$ ( $q_{i+1}=2q_i-1$) for $i=1$, ..., $k-1$. Cunningham Primes of the first kind are Sophie Germain Primes.

The two largest known Cunningham chains (of the first kind) of length three are ( $384205437\cdot 2^{4000}-1$, $384205437\cdot 2^{4001}-1$, $384205437\cdot 2^{4002}-1$) and ( $651358155\cdot 2^{3291}-1$, $651358155\cdot 2^{3292}-1$, $651358155\cdot 2^{3293}-1$), both discovered by W. Roonguthai in 1998.

See also Prime Arithmetic Progression, Prime Cluster


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