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Bertrand's Test

A Convergence Test also called de Morgan's and Bertrand's Test. If the ratio of terms of a Series $\{a_n\}_{n=1}^\infty$ can be written in the form

{a_n\over a_{n+1}}=1+{1\over n}+{\rho_n\over n\ln n},

then the series converges if $\underline{\lim_{n\to\infty}} \rho_n>1$ and diverges if $\overline{\lim_{n\to\infty}} \rho_n<1$, where $\underline{\lim_{n\to\infty}}$ is the Lower Limit and $\overline{\lim_{n\to\infty}}$ is the Upper Limit.

See also Kummer's Test


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