John A. Fuzak, Vice President of Michigan State University and acting with authority in its behalf, specifies the following reasons for the denial of said petition for readmission, in accordance with the direction of the District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division:


  1. Said petitioner has openly and defiantly refused to abide by a regulation of said University, approved and adopted at the request of students living in dormitories on the campus, prohibiting door-to-door distribution was attempted during the night time.
  2. Said petitioner refused to desist from his violation of said regulation when Requested to do so and in a publication periodically made by him, ostensibly on behalf of a student organization which was not recognized by the University, ridiculed the reasons for said regulation and publicly announced through a publication especially conducted by him on behalf of said unrecognized group, known as the Committee for Student Rights, that said regulation would be opposed.
  3. Because of his defiant attitude and open attack on the enforcement of a reasonable regulation of the University, petitioner encouraged others to indulge in like conduct. Circulation of publications, including that as conducted by petitioner, was permitted in dormitories by placing the periodical known as "Logos" at a designated place in each dormitory where anyone desiring it might take it.
  4. Petitioner refused to reorganize and abide by a regulation of the University requiring student organizations to secure recognition from the institution before functioning upon the campus. His conduct was such that it resulted in the encouragement of students and others to disregard said regulation, which was essential to the orderly conduct of student affairs.
  5. The open and defiant course of conduct in which petitioner indulged was deliberately pursued by him in order to discredit the University, the administration of the affairs thereof, the faculty, and the student body. Such course of conduct was pursued deliberately, with the obvious purpose of accomplishing such results, and in total disregard of the obligations imposed on the Board of Trustees, the administrative officers and the faculty of the institution under the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan.
  6. Petitioner, at a public meeting on the campus of the University, subjected a member of the faculty to public ridicule, and by his words and conduct on said occasion, induced students of the University to participate in acts of civil disobedience.
  7. Said petitioner was first enrolled as a student in the University on a provisional basis, that is, under the requirement that he maintain a satisfactory academic record in seeking a degree. Petitioner has taken the position improperly that he had satisfactorily complied with the provisional requirements and that upon completion of a thesis was eligible to receive a degree. The facts in this respect are wholly at variance with the petitioner's claim of regularly pursuing a degree at Michigan State University.
  8. The conduct of petitioner, as above mentioned, and the unsupported claims that he has advanced, are such as to justify and require in the protection of the aims of Michigan State University, that he be denied readmission thereto.


Respectfully submitted,


John A. Fuzak

Dated at East Lansing,

Michigan this 22 day

of October, 1965