State News

October 20, 1975

"Letter to the Editor: Moral Watchdogs"

by George K. Roberts


Thank god we have concerned individuals like the two student groups who have taken it upon themselves to be the morality watchdogs for the rest of us in MSU's community. Most of us are just bumbling through our studies here at MSU without realizing what is happening in the outside world, and we are certainly not competent enough to decide who we should work for. This is where the November 20th Mobilization and the Group of Concerned Students can be of invaluable service by telling us who we should or should not seek employment with. After all, jobs are so plentiful that we can afford to turn potential employers away from MSU. Our watchdogs should be encouraged to take their important work to its logical conclusion by demanding that all corporations who do business with the military be barred from recruiting on campus. Even though this would only leave recruiters from YMCA Summer Camps and the Peace Corps (which everyone knows is a CIA front anyway) eligible to recruit on campus, our morals would be unblemished. None of us really wants a job anyway, after all there's always welfare and unemployment-Right?

George K. Roberts

1638-K Spartan Village