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abc Conjecture

A Conjecture due to J. Oesterlé and D. W. Masser. It states that, for any Infinitesimal $\epsilon>0$, there exists a Constant $C_\epsilon$ such that for any three Relatively Prime Integers $a$, $b$, $c$ satisfying


the Inequality

\mathop{\rm max} \{\vert a\vert,\vert b\vert,\vert c\vert\} \leq C_\epsilon \prod_{p\vert abc} p^{1+\epsilon}

holds, where $p\vert abc$ indicates that the Product is over Primes $p$ which Divide the Product $abc$. If this Conjecture were true, it would imply Fermat's Last Theorem for sufficiently large Powers (Goldfeld 1996). This is related to the fact that the abc conjecture implies that there are at least $C\ln x$ Wieferich Primes $\leq x$ for some constant $C$ (Silverman 1988, Vardi 1991).

See also Fermat's Last Theorem, Mason's Theorem, Wieferich Prime


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