Summary of Testimony

Of Witnesses for Paul M. Schiff

To the Faculty Committee:

I am advised that the following persons will appear before your committee to testify or be examined upon the indicated subjects on November 16, 1965:

Brian Keleher:

Mr. Keleher, a student, will rebut and explain that portion of witness Andriga's testimony concerning the alleged violation of lthe University's policy by the Socialists Club.

Stuart Dowdy:

Mr. Dowdy, a graduate student, will testify that the distribution of Logos by Mr. Schiff and himself in Case Hall on April 23, 1965, was quiet and orderly; that such distribution was not in violation of existing rules of the University; that he was summoned to appear before a "fact-finding committee" in May, but was not disciplined in any way. Mr. Dowdy will also testify that he was executive secretary of CSR; that he, if anyone, had the authority to seek University recognition of CSR; that neither he nor CSR was requested to seek recognition by University authorities; and that CSR voluntarily decided to forego the privileges incident to "recognition", such as use of University facilities.

Michael Kindman:

Mr. Kindman, a student, will testify with respect to the NAACP meeting at which Mayor l Thomas spoke, and the demonstration which followed, referred to by Witnesses Hankins, Partriache and Fuzak.

Hartford Jennings:

Mr. Jennings, a student, will testify that Mayor Thomas did in fact misstate the truth at the NAACP meeting; and that he, Jennings, was the leader of the demonstration the same evening in East Lansing.

Hugh B. Anderson:

Mr. Anderson, a Lansing attorney and Vice-Chairman of the Lansing ACLU, will testify with respect to statements made by Witness Fuzak at a meeting on July 19, 1965, in President John Hannah's office.

Schiff summary of testimony

Russel Allen:

Professor Allen will be available for examination upon his affidavit previously filed in this matter.

Walter Adams

Professor Adams of the Economics Department will offer in evidence the letter of the AAUP to the Administration, relating to Mr. Schiff's denial of readmission, and will rebut the characterization given by Witness Fuzak to the oral representations made by AAUP representatives.

Charles Larrowe

Professor Larrowe of the Economics Department will testify that Mr. Schiff had good reason to believe, until November 9, 1965, that he was in good standing in the Economics Department; that it is unusual to alter a student's official transcript by retyping, as done recently with respect to Mr. Schiff; that Mr. Schiff's failure to register for the spring quarter of 1965 is not unusual; that the recent review of Mr. Schiff's standing in the economics department is unusual; and that the "T" appearing on Mr. Schiff's transcript, testified to by Witness Lancilotti, has no meaning to him.

Gary Sommer:

Mr. Sommer, a student, will testify that he is now the Executive Secretary of CSR, that he has not been requested by the Administration to seek recognition for the group; that Mayor Thomas did misstate the truth in the NAACP meeting referred to by Administration witnesses; and that the demonstration in East Lansing was led by Hartford Jennings and Mr. Sommer, and not by Mr. Shciff.

Paul M. Schiff

Mr. Schiff will explain and rebut certain portions of the testimony of Administration witnesses.

Respectfully submitted,