The first printed proceedings volume of presentations from the Michigan Turfgrass Conference was published in 1972. The first Michigan Turfgrass Conference, however, was held far earlier, beginning in 1930. While presentations from the first 41 conferences were not distributed as a unified work, specific papers and in a few cases conference overviews sometimes appeared in contemporary professional or trade magazines such as Golf Course Reporter and Golfdom. In addition, turfgrass research results from work conducted at Michigan State University were reported in a variety of other formats, including Field Day reports, periodical research reports, extension bulletins, etc.

This archive presents the Conference Proceedings printed, and towards the end of the publication run, CD-ROM issues, from conference number 42 in 1972 ("Volume 1"), to the final volume, for conference number 75, in 2005. Subsequently, the MSU research portions of the Conference presentations, and sometimes other conference content, were reported by the annual MSU Turfgrass Research Reports, also available online for browsing, at: https://www.canr.msu.edu/resources/msu_turfgrass_research_reports. In addition, all content from both publications are searchable, together, in both the "Search" option of this archive, as well as within the full Turfgrass Information File (TGIF) database.

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